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"The Love Of A Father"

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Good morning. Unfortunately Dixie's under the weather again today, so we can do a little abbreviated service.

Our scripture reading. Trump Modi 15 chapter of Luke's gospel.

Jesus said, There was a man who had two sons. The younger runs bad to his father. Well, they give me my share of the estate. So, the father divided the property between them.

Not long after that the younger son got together, all the he had set off for a distant country and their squandered, his wealth in Wild living. Agreed. Everything. their versus severe famine in the whole country and he began to be in need So, he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country who sent him to his fields to feed the pigs. He longed to feel his stomach with a positive Paige reading but no one gave him anything. The Lord that is richest blessing to this reading of his words together. Let's confirm, our faith, had he who turned is the Lord of all life. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living, God shall we pray?

How much grace is God. As you know, your children today are no different than they were thousands of years ago. All we had more gadgets wherever to travel further than ever before. But we still have not learned to love one another as you love us. So we pray for our world. We pray for our nation. as we near the 245th birthday of our nation, we had lots more toys, But far less desire to live together in today's Peaceable world.

Father, we pray for our nation. We all need a double dose of national pride and influx of uplifting Spirit enabling us to live together and work together to encourage one another. Show me a new spirit of Revival flow across this land. Drawing us all closer together and closer to you. These things we ask in the most holy and precious name of your son. Our Savior. I meant

As you know, reach Lord. Today it is our great privilege to be invited to remember Christ in the very special way. It was on the last night of his Earthly life that Jesus gathered his followers. He had done his best to prepare them for what was to come, but they had Stardust in their eyes. They kept remembering what had occurred on the previous Sunday, when they had, he had ridden into the City and people welcomed them and surely they thought surely this was the time that he was going to be accepted as the Messiah. And so they were all inspired and uplifted for each one of them. We're going to have a special part in this new Reign of Power. Little, did they know what was to come? I'm the very last night if it's Earthly life.

After they had celebrated the Passover remembering what God had done in the ancient past. He said. From now on. every time you eat the unleavened bread, let it be as a reminder to you of my body, which is going to be broken for you. And every time you drink the cup of wine, let it represent. My blood, we shall be shed for the sins of mankind.

I'm sure they looked at each other and great questioning as their Spirit certainly must have gone down.

but after his arrest, his crucifixion and his resurrection. Then it began to make sense.

And they. Did every time they gathered together. They said, two or more gathered together, they would break the bread and take the car and it seemed as though Jesus was right there with him. So it is each Lord's day. We invite all who played him as Lord and Savior to remember him in this special way.

Our Lord and savior. As we come before you this morning, we thank you for the previous week in the beginning of a new one. You are a strength or guy without you, we are nothing. We pray. Lord, for those that are hurting those that are real, and those that are struggling with problems, they cannot solve alone. We hope that they will seek your help. May we be your ambassadors to them? We pray, the Lord for our church, our community are locally years in a federal government, be with us, guidance throughout this coming week. Let this lotion come in both of Jesus broken body in shape blood. We pray this in Jesus name.

Father. And many blessings you gave us, we praise you through. This is coming week and have to see the right things in your eyes. Those, you're sick and those you can be here and The Giver Jesus Christ. Name we pray. Amen.

I grew up in a small town in. Oklahoma in the thirties and forties, Where did it had a population of probably about half the size of Henrietta? Now? There were six of us, kids.

Three boys and then, three girls. They span of 14 years, I think. S back in the day when the the father's work. Either on the farm or some business or something trade and the mothers worked, but it was at home taking care of everything. Seem like my dad was always working at two jobs. Doing something.

as back in the day, when Not everyone with the college seems like. Today, it's expected that everyone finishes high school and goes to college. I don't think college is for everyone.

