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Ephesians 2:19-22

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I meant, please take your seats. Good morning church family. It's in the Cross of Christ that God has opened the way through his son for us to come and have a relationship with God. The Father, everyone Jew and Gentile every person no matter what your genealogy is, what your raise is, God is making one new race, a third race. You might say, out of many races and God has broken down through Christ. He has crushed that dividing wall of hostility. Both between man and God and between man and man right or woman and woman or man and woman bringing us to one another, he's brought us. Peace to everyone who is in Christ. Making us one. New man is so Paul concludes the section where in the book of Ephesians and we're looking at a fusions chapter 2, would encourage you to open your Bibles there or your Bible. So you can read along and see where we're going here. But the Ephesians chapter 2 and we're looking this week at 19, through 22. Last week, we look at 11 through 18 but I love verse Verse 18, which I won't have on the screen here for you just yet. But for through him meaning through Jesus, I want you to see the Trinity. Hear the word Trinity is not in the Bible but all throughout scripture. We see a perfect godhead here in the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and we see it beautifully here for through him. Jesus, we both have access in one spirit. To the father. So we all come to the father by the power of the Holy Spirit through the accomplishment that Jesus made for us on the cross is Parker Blues. This section in Ephesians 2:19 to 22 or he uses a few metaphor. So Paul didn't take our English classes, where you take one metaphor and you kind of carried as far as you can, right? I mean, he goes all over the place with metaphors and answer. That's okay. And so he has three metaphors here and he encourages Gentile Believers that they are united in, God's kingdom, God's family, and as God's temple being built up to the beautiful reality that God in the spirit, makes his Earthly home or sanctuary in the church, where he takes up permanent residence as Lord. That was a permanent rights in already and not yet reality where he takes up his Residence Inn. Display to the world through the church. But God is beyond having a place where he dwells right. God is omnipresent and all-powerful and so he, he doesn't dwell in a temple made by hands. The Lord said Paul said, but he dwells as we'll see today, within his people. So if you just two will read together versus 19 through 22 that you are no longer strangers, and Aliens but you are fellow citizens with the Saints and members of God's household built on a foundation of the Apostles and Prophets Christ. Jesus himself, being the Cornerstone in whom the whole structure being joined together. Grows into a holy Temple in the Lord in whom you are also being built together into a dwelling place for God. By the spirit, let's pray together. Heavenly Father, we are excited to be able to delve into your word this morning and Lord. We ask you to instruct our hearts as we enlarge our minds to see more of who you are. It's never to be just our minds or thinking of just going after our affections because our affections if not

Bridals by the truth of your word would also lead us astray. And so Lord, we don't. Also we also don't want to make this just a cognitive exercise without studying a textbook, we are growing in our knowledge and our application of of Who You Are. And we get to do so through your word, which is very much Alive by the power of the Holy Spirit, through which you spoke through men to communicate. The very words that you wanted your people to know about you. And it's that same spirit that dwells those of us who are in Christ. And so we thank you Lord and we praise you for who you are and father as we look at your word today, we ask that you would help us understand as a church family and of course individually how you want us to leave here. Today being the body of Christ, the place where you have chosen to make your dwelling the place through which you show your love to a lost and dying world. Thank you, Lord, for letting us be a part of building your kingdom. Help us to set our eyes, not on the things of the world, which are temporary, which are fleeting, which are deceptive. The capture our hearts this morning and help us to fix our eyes on things that are unseen the Unseen realities that are eternal. We pray this all for the sake of your name. Amen. Amen. One of the things that we see here is that in Christ. We are fellow citizens in God's Kingdom, right out of the gates. He says so then you are no longer strangers and Aliens but your fellow citizens with the Saints and members of God's household. And I like this so that this is one of the things that Paul does you'll see often and Paul's writings where he begins unfolding one truth about God. After another truth after another truth and then often he goes into these these great, doxology is right and this is not a great, doxology necessarily but it has that same flavor. This is not just a illogical fact. This is not just a next bullet point in a statement of logic that he's making an argument that he's unfolding. He is excited to keep telling them who they are. You saying? Because of what Christ has done, remember he's already told that remember who you were? As individuals. Now remember who you were as a gentile people? And see how God is using that or or break, and see how God is continuing to unfold that what he is doing in your life as individuals in packs, and makes its way out through, who you are as a group of people. And so in in so doing that, he gets to this place where he's saying, you're no longer this but I can't wait for you to see the rest of it so that you are no longer. Aliens and strangers.

