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Believing a Good Report

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Believing a Good Report

Numbers 13 and 14

Read Numbers 13:27-14:10

Joshua 14:6-13


Every single day we have numerous stories and accounts to read of happenings around the globe. Further there are prognosticators that surmise based on their data derived from scientific determinations what is going to occur next in the weather, the stock market, the political arena, and even in eschatology.


As a matter of fact I believe it is just about time for the newspapers to run now.



1.      When Moses and the Israelites got to Kadesh Barnea they had only been traveling a relative short time compared to what was about to happen. Actually in their minds they had come right up to the Promisedland and needed to assess the situation. (SOMETIMES YOU HAVE GOT TO PROVE ALL THINGS-BUT HOLD FAST THAT WHICH IS GOOD)

2.      So Moses drafted 12 spies, one from each of the 12 tribes. These men which included Joshua and Caleb were to go into the land and look over several areas and also bring some of the promises back. Everyone say, “TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD (Psalm 34:8)” It was produce season and they were to bring in some samples of just what might be INCENTIVES to all that viewed and tasted.

3.      When they came back they were in agreement on two things and disagreed on one. AGREEMENT IS NECESSARY FOR YOUR MIRACLE. The word says if any two agree as touching anything it shall be done. FIRST AND FOREMOST YOU MUST AGREE WITH GOD. THIS IS WHAT CONFESSION IS ALL ABOUT.

  1. They agreed that the Land was full of PLENTY
  2. They agreed that there were some formidable giants and other enemies.
  3. But they disagreed on the most important point. THE SAD THING IS TEN OF THEM SAID WE ARE LIKE GRASSHOPPERS


2.      AND IN THEIR EYES…in other words we cannot take the land

3.      they discouraged Israel from going in…and as a result their was punishment that was three fold (plague, defeat, and the wandering)but today we are not going to talk about the negative…

4.   On the other hand there was a GOOD REPORT given by Joshua and Caleb. Joshua and Caleb by the way were the only ones to reach the promise land out of the whole group.  When Caleb finally got in the promiseland even at eighty he wanted the mountain that had been promised too him earlier. HE FINISHED THE COURSE AND HE KEPT THE FAITH!


5. Joshua was the leader that led new Israel into the promiseland to claim their inheritance.


6. God is looking for someone today that will believe his report.

A.    Not the report of circumstances

B.     Not the report of experiences

C.    Not the report of experts

D.    Not the report of appearances

E.     But the report of the Lord…while other reports may have some validity. Fact may be…but Faith in God can supersede fact.

8.      God is going to raise up some paradoxical people in the last days that believe God no matter what. They will not change their belief system from that that the word states.



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