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Sermon 33 Romans 9 verses 1 thru 5 Pauls burden for Israel

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Bible Text: Romans 9:1-5

Subject: Burden

Title: Paul’s Burden For Israel


Biblical Orientation:

At this point we enter a new section of the book of Romans. In chapter 1-8 we were taught that we are sinners, that we are saved by faith through Jesus Christ, and as the justified we are placed in Christ. Paul spent time on each of those topics discussing them in depth. Chapters 1-3 taught the doctrine of sin. Chapters 3-5 taught about salvation, and chapters 6-8 taught about our sanctification

In the first 3 chapters Paul went to great lengths to teach that the Jew and Gentile were alike considering both are sinners before God. Read 3:9 & 19 everyone is guilty before God. Now read 3:21-22, it is unmistakable that salvation is to all and no one is excluded. God extends the offer of salvation to all that will accept, Romans 10:12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him

In this second section of the letter, chapters 9-11, we will read about Israel and where it fits in God’s program; it is almost like a parenthetical section. Knowing the truths we have learned one may ask, “what about Israel?’ What about the people with whom God has made many special covenants? Covenant theologians believe God is through with Israel and so do the Amillennialists

However, what does the Scripture have to say about this? Romans 11:1-2 tells us this is not so. Therefore, we ask, “where do the Israelites fit into the scheme of things?” This is what we will study for the next several lessons

The last section is chapters 12 through 16 where we will learn some items about practical Christianity

Sermon Orientation:

To get started we will look at an overview of our studies. Then we will begin to look at God’s sovereignty regarding Israel and finally, we will see Paul’s burden for Israel



A. Israel’s Privileged Past Chapter 9

1. Verses 4-5 reveal that God gave Israel some wonderful privileges

2. As a person studies God’s relationship with Israel, it is evident that He has given them many great blessings in the past

3. These blessings reveal that God could not possibly be done with them yet

B. Israel’s Pathetic Present Chapter 10

1. Read 10:3

2. Unfortunately at this time the pathetic present of Israel is that of unbelief

3. The Jews rejected their Messiah during His first advent

4. Now, they have steeped themselves in a dead religion

a. The Jews have rejected God’s righteousness and try to establish their own righteousness without Him

b. It is evident that self-righteousness is a pathetic attempt by man to make himself to be more than he is

c. The Jews reveal that no matter how much privilege you have, without God you have nothing

C. Israel’s Promising Future Chapter 11

1. Read 11:26-27

2. Israel will one day be saved

a. Does this mean all?

b. Some have already rejected Christ and died in their sins

c. Unless a person believes in Jesus to be the Son of God, they cannot be saved

d. However, if God chooses to save them all; He does and there is nothing to gripe about

3. They point is, upon His return, they will recognize and trust in the Messiah

4. Those that understand the Scriptures are literal, know that God still has a purpose for Israel


A. Understanding The Sovereignty Of God

1. Simply it means that God is free to do whatever He wishes: whenever, however, and to whomever He pleases

a. Supreme in power; possessing supreme dominion; as a sovereign ruler of the universe

b. Supreme; superior to all others; chief

2. When God acts, He is in no way accountable to anyone for the actions He takes

3. He does not owe His children an explanation of what He has done

4. There is no reason for this to alarm us

a. God is good and holy, He has no evil intentions

b. Since He is perfect in His righteousness, He cannot abuse His power

ü Read 9:14-15

5. In order for us to understand chapter 9, we must believe and accept that God is truly sovereign and that His sovereignty is absolute

B. It Is Only Through The Sovereignty Of God That One Can Explain The Existence And Future Of Israel

1. That Israel exists, God

a. Why did He choose Abraham? Because He wanted to

b. The reason is not always as important as just accepting the fact that this is the way it is

2. Why does Israel continue to exist?

a. Because

b. Yes, she has chosen not to believe in God

c. So have many others, but if God chooses to let them live; then that is the way that it is


A. A Burden That Caused Great Heaviness And Continual Sorrow v 1-3

1. This is a very telling statement

a. Paul was a man that knew the joy of the Lord

i. Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice
ii. He wrote about joy and rejoicing very frequently

b. Yet, now he tells us that there were two things he could not get past: heaviness and sorrow

2. The source of this heaviness and sorrow was his own people

a. He looked at this as his own brethren, his kinsmen

b. He did not know everyone in his country

c. How burdened are you for your country?

i. It is important that our prayer life drive us to a great burden and a continual one
ii. We may not state what Paul states, but without a burden, our heart is not in the ministry

3. As to losing his salvation, impossible; noble, but impossible

B. A Burden Because Of The Great Privileges They Had v 4-5

1. The privileges were great and many

a. Adoption- Exodus 4:22-23 “Israel is my son, even my firstborn”

b. Glory- the glory of God was displayed as fire by night and a pillar of smoke during the day

c. Covenants- the Abrahamic-nation, Mosaic-Law, Palestinian-land, and Davidic-Messiah

d. The Law itself- commandments to live by

e. Service- the Temple and its worship

f. Promises- if we began to name them all we would be here all night

g. Fathers- the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses

h. Christ- God’s gift to the world through their seed

2. Israel has been given every privilege and advantage that one could possible imagine

3. A silver spoon childhood does not guarantee a holy adulthood


Why Should We Worry Or Care?

Regarding Israel we care because it teaches us; we do not worry because God is in control, He is sovereign

Application wise:

We live in a country of great privilege

We are the first and only nation to be established upon the principles of people that believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior
We are not and never have been intended to be a secular nation

God has shown us and provided us with great blessings

However, we do not have Israel’s covenants or promises
This means that there is no guarantee of God’s continued favor

During the time of the Gentiles, God has put Israel, His favorite, on the back shelf

What about a nation that flagrantly disobeys His commandments?
What will God do with that nation?

Who Will Make A Difference?

TT Ezekiel 22:23-31

We should care about our nation

You have been chosen by God to stand in the gap

You have been chosen by God to teach the world about holiness

You have been chosen by God to make a difference

Based upon your and my levels of effort, how much of a difference will be made?


Therefore, we need to make sure our focus is on the things that make a difference

Have a heart for the souls of men and women

Have a desire for the holiness of God

Do not stay the same, let God move you towards being a person that makes a difference

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