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Matthew 24-25 Parables of the last week

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1       Two men in a field      24:40

          Two women grinding

Prepare now because you don’t know when “the Day” will be.

Like those eating the Passover.

The Day will be unexpected like the visit of a thief.

The emphasise is on the separation, such workers would be close, relatives in all probability. Their separation however could not be more complete.

2       The faithful servant     24:45

Readiness means being faithful to the commission you have received.

He stands in contrast to the wicked servant who is seen to be

1                    Careless

2                    Cruel

3                    Carousing

3       10 young girls              25:1

 Prepare now for there is coming a time when it will be too late.

The two groups of 5 are outwardly similar they seem to share the same aspirations and hopes.

It is in their “preparedness” that they differ.

What they do or don’t do reveals what they are.

Words are no substitute for deeds.

1                    In the present age true and false disciples seem much alike

2                    In reality though one has a form of godliness but denies the power.

3                    There may be a long time of waiting which will weary the false disciple.

4                    The Lord will return.

5                    At that moment “preparedness” is fixed.

6                    There is NO second chance.

7                    It is wise therefore to be prepared.

4       The talents                             25:14

A talent was a measure of weight, not a specific coin, so that a talent of gold was more valuable than a talent of silver. A talent of silver (the word translated “money” in v. 18 is lit. silver) was a considerable sum of money. The modern meaning of the word “talent,” denoting a natural ability, stems from the fact that this parable is erroneously applied to the stewardship of one’s natural gifts.[1]                                                         John MacArthur

How to prepare with works of service.

The reality of a final judgment.

1                    Stewardship means “improving” what we have and are for God.

2                    Opportunity and ability are wisely matched by God.

3                    Sins of omission are real sins.

4                    Jesus did not expect to return immediately.

5                    The Day should control all we are and do.

6                    Eternity will be full of opportunity, but this will be determined in time.

5       Sheep and Goats                  25:31

Those who are ready and those who are not are separated for eternity.

One to everlasting bliss the other to unending damnation.


[1]MacArthur, J. J. (1997, c1997). The MacArthur Study Bible

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