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Jesus Our High Priest

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What is a priest? An intercessor, a mediator. We, as Christians have one and only one priest- I Tim. 2:5

In lesser sense we, as Christians, are priests – I Peter 2:9.

But there is no special class of Christians or Christian leaders who can be called priests Biblically-elders, bishops, shepherds, fine.

What kind of Priest is Christ?

  1. He is a pioneer priest Heb. 4:14, 6:19, 20-insuring safe passage. We aren’t in charge of that.
  2. He is a sympathetic priest – Heb. 4:15. He was tempted. We don’t need more sympathy than He gives. The virgin.
  3. He is a sinless priest-Heb 4:15. He deals with our problems not his own-Heb. 5:3
  4. He is an eternal priest – Heb 6:20, 7:15,16-Melchizedek
  5. What is the application

We should hold firmly to the faith we profess – Heb. 4:14

How? What are the means?

Heb. 4:16

1.      Approach throne with confidence

2.      Receive mercy

3.      Find grace

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