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Surviving or Thriving which is it 1 Samuel 17

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Surviving or Thriving which is it  1 Samuel 17:32-40    EBC   11/16/08

  Part of God’s training for us is placing us in difficult situations. In those difficult times it’s God’s will that we learn to trust Him and walk in His power. We need to learn not just to survive but to strive in those difficult days (as David did).  We see David in some desperate times as he trusts God for some big things and sees God do some miracles.

  Some are struggling to survive in these tough days. Hopefully this message will help to lead a more victorious life.

I.        Survival is a Matter of Timing (17-24)

A.      As you can probably imagine this day started out for David just like many others.

1.       David’s daddy had become concerned about the welfare of the three brothers. In those days they didn’t have  standing Army. Citizens would rally around the king when he needed volunteers. Many times these volunteers had little to nothing to eat.

2.       David arrives and sees the Armies cowering down in fear because of Goliath.

a.       Goliath was over 9 feet tall (depending on how you read the language he could have been over 10 feet tall). He was from the tribe of Anakim (Num. 13:33). For 40 days he challenged Saul’s Army to find a man to fight him.

B.      As Saul’s Army hides in their tents David hears the giant blaspheming the names of God

C.      Isn’t that just like how giants come in our lives. You got up in the morning and all was fine and the next thing you knew you were facing a giant.

D.      We need to understand some things- giants just don’t show up. Their appearance is well timed. They are all part of God’s perfect plan for our lives.

1.      If we could ever grasp this that nothing comes our way apart from God, we would see those giants a little different.

a.      Psa. 37:23-

b.      Remember Daniel in the Loins Den- could God have removed that- it was part of God’s plan. Goliath was there for God’s glory. It wasn’t an accident it was the providence of God.

c.       Job 1:20-21- Job had just lost everything he had- look at his reaction

II.      Survival is a Matter of Trusting (25-40)

A.      When David hears the threats he determines that something must be done.

1.      V.26- he makes his intentions known

2.      V.28- he is met by criticism

3.      V.33- he is also met by doubt

a.      David kept going because:

1.      He had learned about God’s protection (34-37) David knew that God had protected him in the past and would continue to protect him

a.      Phil. 1:6-

2.      He had learned about God’s power (38-40) David knew that victory was in the power of God, not in bows and shields.  

a.      2 Chron. 20:15-

b.      David knew that the God that had protected him in the hills would also see him thru this.

III.    Survival is a Matter of Taking (41-54)

A.      There comes a time when we must stop talking about it and start doing it.

1.      2  Cor. 12:9- we talk about God’s grace for every instance in life yet we live like we aren’t going to make it.

2.      We talk about God being in control of our lives yet we live as if we are in control.

3.      1 Cor. 15:57-58- we have been given the victory se now let’s live like it.

 You are a giant killer- not because of any power you have but because of the power He has. We can go out and meet the giants of our lives in his power and we can continue to live the defeated lives we have lived. What choice do you make today?


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