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Recognizing our Presuppositions

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In this lesson, we will look at a few passages and recognize how what we bring to the text of Scripture influences our understanding of Scripture.

When we are determining whether what we bring to the text is proper or not, we must recognize the authority of the Holy Spirit and His Word in our lives.
If the Word of God says it, then we are required to adjust to His word and not our opinion.
If you will treat this exercise with all honesty and integrity, then you will find yourself consistently striving for greater understanding of God’s word.
EX: Philippians 3:12-14

Colossians 3:23

With your understanding of the verse, can you give me some applications that can apply to your life?
Would recognizing the you as plural in this verse change the way we should apply the verse?
Would recognizing Paul’s calling for Christ to be enthroned in our life change the application? (vs. 1-10)
Do the lists of things to put off and on in v. 8 and v. 12 change our understanding?
What about the implications of vs. 15-16?
What about the relationships throughout vs. 18-22?
Understanding that our language and culture tends to lean towards an individualistic mindset helps us to recognize the limitations we place on the understanding of Col. 3:23

Matthew 18:20

With your understanding of the verse, can you give me some applications that can apply to your life?
How do vs. 15-17 affect this verse?
How should we understand v. 18 in conjunction with this verse?
What about v. 19?
Does the conjunction “for” play a critical role?
How should the qualification “in my name” v. 20 play into our understanding?
How then have these observations changed our presuppositions that we have brought to this text?


If we would be honest with ourselves, what we understand about the Bible comes from our own knowledge rather than our intentional study and application.
The first step in genuinely desiring to understand and apply God’s word to your life is to recognize you don’t have all the answers.
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