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We have a Story to Tell

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Welcome/ Intro/ Prayer

Good Morning Church! How is everyone doing this morning? I am so excited for this morning I hope and pray you are empowered and encouraged by the end of this service
Serious Conversations with Jesus: We starting a new series about what Jesus did and said! We are going to take a serious look at what Jesus said and did and how it applies to our lives!
Prayer- Jesus we are all here because of you. You have changed our lives. Holy Spirit come, blow through the caverns of our souls! Wake us up! Living God we bless you and thank you for your presence and work in our midst.
We have a story to tell- as Christians we have a story to tell: The gospel of Jesus Christ.
When we talk about this story we often talk about why Jesus came to earth right?
We tend to talk about Jesus dying for the sins of the world and how He offers salvation to all.
What if that is only part of a bigger story and bigger plan?
What would change if Jesus came to more than just save, but if He came for those we least expected God to come for?
How does our view of Jesus’ ministy to the world, shape how we tell the story?
How does our view of Jesus’ ministry shape how we do ministry?
This morning we are going to dive in and explore Jesus’ bigger picture purpose! We are going to look at exactly what Jesus said he came to do! Turn in your bibles to...

Walking through the Text

Context: After wilderness, Jesus began to teach and preach, became a regular practice, Jesus goes home to his home church
Typical synogoge service = 10 men present, shema, prayer, Readings (Law + Prophet). teaching, benediction!
The Scroll: Jesus read from Isaiah 61:1-2
Lets breakdown each of the statments he made
Annointed with the Spirit- a prophet or someone who literally has God with him- baptism earlier
Tell the poor good news: by poor he mean those that were socially and economically oppressed.
The announcement: realease to the prisoners- reference to Jubillee when all debts would be forgiven- slaves and prisoners set free!
Healing: to the blind and wounded- He would be the healer of a variety of sicknesses and brokeness
Proclaim: The year of the Lords Favor: Literally a new era was begining! The messianic age/Kingdom of God
Note on Jesus edit of the verses: edits leaves out the day of vengence for our God- only favor. Shouldnt God be allowed to do that!
The response: The people are shocked. Jesus just said, he is an annointed prophet, but more than a prophet, He, himself would bring the healing and release that Isaiah proclaimed.
Crowds response: isnt this little Jesus Josephs son?
Call to Heal Yourself!
Either a demand for a sign
or a call to heal himself because he must be ill to believe this!
Jesus says you treat me like any other prophet
Two Examples: Spiritually low time for Israel where God worked in the unexpected
Elijah- many widows, yet Elijah went to the house of gentile
Elisha- many people with skin diseases yet, Elisha went to namman the syrian
Jesus is pointing our that God has worked with the people the chosen least expected, and he will do it again!
Its like someone in france or britain during WWII talking about God healing a german! unthinkable!
The people were astonished: They thought this healing and grace was for God’s people alone but Jesus says its for everyone!
They got mad: thats not what they wanted to hear! His own neighbors wanted to throw him off the cliff!
Later in the Chapter We see Jesus fufill what He said he was going to do! Lets take a look! Luke 4:40-43 (slide)
Jesus delivers on his Promise
He heals the broken and hurting!
He delivers the oppressed from Demons and Illness.
Delievers good news: What I find fascinating is that Jesus not only brings Good news, but His presence is good news for the sick, hurting, possessed, oppressed, and outcast!
Jesus did this very thing over and over again throughout his ministry in the places the Jews least expected and to the people the Jews least expected God to come for
Decopolis- gentile cities, Zealots, Tax Collectors, Romans, Prostitutes.
Healed, released, delivered, he was the good news, Jesus was God’s kingdom come, Gods will done.
Most of his ministry happened not among Jews, but Gentiles! The people you would least expect God to be with!
Disciples Continue this Work:
Disciples do the same thing in Acts and the early church as they continued Jesus’ work on earth!
This is the story we have to tell Church: That Jesus did more than come to bring salvation and eternal life, but changed lives bringing healing in very real and present ways!
Transition: Yet, How does this change our lives today? How does this expanded view of Jesus’s mission change how Diller Church Family does ministry in Newville? How the Big- C church relates to the world?


Question and Answers
I have some questions to help us think about how this larger mission effects us today!
Did Jesus come to more than Just save us from sin and bring us to heavan?
Yes! He came to heal, deliever, restore, empower and equip!
As the Church are we not sent in the power of the Holy Spirit to continue Jesus mission on earth today?
As we look at the world around us, Does the church in the United States seem to be shrinking and fading away?
Yes, but we arent dead yet!
Maybe we are shrinking because weve neglected part of our mission and purpose in the body!
not just proclaim good news, but be good news as Jesus’ hands and feet
Be agents of release, healing, and justice in our local communities and beyond!
Be like God and go to the people we may think are “unworthy”, unlike us, unclean, and those we consider other!
Discouragement: I must admit I beleive this, but I have been discouraged in the last year
Shrinking Church
Shrinking Free- Time- I cant do any of my responsiblities well
Shrinking Passion- personally and as a church.
Church we must refuse to shrink back, refuse to step back, refuse to retire- Kingdom doesnt have a retirement plan!
Let me tell you about what God has done in the past 2 days!
UYM Student: Jess- friend in need (prayer) Jess said lets help!
Called Steve- situation- how can we help?
Called Linda- how can we equip and resource
Checked with LT! Called family!
Life Changers Ministry: Running late out of Saylors with less than 30 mins before Mens event
Family Shopping in the morning
Corbin and Prayer- church group - no - prayer yes!
The woman who just lost her house was praying for this young man with autism.
Lunch with Melisa and Roni- shared how God has worked in their lives (gave one a chair)
We werent really doing anything! Roni and Melissa were loving and doing God’s work
We thought we were going to serve, but we got to watch other people serve and love more than we did anything!
Hwan making a basket and we are going to follow up!
We are not dead! God is not Done! He has Just begun!
Invation to the Bigger Mission!
Whats our mission?
Tell Good news to the poor!
announce freedom for the oppressed! - addiction in our area, burdens in our area
Bring healing to hurt and broken (Prayer)
How can we step up and lean in?
Jump in Where God is working!
Step out to the people and places unlike us! Physically put yourself there!
Pray for opportunities to serve and kingdom build!
One simple step everyone can take: Get in the habbit of telling people they are loved and valued!
Illustration: if I ioffered you a $20 bill would you take it?
Crumpled up, Stepped on, ripped, stained… would you take it?
People are the same way and yet still have value!
broken, hurt, trampled on, ripped, stained or tained by actions or behaviors, but that doesnt change their value!
We need to proclaim that good news! Amen!
Challenge: I want to make our challenge incredibly practical this morning, it requires participation.
Serve: one person to make a meal this week to be delivered to the family
Pray: 5 people that will commit to daily prayer that God would give us kingdom building opportunities!
Reach Out: The Community Life team does most of the outreach in newville, but we need more people willing to serve on that team! can I have two people that would be willing to talk to steve blessing about how they can help?
$20 Challenge: commit to sharing with one person they are loved and valued this week! (Everyone raise hand)
We will close the service outside at the prayer Garden, if you are unable to physically make it out there thats okay, I would ask that you would not leave until we are done as to lessen the distraction!
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