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A Thanksgiving Feast

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Here are 7 delicacies from God's Word that you can feast on while enjoying your Thanksgiving meal. While eating:

Turkey, Feast on Salvation
1thess 2 13
The Thessalonians A. recieved the Word of God as it was taught by Paul. B. They then believed that it truly was God's message to them. C. Then they observed God's Word transforming thier lives. They were truly born again and it was evident in their lives. Paul could not help but be thankful for their salvation.

Mashed Potates, Feast on Your Inheritance
col1 9-12
This is a prayer that I pray often for you as a church. What is our inheritance? We inherite the earth with Jesus, we inheriate a position of honor above the angels with Jesus, we inherite a place in the family as sons and daughter with Jesus, we inherite eternal life with Jesus.

Gravy, Feast on Freedom
rom6 17-22
What a glorious thing to be thankful for! You don't have to sin anymore! Before, your had no choice, your master was sin and you had to please your master. But now, because of the work of Jesus Christ, you have a new master, righteousness. What a good master to have!

Stuffing, Feast on Each Other
rom 16 3-4

      • deacons
      • men who put on roof
      • Pastor appreciation
      • Rockwells
      • Ken B
      • Officers
      • WMF
      • Dave S. - wood
      • Helen - letters
        Who can you be thankful for? Your family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord Jesus? Who do you depend upon? Thank God for them

Cranberries, Feast on Love
2 thess 1 3
I am very thankful for how we love one another. I see acts of kindness happening with each other often, I see a concern for the lost, a desire for godliness, and I see that genuine love growing steadily among us. This love is evidence of the faith that we have in Christ Jesus. It is a love that cannot be faked but comes from an overflow of the powerful love that Jesus showed to us on the cross of calvary. May His love abound in us!

Pumkin Pie, Feast on Success
2 cor 2 14-15
Sometimes we don't think that we are being successful. Success is based on whether we do the job that Jesus calls us to do or not. It is not based on how people respond us. When you magnify the person of Jesus to a lost world and share the gospel then you are successful. Even if no one responds to your testimony, you have done your job and God conciders you a success. You are like perfume as you pass by people. Have you ever met up with another believer and instantly had a great time of fellowship? Didn't that just linger with you for hours and maybe even days. That's the beautiful smelling aroma of the Holy Spirit. That is the smell of success.

Whipped Cream, Feast on Victory
1cor 15 57 Victory? Yes victory! Victory over sin, death Romans 8:2, Satan, the world, oursleves. That victory was secured for us on the cross. What once was a symbol of defeat and shame has become for us a symbol of victory and glory for on that cross, Jesus redeemed us, satisfied the wrath of God against our sin, and gave us peace with God. His resurection gave us eternal life, and a dynamic, living relationship with God. Do we have a lot to be thankful for?
May you enjoy your thanksgiving meal this Thursday. May it be a feast for your soul as well as for you stomach

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