Is one thing for many individuals to have access to the same thing, right? Cheryl and I have a Sam's Club membership right for like we're in the club. Yeah, buddy.

I get to heaven. So, what you do, I was in the club It is as ridiculous as it sounds as if that's the right laugh.

I I we have access to the same discounts or whatever I drugged and I can't carry this too far but we have access to the same same products. The same supplies that thousands of other people have hundreds of thousands of people in this area have at this. Local Sam's Club, right? Or if you live in somewhere else, where there's a Costco or what, not, whatever the case might be, but I'll tell you what, we will get together. We were there yesterday and we don't get together with everybody in the store. We don't like group of me like hey guys, come here, everybody. Come in for a group photo. Like we're all in the same membership here. We're all in the same Club. Why we're just individuals who purchased the product? But God says brothers and sisters or children. He says, you're not just individuals who share access to the father. You don't just all get to come by your own roads to get to the father. You are being built up into one. Another, you're no longer strangers and Aliens, those who have no home in this world, but you are fellow citizens, fellow citizens. So, I'm getting ahead of myself cuz I'm excited about this. But he's drawing out this beautiful reality of what it means. For all of us people who are not brought together by our family. Tree necessarily are brought together by our Hobbies necessarily but we are brought together in Christ. Right? When the Lord we sign this morning, Lord Lead Me To the Cross, right? And then what the Lord has he lives through the cross as a people together to the father, through the cross, as we come together under the headship of Christ. We recognize that. We're no longer. These things, we're no longer strangers and Aliens, right? He says you are no longer that's plural but it's but it's a it's plural intentionally. It's like saying all of y'all Gentiles write. All of y'all are no longer it's very proper grammar. I know. But all of y'all are no longer strangers or aliens who uses these two words to communicate. This one idea, a stranger is someone that's from another tribe. Someone that's from another country. and, Paul has just spent some time, reminding them that they were in fact strangers. To the promises. They were, in fact, aliens to the Commonwealth of Israel and so he expresses his both in the negative and in the positive. So he says you are no longer this. You are no longer strangers in God's kingdom, you are no longer aliens in God's kingdom. An alien is someone who lives with in new borders but their citizenship is somewhere else.

Their citizenship is elsewhere and so they live within those borders. They don't have the same rights and privileges that a citizen. of those borders has Right.

So he says this is no longer Who You Are. You are no longer strangers and God's kingdom. You are no longer aliens in God's Kingdom. And I moved to the positive, but you are.

Citizens, fellow citizens. With the Saints. And members of God's household. You're not, you're not merely citizens brothers and sisters. Look around the room, you are fellow citizens.

Your fellow citizens with one another, and with the Saints who's gone, before us listen to how he says, it's in 1st Peter 2:9 through 11 out. If you read first, 12 not going to read this morning but you'll see that he's speaking at two different audience and so is language is a bit different because he's telling those who those Jewish Believers to be careful how they act toward Gentiles and Harry speaking to the Gentiles. But the same truth is true for both of them. He says in 1st, Peter 2:9 through 11, you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, why that you may proclaim the excellencies of him, who called you out of darkness and into Marvelous Light once. You are not a people but now you are God's people once you had not received Mercy. But now you have received Mercy. Beloved, I heard you as sojourners and Exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh which wage war against your. So now wait a minute. I thought we weren't strangers or sojourners noticed that the language he uses in one context. He's saying you are now fellow citizens of God's kingdom. And in 1st Peter he's reminding them, you are strangers, you are sojourners. You are exiled to this world. so that

