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  1. What is it?
    1. To encourage is to give courage, hope or confidence spiritually. The ability to encourage is a gift. Rom. 12. All Christians must, but some better at it. Why must we? Heb. 3:13
    2. Encouragement must be daily.
    3. Encouragement prevents deception and sin.
    4. Encouragement prevents hardness and sin.

  1. How do we do it? Who are the prime candidates?
    1. Analogy: Basketball team – players and benchwarmers
    2. Who needs encouragement?

                                                               i.      Leaders and wives

                                                             ii.      Bookstore staff

                                                            iii.      Bible study leaders

                                                           iv.      Active, evangelist Christians

                                                             v.      Struggling Christians

    1. Sinning Christians (tubed out) do not need it. Wait a minute! What’s their responsibility? Theirs. Golden Rule! Luke 6:31. Do unto … Not negative.

  1. Application; Doing it, Suggestions
    1. Make a list of the ways different Christians give to you. Include everything. #. Let them know (over the next month); no barrage.
    2. Don’t get mushy. Just be appreciative.
    3. 10 lepers

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