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The Peace of God

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  1. Anxiety is out – because God cares
    1. Nothing too small-if it is not too small to mess up my walk, it is not too small to give to God.
    2. This command a joy or a drag. It depends on your attitude. Give example of 17816 Backpack
    3. But what of someone who casts , but it comes back. How can that be stopped?

  1. Philippians 4:6- via pray and petition rid anxiety
    1. Deal with everything/anxious about nothing
    2. The cast must be with thanksgiving. Back to backpack analogy.

  1. The peace of God will (in a way not understandable)
    1. Protect my heart-my emotions are secure
    2. Protect my mind-my intellect is secure.

All this occurs in Jesus.

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