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Psa 81:8-12

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Psa. 81:8-12   EBC   Sunday School    11/23/08

  Have you ever wondered whether God still speaks to his children today? In these verses we get a clear picture of God’s heart. He yearns for Israel to listen to Him.

  Think about this the almighty God is begging with His people to hear Him – Rom. 12:1-2. Paul in these verses begs the church at Rome.

  We would ask why on earth would people turn a deaf ear to God’s voice- they did it then we do it now. Two thousand years later we can hear the Lord saying why church won’t you listen to me?  Are you wanting to do things your own way?

1-      Gen. 6:3- KJV Commentary- If we persist in our evil courses, after a time God will withdraw from us His restraining grace. He who would persist in sin is a fool, for no one knows that he has crossed the boundary of God’s grace until it is too late.

2-      Rom. 1:24-28-

V.8  (hearken) won’t you be ruled by me.

V.10- open thy mouth wide and I will fill it- I will meet your every need. Matthew Henry- God assured his people Israel that it would be their own fault if he did not do as great and kind things for them as he had done for their fathers. Nothing should be thought too good, too much, to give them, if they would but keep close to God.

V.11- His problem with them is they didn’t want to listen to Him and second they wanted nothing to do with Him.

V.12- God gave them up to their own lusts. God withdrew his Spirit from them, took off the bridle of restraining grace, left them to themselves, and justly; they will do as they will, and therefore let them do as they will. Jer. 7:24- the result is evitable they follow their own foolish counsel.

V.13-14- oh, that they would have listened to me I would have taken care of their enemies.

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