My dad and my next older brother. I was the youngest of the brothers. My next older brother and my dad were both. I thought excellent mechanics. And I was the one to be. I wanted to be a mechanic like them but I was more of a go get her, you know, they would say go get me this funeral or whatever and I would go get it. So I'm going to go get her

After I finish High School. They work a lot of job opportunities in my little town. I plan to join the Airforce with a couple of other classmates, and Air Force didn't want me either. so,

I didn't have a lot of opportunities. and after, A lot of encouragement such as threatening to break my plate. I took the hint. And allowed my high school math teacher to help me get into college. It's Lala College. Got to know in campus job that paid half the expenses. I need to go to college but the I had an on-campus job to pay. For that and then I work weekends to pay the other half.

Interstates I guess I was kind of like the young man in our scripture reading today. What were some major differences? Like, the prodigal, I I knew I would never inherit anything, you know, I'm the system. The older brother would always inherit twice as much as the other spending on how many kids there were

It could be divided evenly except the older son would always get twice as much as the others. and then in a sense, it's not unlike the British royalty, you're the oldest son, would be next in line for Kingship, I guess and the others didn't have a chance. Course, the girls didn't get anything. They were expected to marry and be taken care of their or put to work, whatever. but,

This young man in Scripture. What's up? Knew he didn't stand a chance. The only thing he would be doing is working for his brother. Now.

I don't know. I guess it always. I guess it works out, but it would probably kind of rubbing the wrong way. I guess, especially when every day is about the same. Are you?

You just do whatever the brother wants done that day, I guess.

There's a total of 47 parables. In the Bible. If I counted correctly.

Some Riders say there are 50 but I haven't found the other three. Not saying they're not there, but they're 47, but I think and 15 of those terrible. Are unique to Luke's gospel. Luke's gospel, remembers different from the others. He's the only non-jew to write a gospel. Actually Luke. Never knew Jesus.

And shared what knowledge he had probably from Peter. If they're said to be some other writings that he was familiar with that, he kind of a

Borrowed some of their material, we don't know that he had a different approach. He was a. Image of physician. and not a

tax collector and not know the real Jews. I guess in that sense, but he was more interested in people His gospel is totally different. There are those who say, if you're going to read the story of Jesus

Read the Gospel of John.

Well. I like to read the Gospel of Luke to me, it's more human. Betty Wright. It looks gospel. The 15th chapter, he has three parables. That Jesus told head and none of them are contained in any of the other Gospels. I don't know why the others omitted those 15 Parables at Gia that Luke put in I don't know, but to me, they give insight into the humanity of Jesus.

in all these three that are in the 15th, chapter talk, about being lost and being found on sun, But every category might be.

well, as Jesus told this story, About the what we call the prodigal son. What is probably going to be in any way anybody know? Sounds sounds good. Make a wasted self. He was wasteful.

Not good. It's a derogatory comment.

We could say that I allow me to add live event.

One day this youngest son, woke up and began to think about his situation. He realize that. I'm never going to be the boss here. I'm always going to be. A ranch hand or serve it, whatever you want to think of it. My brother will be in my boss one of these days.

I don't know that. I really am looking forward to this. That's what can I do?

Well, he decided that he would ask his father to go ahead and make the division of property. No, let's give me my part of what I will inherit. Daddy still a risk. You know what the the father's total worth. Let's say it might have been $90,000

well. The older son was going to get two-thirds of that. And the younger son, 1/3.

So that's what's getting me. My third now.

So, the father probably shouldn't have but he did it uncommon for a Tappan, but he gave him his share of the prop.

Now the father probably expected that the sun would stay on and do his work, but just have coins to jinal in his pocket. but it wasn't very long before the the younger son decided that I don't want to do this. I don't want to be a A hired servant. For the rest of my life. So he packed up his few, bigger Maloney's, and lit, a shuck down the road. Let's just say that. He grew up around here so he called a caller bus and went to Dallas.

When you got off the bus in Dallas. He had no idea where he was. Or what to do. So I wouldn't either. Yo, I was offered a job one time. When I was about his age, I guess. All I had to do is go to, they said New York and go to I think it's a three-month training. Course, and then I would be one of their employees. How to meet a New York at that time was New York City. and I thought,

I don't think I would survive, New York City.

