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1. The basis of giving

            Because of or instead of?  --II Cor. 8:5

1. Commitment vs. 5                 1. Lack of Commitment

2. Overflowing Joy vs. 5            2. Overwhelming guilt

3. Rich generosity vs. 2             3. Substitute generosity

            Is the money a symbol of me or substitute for me?

2. The motive for giving

            To express my love for God by loving others. God doesn’t need my money-people do


1.      Insuring purity of motive

a.       Direction of gift-saints in Jerusalem

b.      Manner of giving – II Cor. 8:9-21

c.       Left hand and right

3. The method and purpose of giving – II Cor. 9:6-9

            A. Method

                        1. Generosity

                        2. Cheerfully  Why?

                        Godly giving is not money down a rat hole. It is sowing, harvesting, and sowing again

            B. Purpose – to equip and supply for good works v. 8, also Eph. 2:10

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