to bring in other illustrations, that Paul uses as ambassadors for Christ. Eddie tells the Corinthian Church. So that we may proclaim the excellencies of God. Who called you out of Darkness, into Marvelous Light. Remember what he told? His Gentile Believers, you were dead in your trespasses and sins in which you once walked. but now, Now, you're no longer aliens, now you're no longer strangers, but you are fellow citizens with the Saints who've gone before in Christ number to, we are members of God's household. This is the second of 1/3 metaphor that he uses here. We are members of God's household, we're family. This isn't just about a a political illustration. This is a familiar one. We are family. We are God's children which means we are brothers and sisters of one another. So it's not just the political citizen citizen rewrites, its the intimacy of a family, the intimacy of home now. Doesn't always Drake the right chord with everyone. Not everyone has had a wonderful home upbringing and so we have to recognize that went when he use using his metaphors. What he's trying to do is to try to bring out the best of what, God intends for the family, the best of what God intends for citizenship, the best of what God intended for the temple. None of them are anywhere close to perfect. But in God, since we are in God's eyes, we are members of his household were family. We have an intimate relationship with the Lord, and because we're all connected to the same heavenly father, an intimate relationship with one another, you know what that means, as family, we can share our Hertz. Our habits in our Hang-Ups with each other, we don't pretend like, we're the family member, that's got it all together. Right? We don't pretend that, we're the one who has it figured out and the other family members. What are the uncle whomever that? We, we have to stay at the family reunions, right? Cuz he's going to be there.

if you don't know who that is and your family,

we are members of God's household, you don't know what that means. Were members of one another Where members of one another Paul drawers that else out elsewhere, but it is wonderful to be citizens. It's wonderful to be citizens with with rights. But it's more wonderful to be family members. Listen to how John says it. See what kind of love the father has given to us first? John 3:1 that we should be called children of God.

And that is what we are. The reason the world does not know us, is that it did not know him.

Brothers and sisters if you are in Christ. Well, then your brother or sister. If you're sitting here and you are in religion, you're not a part of God's family. Boy. That sounds like it could be a really unkind thing to say. But in fact it's the most loving thing to say because Because you're invited into the family. You see, when God gave his son, he gave his son to pay the penalty for everyone who come to him in faith. And that means saying I'm not a part of the family because I'm, I'm out doing my own thing. I'm living my own way, but God says come to me. You're burdened life is hard, you need rest, Come to Me. Jesus said, everybody whose weary and heavy-laden or burned or weighed down with a burden and I will give you rest. I will give you rest for your souls. This life is hard enough in Christ.

There is no hope. There is no real concrete, Joy giving life, satisfying hope if you are outside of Christ. And so if you're here this morning and you, you think you might be outside of Christ. I would implore you not to leave today, without. Talking to someone that, you know, I can help you or come talk to me. I'd love nothing more than to talk with you about this the most important topic. In all of our lives.

And I gladly spend all day talking with you about it.

In Christ, he goes on to say, where the Temple of the Lord, if we look at versus 20 and 21, he says that we are being built on the foundation of the Apostles and the prophets. Christ, Jesus himself himself, being the Cornerstone.

In whom the whole structure being joined together, grows into a holy Temple in the Lord. So the apostles and Prophets are the foundation of the church through their teaching, not simply because of who they were, but they were Apostles, they were called by God. Set apart to 2, to bring forward the message of the Gospel, the message of Salvation, that salvation is coming through Christ in, or has come through Christ and through Christ alone. And what we hold in our hands now is, is the inscription rated or the closed. Can in these 66 books of the Bible that tell us that this is God's inspired word. Now, there are no new Apostles to bring us authoritative messages are over there. I should say, there are no new apostles. There are no pastors. There are no, there's no one else that comes with an authoritative word from the Lord. That does not align with the word of God.

What's the name of First Corinthians? How Paul describes this here? He says, I 1st Corinthians 3 and 9 through 17. He says, for we are God's fellow workers and you are God's field building. According to the grace, given me like a skilled Master bed, master builder, I laid a foundation and someone else is building on that Foundation. Let each one take care how he builds upon it for no one can lay a foundation other than that, which is late, which is Jesus Christ. Now, if anyone build on the foundation with gold or silver, precious stones or wood or hay, or or straw, each one's work will become manifest for the day. Meaning, the day of judgment will just close it because it will be revealed by fire and the fire will test, what sort of work. Each one has done. If the word anyone has built on the foundation survive, he will receive a reward, but if anyone's work is build up built up burned up. If anyone's work is burned up, he will suffer loss though. He himself will be saved. But as only through fire, do you not know that you are God's Temple and that God's spirit dwells in you. If anyone destroys God's Temple, God will destroy him for God's Temple is Holy and you are that Temple. So, Paul and other Apostles have laid, this Foundation, the foundation of God's Earthly movable mobile Temple. If you will, Is that Jesus Christ is Lord. Salvation is only found in Christ. And everything must be built upon that you and I, we are God's Building this metaphor. He carries out its a building which, which is still under construction. It's a building that has to be needs continual help being built, right? It's a building that's going to be under construction until the day that the Lord comes to build a new Heaven and a new Earth. So, until the day and I you until the day that you and I meet Jesus, the church God's Temple Gods building, the people of God will be continually being built here, Tater, Peter O'Brien describe that he says he's talking about the word Cornerstone there. Someday debate over whether the word Cornerstone means, the kind of the Cornerstone from a foundation standpoint or a Capstone, kind of that Crown Jewel, if you will of the building and in support of the fact that it means the Cornerstone the foundation. Cornerstone. He says Christ is the vital Cornerstone on whom the building is constructed, the foundation in the position of all of hers. Other stones in the superstructure were determined by him. He is the one from whom, the one, from which the rest of the building, and Foundation is built. Outwards along the line of the proposed walls and accordingly. The temple is built out and from the Revelation given in Christ, with the apostles in the prophet elaborating and explaining this mystery which has been made known to them by the Holy Spirit and we're going to delve into that a little bit as we get into chapter 3 next week.

