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Worship and Praise

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Intro-worship and praise not the same. Worship is praise’s foundation.

  1. What is worship? Service! The offering of your self for service. Main word in O.T. – ABODA; N.T. – LATREIA, both originally refer to the service of slaves or hired servants. A worship service is where you offer yourself, body, soul, and spirit to God for his work.
    1. Scripture – Dt. 6:13 (Matt. 4:10) N.T. Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only. Satan wanted Christ’s worship i.e. service
    2. N.T. – Romans 12: 1,2-worship is the offer of physical body as a living sacrifice. Rom. 6:19 offer my body as righteousness’s slave; this is worship.

  1. Having done that; praise if proper – Psalm 33:1. Upright praise.
    1. Who praises? Upright servants Ps. 33:1
    2. When praise? Ps. 34 All times, always on lips – Heb. 13:15
    3. What is praise? Singing, dancing, gesturing and otherwise extolling the Lord – Ps. 149, 150.
    4. Where praise? Wherever you are (see b) Ps. 149

                                                               i.      Assembly of saints vs. 1

                                                             ii.      In Bed vs 5

                                                            iii.      In combat vs 6,7 –wherever you are

    1. How praise?

                                                               i.      Naturally – fruit of lips – Heb 13:15

                                                             ii.      Orderly – no chaos – I Cor. 14:40

                                                            iii.      Wholeheartedly – no holding back – Ps. 145:1,2

                                                           iv.      Skillfully – nothing slipshot – Ps. 33:3

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