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Putting Your Hand to the Plow

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Notes & Transcripts
  1. Looking back it out
    1. To sin – II Cor. 7:10
    2. To security – Lot’s wife
    3. To loved ones – Luke 9:61. Suppose you are looking or have looked back? You’re not fit.
    4. Two choices because can’t plow a straight furrow.

If I’m not fit, I’d better go home. That’s right, you’d better. Chocolate soldier!

Lord, I’m not fit, forgive me! He always will. Repent and forsake.

  1. Looking at Jesus in response to his “Follow me”
    1. Singleness of purpose – fix eyes – Heb. 12:2. Not Jesus “and”
    2. Don’t have ask final destination. Just keep Jesus in view
    3. Because Jesus is Lord

  1. Plowing involves work
    1. Work out salvation – Phil. 2:12 How?
    2. Belief – John 6:28 Which results in action
    3. II Tim. 4:5, James 1:27 for starts

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