I'm sorry. My voice is just really struggling today, so but but everything is built on Christ. Everything is supported in Christ and, and a liar. The shape of the continuing formation of the structure must be in line must be Plumb with Christ as our foundation. If we begin building the church on our theories of how we think about a work. I can't tell you how many times I hear things like, you know what, I think the church ought to be like that no matter what you think.

The matter what I think. Because I'm the guy that get that, that had the privilege of being up here preaching God's word that I get to decide how this thing gets built know. God's word is the only authoritative Source, the only source that gives the rules. The guidelines, the blueprint we need to build God's Church, according to how he has designed it to be built and we look at those plans sometime and we say all that part doesn't make sense to me. I think we got to go over here with us and God would say through his Spirit. No.

If you build that way, when you stand before the Lord, it's going to burn.

We build on the foundation that Christ Alone. Is our Salvation Christ in Christ alone. Is our only hope and is God moves in his church through the Holy Spirit.

And as we minister to one another in personal Ministry,

Will see God. Adding brick, and mortar will see the structure continue to be built, but it will happen in ways that will dumbfound us.

because God build his church on the foundation of Jesus Christ, as his children and members of one another Citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom surrender, their will to the will of the father. Because everything that we do is is for the glory of God as we've been seeing in Ephesians chapters 1 & 2 so far, and all of this matters, as we begin to move into chapter 3, chapters 4 through 6 for the rest of the book, surprise. As we're going to begin seeing some ways that God says church family. This is how I'm calling you to live and we go. Well, I think if I just come to church like once every six weeks or, and I'm going to stop there and I'll tell you, the reason is, I don't want to quantify it with some number that all the sudden. If I said that that's the number, he's happy with. It doesn't matter what? I'm happy, we don't even think about coming to church. We need to think about how God has called us.

What's up building us on the cornerstone of Christ so that we can minister to one another through one another in ways that we would never plan in ways that we would never draw up. And then we'll see a world who comes in and looks at these different people and says how in the world is this thing growing? And we say, Jesus Christ is working through the holy spirit in these people. It's a living building. It's a living Temple.

Now, I'm starting to get ahead a bit. How do I get? I started to get to clarify this at any time, we start to quantify something with how many times somebody comes to church or or the activities. What I want you to know is this. I need to quantify that as much as to say. God says don't forsake the Gathering of Believers. What does that mean? What means make being part of the local church, a priority in your life. Why? Because it's about the Lord. In the NAA in the mess of your life and the best of my life, God intends to edify or encourage or challenge, or give hope to one another. We often come to church over really off right now, but we really went off and come to church. And we come in thinking about how how the music's going to sound to me, or how the preacher is going to sound to me, or if it's texting is irrelevant to me rather than walking in the doors, I win a great day, can an elder meeting yesterday and we were just kind of skin, you know, doing a survey of part of Ephesians. But one of the things that we see in the fusion that the God is God. Who spoke the world into existence? Has allowed us to build others up. But actually, build build, others up as a verb with through our speaking. Through our words, we can build others up and we can give Grace You just think about that for a minute. You.

Whatever is going on in your life. You can you can come into these walls. It doesn't have to be in here by the way. But and you can, you can give Grace. Do what you say and how you say it. Did you know that you can extend God's grace? And mercy?

you know, sometimes that happens through a word, that's challenging to not always, just encouraging and Nice. But in love, we, we speak the truth to one another and God uses our words that are in line with his word to minister to the lives of others and in so doing, he builds up his church, he builds up his people, but that only happens as we walk in these doors and we say, this is not about me today.

