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Wait for the Lord

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Ps. 37 - Wait for the Lord

Derek Kidner: there is no finer exposition to the third Beatitude (Matt. 5:5) than this psalm, from which it is drawn (V. 11). Also, we owe to this psalm the hymn ‘Put Thou thy trust in God’, based on John Wesley’s translation.
Psalm 37 encourages the faithful people to wait for the Lord to work!. That means to quit their anger and wrath caused by the wealth of faithless people.

A. Faithless

They are sining every single day and their wealth grows every single second. This kind of reality doesn’t fit to the theology of retribution (= You receive what you deserve).
Their way of being:
evildoers & wrongdoers (v. 1): to harm & to do injustice.
wicked (v. 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 28, 32, 34, 35, 38, 40) - the most important antonym to ṣdq: murder, violence, rebellion, traitors.
wicked schemes (v. 7): wicked plans!
slay people (v. 14) - see Jeremiah 18:18
enemies of God (v. 20) - see Esth. 7:6, Acts 5:39
! The Lord will work soon. What does soon actually mean? A whole generation (v. 25).

B. Faithful: these people have a single problem: they simply look too much to the evildoers and, unfortunately, they start doing bad things too (see v. 8)

Wrong results of the obsession with bad’s people success (v. 7c):
fret & jealousy (v. 1 - to burn & have a feeling of ill will ranging even to anger, based on a perceived advantage, or a desire for exclusivity in relationship - DBL)
anger & wrath & fret (v. 8 - nose & venom/snake poison/fury/burning feeling & to burn)
evil (v. 27 -  pertaining to that which is not morally pure or good according to a proper standard)
What’s the main reason we don’t allow our kids to watch wrestling or boxing or fight movies? If they are exposed to evil images, they will do the same.
Don’t forget that the bad people will be crushed someday (v. 13). We, people, can see only the day of today and a little about tomorrow. The Lord sees all the days, including the end day for the evildoers!
Mark (consider -NIV) the blameless instead looking to much to the faithless! (v. 37)
What does the wrath do in our heart? Is it putting patience or hurrying us to action? When we are angry, do we have a lot of patience or a lot of madness-based-actions?
The most used word regarding the relationship with the Lord: trust (v. 3, 5), take delight (v. 4), commit your way to the Lord (v. 5), be still (v. 7), wait (v. 7, 9, 34), hope (v. 9), deposit the word of God (v. 31, 34), take refuge (v. 40).
What makes us able to wait for the Lord?
To wait means to quit anger and sin, not praying and fasting, doing everything God commanded us to do daily.
How do we actually wait? What’s the mechanism in Psalm 37?

I. Trust God! (v. 3, 5, 40)

Be sure, trust, that the divine view regarding everything is the right view!

v. 3 - Stay where you are and do what you have to do!

Put your confidence in God, otherwise you cannot do good or be a faithful christian! When you trust yourself, you have already committed the most terrific sin!
If we put our confidence in our anger, we will leave the community, and that’s not God’s plan! “Live in the community” NOT leave the community.

v. 5a - to trust means to dedicate your whole life, your every single plan to God!

v. 5b - He is working ! “Even when I don’t see it, YOU’RE WORKING!”

v. 40 - take refuge in Him, in His great power, in His work!

He didn’t promise you’re gonna walk on a smooth land. He promised He’ll uphold your hand! (v. 24)
The life we have as community is strongly tied to our trust in God! When we quit trusting God, we leave the community. Even if we still come at the church gatherings!
Any plan you have, give them to the Lord! He will perfect it -
1 Sam 27:1 - trust in Lord, not in yourself. Talk to the Lord, not to yourself! Plan with the Lord, not with yourself.

II. Keep God’s word (v. 31, 34)


v. 31 & 34b - keep His way!

The word of God is giving us patience! And hope! Rom. 15:5
Luk. 2:25 - Simeon was waiting
TO wait doesn’t mean to sit and sleep! No! It means to read the Bible daily. To learn the Bible. To obey! Everyday!
Excursus: denying in Leviticus 23:26-29.
2 Sam. 12:9 - keep it and do not despise it!

III. Delight (v. 4, 11)


v. 4, 11 - the meaning of the word is to be delicate or to delight. Thus, the message of the verse is this: be sensitive when the Lord is near you. Be sensitive in the presence of the Lord. Make it worth it.

? When is the Lord with us?
That’s tough! We are angry, upset, we want to beat someone because he is evil, and the Bible tells us to DELIGHT in the Lord!? That’s too much!
The End: Wait for the Lord
The result of waiting the Lord!

Ps. 37 is the theory about waiting the Lord to act! Ps 38:22 [“come fast”] and Ps 39:2 [“I was silent!”] are speaking about how David actually waited for the Lord. In the Ps 40 David is speaking about the result of waiting for the Lord: let’s read it!

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