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  1. Why not evolution? 3 Reasons
    1. Biblical – no hint of it in Genesis
    2. Biblical/Theological – Romans 5:12 – Death came through Adam. Adam produces death, not death produces Adam.
    3. Scientific – No evidence that is not equal evidence for special creation.
    4. Atheistic evolution impossible/show, theistic evolution compromise

  1. If no evidence, why evolution? Romans 1:18-23
    1. It is the result of a lack of thanksgiving on the part of created beings … who then elevate created things to God’s position.
    2. The problem is moral, not primarily scientific.

  1. Who is the Creator?
    1. Not us / Psalm 100, “It is He…” Col. 1:16,17, John 1:1-3 / Jesus our Lord
    2. In Genesis we see the Father and Spirit involved but doesn’t lessen the fact that Jesus is Creator.

  1. What is created? Everything, including and especially mankind
    1. Everything that is non-God
    2. Col. 1 and John 1 again

  1. Response? Praise and thanksgiving, Romans 1 again
    1. Best answer to evolutionist is to be joyful in your creaturliness. Also, thanks for the functions of being a creature. Say grace for eating, drinking, lovemaking, breathing, bathing, running, etc.
    2. Ps. 139:14 – Not just the things, but the created ability to enjoy them / We are also sons, but that’s not the point here.
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