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From Pondering to Purpose – Three Dispositions and One Purpose

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  1. Pondering Their Predicament
    1. Lepers – outcast of society, contageous disease
      1. verse 3
      • Believers, we are outcast with the message we carry; the good news!
    2. Leprocy – unlikely heroes
      1. Underdog would be an under-statement!
      2. 1 Cor. 1:27 says “...but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong.
      • God doesn't need our skills as much as He needs our willingness
    3. Left with a Decision
      1. verse 4
        1. Decide Not To Decide - starve where they are
        • If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” -RUSH
        1. Choose Worst - famine in the city
        2. Choose Best Available - surrender to Aramean army
        • Layne's cut finger
  2. Pondering Their Plunder vv. 5-7
    1. Neak up to Nothing –how do you catch a unique rabbit? You neak up on him
      1. verse 5
      • It was no surprise to God
    2. Running from a Ruckus
      1. verse 6
      • ..caused confusion for the Syrians that His will would be carried out.
    3. Running for their Lives!!
      1. verse 7
  3. Procuring Their Plunder vv. 8-9
    1. Hidden Treasure
      1. verse 8
  • I believe it became obvious, to these lepers, that while they hid their treasure, they were hiding an even greater treasure from those back in the city.
  • Verse 9
  • Matt. 5:15 - nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.
  1. Provided With PurpIose vv. 10-11
    1. The Call
      • What is God calling you to do? Have you determined it? If not, do so. If you have, will you simply 'ponder your predicament'? Or, will you move beyond pondering to purpose.

SO WHAT??: Christians, we should be more like these lepers, choosing to get out of the gate! But for lack of knowing what to do ...we do “nothing”, and a lost world continues in it's lostness.

Matt. 25:15-19 And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey. 16 Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents. 17 And likewise he who had received two gained two more also. 18 But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lord’s money. 19 After a long time the lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them.

Dear reader, this little book was mainly intended for the edification of believers, but if you are yet unsaved, our heart yearns over you: and we would fain say a word which may be blessed to you. Open your Bible, and read the story of the lepers, and mark their position, which was much the same as yours. If you remain where you are you must perish; if you go to Jesus you can but die. “Nothing venture, nothing win,” is the old proverb, and in your case the venture is no great one. If you sit still in sullen despair, no one can pity you when your ruin comes; but if you die with mercy sought, if such a thing were possible, you would be the object of universal sympathy. None escape who refuse to look to Jesus; but you know that, at any rate, some are saved who believe in him, for certain of your own acquaintances have received mercy: then why not you? The Ninevites said, “Who can tell?” Act upon the same hope, and try the Lord’s mercy. To perish is so awful, that if there were but a straw to catch at, the instinct of self-preservation should lead you to stretch out your hand. We have thus been talking to you on your own unbelieving ground, we would now assure you, as from the Lord, that if you seek him he will be found of you. Jesus casts out none who come unto him. You shall not perish if you trust him; on the contrary, you shall find treasure far richer than the poor lepers gathered in Syria’s deserted camp. May the Holy Spirit embolden you to go at once, and you shall not believe in vain. When you are saved yourself, publish the good news to others. Hold not your peace; tell the King’s household first, and unite with them in fellowship; let the porter of the city, the minister, be informed of your discovery, and then proclaim the good news in every place. The Lord save thee ere the sun goes down this day.

Charles H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening : Daily Readings, Complete and unabridged; New modern edition. (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2006), March 13 AM.

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