Well, it turned out it really wasn't New York City. It was upper New York State. I'd never heard of the company that they never saw. Offered me, the job. I found out later. It was cut me, I'd never heard of but it was Ivy m. That my son works for now for several years. But I told my son that story one time.

I said, I could have been your boss today. they shall doubt it, but

it weigh. But she's not ready for that. And that's probably how the probably go felt

You're tired of calling the prodigal. I'm going to call him a little Joe. He was the youngest one Little Joe. So here you was in Downtown Dallas. And had no idea where to go or what to do. Well if you if you look like a hayseed you're probably attract somebody that would be glad to be your friend and help you. So pretty soon this young man came along and greeted them as though they had grown up together. Adam. The guy introduced himself at now. Would you say my name is Little Joe? He said my name is l j. So, I'll buy you a drink to welcome you to my city.

And of course, then eljay was expected to reciprocate and buy him a drink. And before long, they had lots of friends.

Let me have money. You have friends. So this went on for several days. Had lots of friends, both male and female. He had never had a girlfriend but never attractive women there. That looked wonderful. So, are they going to feel right at home? I'm sure they were times that he began to feel guilty, you know, I need to go out and get a job. if I'm about to run out of money,

Well no, I will take care of you. So day after day, he and his Good Buddies.

Had a good time.

They enjoyed.

Well, there came that time. That too. They said eljay, it's your turn to buy. And he said, I'm sorry guys, I'm I don't have any money. I'm broke.

Can you imagine they dropped him? He was no longer their friend.

And so, there he was. Friendless. Homeless lost. No job. Totally confused.

He had no idea of what to do.

Well, no one is going to just get my hand out. So he he got the Dallas Morning News and he started looking at the help wanted ads. And you saw this one. Add that looks like it's or something he could do. It said, I needed a farmhand. To help feed animals. Well, he knew how to do that. so, he Applied and was hard.

And the first day they picked him up and took him out there. He found out. It was a pig farm. Now yo don't really like pigs very much. I'm sure Jesus kind of flipped that in as a as a kind of a Poke in the ribs, he could have said it was a cattle farm or sheep farm but he said it's a pig farm.

so there he was trying to feed these pigs. If you've ever been around where they raise pigs. They have a unique smell.

Well, I won't describe it. You know what they smell like

After a while. He wasn't making much money. He didn't like the job.

Haley said, I've got to do something else. What else can I do?

and I'm sure that he began thinking about back home, Yeah, why did I ever leave? I kind of had it made. I got three Square meals everyday. I had a place to sleep. Always boring work cuz I did the same thing all the time. And my brother was my boss.

But at least I got fed. And it really wasn't all that bad.

Now, you can do one of two things I guess.

Either call up dad and say, I want to come home.

Or. Just stay where you are. In that miserable situation.

so, he didn't have a dime to call home. so, he started walking

now, back home.

The father.

Had been. Concerned about the Sun.

And he was always watching down the road. Watching for a little Joe. Come home. Surely he hope. And he prayed that little Joe would come to his senses and come back home.

Well, day after day after day.

He didn't see Little Joe. He just look down that loan empty road. but one day, one day he saw somebody way down the road. That was walking in his Direction.

Any careful looking as it got closer, he began to think. Asher Walks Like Little Joe.

doesn't look much like I'm, he's all tattered and worn. He's limping.

But the closer he got, he saw it was and he ran toward him, ran down the road and Benham. And welcomed him home. Little Joe, couldn't believe it. Unbelievable. Yo, he said he kind of slapped his father in the face when he asked for his inheritance. Is kind of like saying, I wish you were already dead so I could have my money. But here was the father.

Welcoming in nothing that ever happened.

And you brought him home.

And I'm sure the first thing you had to do is to burn these clothes and take a shower. And Spruce up a little bit. And he said we're having a party.

