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Developing Discernment-1 Corinthians 8-10

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Developing Discernment:Essentials

1 Corinthians 8-10


-Last message in series on discernment

-hope has helped you – not know all the answers, but ask some of the right questions

-also-know where to go for answers – principles - passages

TEXT –  Tod’t – Essentials – 1 Cor. 8-10


-idol worship in Corinth – meat for sale

-priest ase; served in temple restaurant; sold for low price in market – saved – eat meat = sin vs. good food on sale

-1 Cor. 8-10 – liberty – guidelines.

1.  The Attitude of Love (8)

-read vv. 1-13

-knew -exclusivity of God (9) – “one God”

            -neutrality of food (8)

                  -food doesn’t affect you spiritually

                  -many neutral objects—TV, Clothes, car, form of entertainment

            -sensitivity of conscience (7)

                  -assoc. sinful practices with neutral obj.

                  -may encourage a Christian with more sensitive conscience to violate it (10)

-what love does – v. 13

            -4 factors:

ž Neutral issue – “food”

ž A believer associates it with a sinful practice

ž It is … observable (v.10)

ž Your doing it may encourage the others to do it

-“offend” – not just bother – entice to sin

Love says “I won’t do it”

-Evaluate your decision

-love -give of yourself

         -willing to limit your liberty


2.  The Position of a Servant (ch.9)

-Paul using himself as example

-he had rights (“power”)

Read    4-6 – “I have the right”

            8-10 – “The Bible says I can” – biblical permission

            11 –     “They owe it to me” – rightful …

            12 –     “I deserve same or better” – fair treatment

            13 –     “Everyone else does” – common practice

            14 –     “ Jesus did … so I can” – words of Christ

                        -divorce, drink wine, party

Motivation – v.12 – “hinder the gospel”

-ex. – army pursued by enemy – break up road to prevent being overtaken – this word

-you may have every right – but doing it may break up the road for someone following you

-a servant – relinquish personal rights for a greater cause – ministry to others

-calculation – vv. 19-22


-self-will – happy yourself

-serving – salvation, spiritual growth of others

-“became as” – not adopt their lifestyles but adjusted to their weaknesses

-v.23 – “for the gospel’s sake”


-big concern – love, serve

-practical – give up something you like

3.  The Practice of Caution (Ch.10:1-13)

-tendency – exp. For a mature Christian – exercise liberty – if not black & white issue – OK to do it

-be careful – people who have had great spiritual successes can still fall

-read v. 1-12

      1-4 – great experience - imagine being an implement whom Moses used – pillar of cloud/fire; cross Red Sea; manna-supernatural origin

            -witnessed miracles every day!

      5-10 – great failures

            -“many of them” – same ones

            -6-desiring what God has prohibited



            -9-10-resist God, corrupted

      -you never each the point in your Christian life where you are beyond temptation

      -perpetual danger of falling (every Christian here is in a way for great fall

      -self-confidence precedes a fall

      -rather than take the way toward truth, take the road away from it (13)

      -do not underestimate the power of the flesh

-1st 2 principles – relationship with others

-3rd – yourself – control

-4th – relationship with God

4.  The Demonstration of Loyalty (10:14-22)

-remember – talking about meat offered to idols

-applies to all things the Bible does not expressly forbid, but which is questionable

-v. 14 – does not participate in disloyalty to God

-v. 20 – NT communion – fellowship with God

            -OT sacrifice – fellowship with God

            >food to idol – fellowship with idol

            -- d.. n.. worship

If you are invited to participate in a function which is idolatrous, disloyal to God, don’t

-v. 22 – God is a jealous God

>see notes msg. #371

Discernment choices are an expression to show your exclusive loyalty to God.


-Essentials for discernment

ž Love for others

ž Servant to others

ž …

ž Loyalty

VV. 23-33 – wrap-up instructions


23a      What contribution does this make to my and others’ spiritual growth?

23b      Does this have a constructive or destructive effect on my and others’ spiritual life?

28-29   What effect should someone else’s sensitivity regarding this issue have on what I do?

31        What does my choice say about my view of God, and is my view correct?

32-33   Will this help or hinder my ministry to others?


>v. 31 – context – discernment – issues where you must make choice

Self – glory of God – which is it for you?


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