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Doing What Is Good

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  1. Our obligation to do good- vs. 1 & 2. Titus instructed to remind people to be ready to do whatever is good.
  2. Our previous inability to do so – v. 3. At one time this reminder would have been impossible. Why? We were slaves to thing which preclude doing good. So God did not remind us, He saved us. Good news, not good advice.
  3. What God did to change that condition – vs. 4-7. Ground of salvation – not our righteousness, but God’s mercy. How? Washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit as a result we have hope of eternal life.
  4. What he did – the foundation of good works – vs. 8. Because we are saved, we devote ourselves to the good. Don’t reverse this. Not absence of bad, presence of good.
  5. Some suggestions: evangelism, hospitality, visit hospital, befriend lonely, visit nursing homes, giving.
  6. Get off thy lazy butt.
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