This isn't about me today. This is about glorifying God. As I minister to Brothers and Sisters in Christ, everything is built on Christ supported in Christ. And we don't want to build the church on our own understanding and forth. We see that in Christ. We are being built into God's new home. Now that's an elaboration of That we are God's new Temple, but when you put all of these things together, we are fellow citizens. We are members of one another. We are we are the Temple of the Lord, and we are being built into God's new home. We are being built. We're not built and it stops As time goes on, we are continually growing into.

The shape of who God would want the building to be in chapter 4, he's going to talk about how we're growing up into the body of Christ, and there's an interesting phrase there in 15 or 16. Alibris offhand. But hey guess what? I'm a Bible here. Where he says rather speaking. The truth in love with a grow up in every way into him. Who is the head into Christ from whom the whole body? So you see how Christ is the Cornerstone for talk about Foundation pieces? That would he switches metaphors to the body of Christ is the head of the body, the church? From whom the whole body joint and held together by every joint with which it is equipped everyone who was a part of the local Body of Christ. Now this is talking about the church, Capital C on a grand, a worldwide scale but God has chosen to make that manifest in the local church for the application. We make no apologies for saying that. Well I'm a part of the the big Capital C church so I don't have to be part of a local Body of Christ will that would just be contrary to what God's word says we're to be actively engaged in our local church. So with every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly Makes the body so that it builds itself up In Love. Sometimes love is coming to bring in a word of encouragement. Somebody that's downcast and we sustained others as we encourage them. Sometimes the Lord calls us to to humbly take the log out of our own eye. So that we can see clearly. In love to help another remove the speck from their eye. That is part of how God uses the body to build itself up in love being built into God's. New home is really the function of what this looks like it in in Solomon when when the temple is militant, and Solomon is blessing the Lord and 1st Kings 8. He's he is talking about the Lord finding his home or do welling with the people as they bring the ark into the temple. But then later in the chapter 3 free refers to God's Eternal Heavenly Welling. And so, we know that God's Temple. God's dwelling is no is not an any sort of a physical concept. We know that eternally. God dwelling is not in the Earthly local church, but in this season, while the local churches here in Ministry before, God makes a new Heaven and a new Earth, God's dwelling. In the spirit. Is in a local church. and that means that how we live, how we speak, how we act, how we relate personally, and to one another matters greatly

There's a lot going on culturally right now that has to do with citizenry and aliens and strangers and borders and legal immigrants or illegal immigrants.

I hope that we're not more concerned about

amendments. About rights and privileges. for this country where we're honestly, we're very blessed to live.

But I do hope that we recognize that the benefits the Privileges of God Eternal Kingdom far outweigh any. In the United States of America. I pray that we would be more concerned with bringing others into God's Eternal Kingdom. Then we are defending the right of our Earthly Nation. And as Christians, the way we speak about these issues, the way we talk about these issues, Don't matter. Greatly for how we would communicate to one, who's both outside of God's Eternal Kingdom, as well as outside of the United States of America.

God is making one new race from many, many, many races.

God is building up his kingdom. As he dwells in the church. His new home. The Apostle Paul says, in Christ in him. You Church. Specifically Gentiles also, right? With, with the Jewish people of old, you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God. By the spirit.

As those who are fellow citizens and God's kingdom, as those who are members of one another in God's household, as those who are growing together in into God's temple being built up. We every one of us needs to be active in building the local church where God's spirit

Brothers and sisters, that is to be the priority of Our Lives. It doesn't mean don't have hobbies, that doesn't mean don't have other interests. It doesn't mean, don't go on vacation and see your family. But what it means is during the that the large swathes of everyday living, the local church is our priority. We give our lives to see the Lord working through and building up the local church and you get to be a part of it. It's the most wonderful thing in the world to be a part of seeing somebody grow up in the faith. And you say, why I don't know how low will equip you. I promise you, we will equip you. You will not not do ministry because you're not a quitter or because we want to quit you. I don't mean we'll do it right all the time. So I guess you have to let us know how that goes but God is calling us, right? If chapter 4 says, that's why I gave the apostles and Prophets and teachers pastors and teachers to build up the Saints for the work of the ministry.

