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Walk Right Up to God

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Jesus made the way for us to draw near to God. Part of our faith development involves dealing with the doubts we have and letting Christ draw us near to God through what Christ has done for us.


Work Your Your Faith

Find Your Faith: Consider Jesus
Focus Your Faith: Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
Follow Your Faith: Follow Jesus
Feed Your Faith: Draw Near to Jesus
Fulfill Your Faith: Hear and Do What Jesus Says
Fix Your Faith: Return to Jesus
Forward Your Faith: Share the Good News of Jesus
Fight the Good Fight For the Faith: Stand Strong in Jesus
I remember as a kid sitting at the "kids table" when my parents would have friends and family over for dinner and there were not enough places left around the "grown-ups table." I have been to weddings and banquets where I was seated about as far away from the head table as you can go. I have been in arenas and theatres where I sat in the "nose-bleed" sections, about as far away from the action as you can be while being in the same venue. There are times in all of our lives when we may be on the fringes of action, fellowship, or involvement. That could be of necessity, or by choice.
There are other times when a way is made for us to be in the center of action because someone made it possible for us to be there. Perhaps, by no special merit of our own, we have been invited to meet "the head honcho," "the big cheese," "the person of honor" and we wonder, "How did that happen?" We may feel unworthy to even be sitting at the same table with some person of note.
Think about some of the groups and activities you have been a part of. Have you tended to be in the center of the action, or on the fringes? Have there been occasions when you have been invited to the "grown-ups" table, the head table, or the place where the center of the action was - and you didn't go? Was it because for some reason you did not feel worthy to be there? Was it because you were preoccupied with something else?
In pandemic times, we have learned a new term, “social distance” as a means of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Even before COVID,
The writer of the book of Hebrews is telling us we have been invited to draw near to God - to walk boldly right up to him. This would have been a strange concept to some who were steeped in the Jewish systems of sacrifices and social groupings that determined how near you were allowed to come to God. Because of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus under the New Covenant, followers of Jesus were beckoned to come near to God and hold strong to their faith because
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