Get on the party line and invite all the neighbors to come. We're going to have a barbecue. well, I guess they didn't have barbecues back then but they roasted lamb or sheep or something. What the pig?

the amazing thing was, That the father would welcome him back. Regardless of what he had been doing. It was as though he had totally turned his back on the father.

And yet the father was always expecting him back.

Now, why would Jesus tell the story like that?

he said, this is what God is, like, Got it like that father. and we, well, we can either be like the older brother who did what he did out of

Cuz he felt like he had to. Or we can be like the younger brother who let his shots and took off and we all lived wildly until this money ran out.

But the father love them both.

and Jesus said, this is what God is, like,

It's hard for some people to imagine that God could love them. In spite of what they done, I'm ever talking to a guy one time.

It was really down and out had been for some time. Broken home.

And he was telling me his story.

And I said, well, You know, regardless of what has happened to you. God still loves you. It's a joke. You said they said, no,

Nobody loves me.

See. You'd be surprised and I told him of this story about the parable of the prodigal son, I didn't tell him. It's a parable said, Jesus, telling this story. End. he thought for a while and he said,

Do you think God?

Really could do something like that and I said, I know it kid. I was like that, Prodigal Son.

And he he brought me back.

Well, he wasn't ready yet. I said, you think about it. You pray about it and we'll talk again.

About a week or so, and came back.


I got you in the mulch, going on in this life either still having problems. I didn't say that you're about to. that God I'll just let him talk and he said, Remember that story? You told me, I said, what story he said the one about, God.

Welcome. Wavered son back home. I said, yeah.

And he said, are you sure that's true?

Yes. Yes, sir. I can guarantee you. It's true, but I said there's one thing required.

What's that? I said that, that lad had to head back home.

Dad believed Allison and go back home.

It was only when he was on the road home that the father could run to him. Welcome him and forgive him. So it's really up to the Sun to make that decision what he wanted to do.

he talked for a little bit and said,

Well, I don't know how God could forgive me.

He forgave me. He's forgetting love people. What were situations and yours?

Well, he said I'll have to think about it. Okay, you think about it? Well, this went on for probably a month, we met that once a week. About a month later. He, he said, are you sure about that story? And I said, yeah, I can show you in the Bible where it tells it And he said, okay. I'll trust you. And he accepted Christ as his savior. I said that, don't you feel better?

Yes, but he said, I don't understand it and I say, welcome to the world. Things like that. Make no sense to us. But they do to God. I don't know how God could forgive. So many things. And yes he does. I said let me tell you another story. Short.

I said,

do you remember the story about Jesus being crucified?

He thought for a minute, he said, is that on the cross and I said, yes, Jesus died on the cross.

He said well basically I said well, there were two others who died there too. And they were, they were guilty of some crimes that they were being put to death by roll.

And one of them. Is Jesus. To get me out of here, you know, do something work, a miracle. Help me get away from this this pain. and I said the other one, all he really said was We deserve what we're getting. And then he said, Jesus Remember Me.

and I said, Jesus in told that guy that today, This very day, you will be with me in Paradise.

We're all going to die but you will be with me in Paradise.

And that's a promise.

I know it's an unbelievable story to lots of people. But he believed it. last time I saw that guy, Heroes teaching Sunday School. Inner inner Church. In Oklahoma City.

I said how's it going? He said, boxed.

should I'm having the opportunity to touch young minds to save them from a life, like I had And I'm telling them. About Jesus.

What Jesus did? And that's how the father was that, welcome? That wayward son home.

We're all wayward children. None of us are perfect.

But God loves us and gave his life for us. Let's pray. All night in gracious, God. Father. We had difficulty understanding how and why you would die such a death. For our sins. We're not worthy. And yet. You say we are worthy because we're your children. And all we have to do is to say, I believe. And I accept you as my Lord, My Savior, My Father.

Ask your blessing upon each one of us here. This day that we all may be drawn closer into you. In Christ's name, we pray on it.

Since we don't have a closing hymn. You're dismissed. Thank you for being here.

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