There's No Greater Joy than to see the light bulb. Come on, when somebody begins to open the word and and and and and understand something that they didn't think they would ever understand. And there's no Greater Joy than to be a part of seeing a child. Begin to understand that though, their father may have left, they have a perfect heavenly father who will never leave

Though, their mother may not live with them, they have a family of God, that will come around him, spiritual mothers, and fathers, and brothers, and sisters, who will enfold them as Gods adopted children. We're all adopted into God's family.

If you're in Christ.

And brothers and sisters. This is a wonderful privilege. There's a challenge because if you're not actively living committed and contributing to the local Body of Christ, I do want to challenge you. It's not out of unkindness but it's out of love. Not because of what you're not doing, but because of what you're missing, It's beautiful. It's wonderful. It's hard.

There's great challenge along the way, but the Lord is says, don't fix your eyes on what is seen cuz it's a mess. Oh wait. Don't fix our eyes on. What is seen cuz it's temporary. I'm pretty sure it's a message somewhere in there, but fix your eyes on. What is unseen? Because it's a turtle and if I made perfect It's eternally, perfect. Eternally. Wonderful because he's eternally, wonderful. You know, as we get to celebrate the Lord's Supper we hold in a cup. This little piece of bread and a little amount of juice. And what we see in that is that when Jesus left, His perfect forever home in heaven, and he was born of a virgin so that the full Holiness of God would dwell through him. And yet he would live every moment making all of the right decisions, all of the right words, he would say it. And we refraining from saying things that were sinful or thinking things that were sinful. What reminded that Jesus came to Earth, temporarily as this bread is temporary. This juice is temporary. The church and its manifestation here is temporary, but it does cause us to look forward to a future body of future meal, a future Eternal celebration of the goodness of God. It's all I invite you. If you are in Christ, I invite you this morning to come into to celebrate. You may have gotten distracted. With the temporary things of the world, they may have become the main thing that you can see in your life right now. So you may need to take some time and just confess your heart to the Lord. You know, the beautiful thing about confession is its Worship in a lot of ways. The way we coming from kind of Christ. Our First Act of worship is confess, or I confess that I'm not perfect and therefore, I have no right to Eternal heaven. But you are. You've invited me, you've called me to draw near and so I trust you for my selfish. And you may need to do that this morning. Are you maybe a Christian who needs to go to the Lord and confess them sent to the Lord? We invite you to do that. We're going to move around in a few minutes and we have a station up here and station on the right into stations in the back. We want to give you an opportunity to move around. You may have something that you need to make right with another member of God's household. Another Brick in the building.

There may be someone that you would want to use your words to build up.

Some of that you may want to use your words to give Grace, to this morning, to encourage someone, that's down, hard or downcast. All of these things and many more are part of what it means to be members of God's household. As God's new home. Let's worship him together as we celebrate God's sacrifice of sending his son that we might enjoy. That we might receive all of the benefits and privileges out of what it means to be God's new home. Heavenly Father, we praise you for who you are because you are eternally, perfect in every way you are righteous and all that you do. And Lord that the reality that you have made a way that those who were your enemies actively your enemies. Could be made right with you. If we receive nothing else in this world, that is good. That is good enough. And father, we pray that you would bring our hearts to that place because even as I pray, this in front of my church family, I know that I don't always feel it. I shake my fist at you at times when I disagree with, how you've chosen to allow my life to unfold, because I get focused on things that are temporary and I become selfish. And you're so patient and kind.

Help us celebrate this morning. I was prey honest, prayers of of confession of Thanksgiving. Of intercession for one another. And Lord, we pray that at the work you're doing in this local body. That we would be found in perfectly faithful. That we would live for the cause of your glory. That we would Circle our lives around. Your purpose is for us, some of it takes place within these walls and with these people all sitting together and worshipping together in this context, but much of his ministry takes place outside of these walls. So may we not become consumed.

With buildings and walls. But acknowledged that while we meet here today, is your new home. It's not these walls that make your home. It's these hearts, these lies that you have chosen to end well. And so we give you praise and we asked you to move. Animate yourself through us as we have the privilege of being a demonstration.

even during a trial of these life of this life, As Jesus did.

Two others who have not seen Jesus in person. Help us to be a faithful home. Faithful body faithful family to one another so that a lost and dying world would see what an incredibly wonderful say for you, in Jesus name. Amen.

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