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Thank you, Lord.
All right.
Today we're going to continue our series on the enemies of Faith.
Let's go to 1st.
Timothy Chapter 6 and verse 12.
The first six words will just look at those.
It says fight.
If I said fight, Fight the good fight of faith.
The only fight just a little bit of a review.
The only fight that the Christian is called a fight is a faith fight.
and it's called the good fight because you went The enemy is the devil.
And he's out to try to steal your faith.
And when you're in safe, what one definition of phase is, Faith, is resting in the finished work of Jesus.
I used to think that faith move the hand of God faith moves, the hand of God, but no, the hand of God has already moved.
See, the hand of God is already moved.
Grace has already provided
Through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.
And so, what phase does?
It receives what has already been provided through the finish work of Jesus.
Faith received another way to put it Faith.
Receive what has already been provided by grace.
Faith and move the hand of God face receives.
We just say, thank you, Lord.
I receive it now.
All of his promises all of these exceeding, great and precious promises.
We just receiving Some people may fade into a work.
But no, faith is a rest.
Alright, faith is receiving.
And so what the enemy tries to do, see it's a face fight.
We're not to fight the Devil.
He's already ready to feed it.
As we've learned right.
So what the enemy tries to do is if a fight because he's trying to get you out of rest.
So we're dealing with some enemies that will try to get you out of rest.
This is The Last Enemy.
We're going to deal with his Enemy Number number six, but first.
Let's go over.
Or let me list the first five enemy's enemy.
Number to see if I can remember.
Enemy Number One, has a lack of knowledge of God's word.
That's the enemy to your face.
Enemy Number Two is a failure to act like God's word is true.
Enemy Number 3 is being governed, by since knowledge evidence.
He's our enemies, our enemies at your try, to get you out of rest.
All right.
Enemy Number for is a lack of what?
Lack of endurance.
Thank you.
Lord anime.
That was that my been one of my favorite lessons of all of these in the series?
Enemy Number with Widow.
Real Enemy.
Number 5 is not understanding The Father's Love For You.
So it's very important, understand the Father's Love.
And we're increasing in our knowledge of God's love Paul prayed for the Church of Ephesus and we can pray the same thing for ourselves that we would know what is the width and length.
The depth the height Man, this is unconditional love.
I still don't understand it.
I mean really we talk about unconditional love.
God is the only one that loves like that all the time.
Your father's, you can you can attest to the fact.
Well, you know, my wife loves me unconditionally, no, she don't.
Hopefully, she doesn't most of the time.
But there's those days, aren't they?
You don't have to save me and I'll say, amen for you.
But God loves you unconditionally.
I mean if you really wrap your mind around that, that's some kind of love right there.
That based on your performance.
On your worst day.
His love for you doesn't change. 1 bit.
when you fail the most
You're still the righteousness of God in Christ.
Who loves you like that?
Nobody loves you like that.
But but your heavenly father.
We can have confidence or wait till we get to this today and I'm in number 6. Let me let me just get in in here.
Maybe I want to just give it to you all at once, but I can't do that.
Let me, let me just slow down and we're going to go to Revelation, chapter 12. We're going to be getting there and that's all
Small, where the Panera.
But you got your Bibles in person.
We got some small words appear on the screen there.
Hopefully, it's better for you at home.
Now, War arose in heaven.
Bike Michael and his angels.
Fighting against the dragon in the dragon and his angels fought back.
But he got hurt.
But he was defeated.
And there was no longer any place for them in heaven, and the Great Dragon was thrown down.
That ancient serpent was called the devil and Satan.
What what's with the Bible?
Causing the deceiver of the whole world?
He was thrown down to the Earth and his angels with angels were thrown down with her.
And I heard a loud voice in heaven soon.
Now, the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ have come.
For the watches.
Is what I want you to see for the Accuser.
I will talk about the devil here for the accuser of our brothers.
Have been thrown down.
Who accused them, how much damn Night Before Our God and they were.
And they have Conquered him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony for they loved their lives, even unto death.
Notice what the enemy does, the Bible says, we should not be ignorant of his devices.
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