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God looks at the heart

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Everyone looks nice – It’s a wonderful thing to be able to take the time to look your best.  It’s nice for you to be able to see how good you can look, how good your friends can look. 

“You are looking good”!

It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you look good.  Sadly enough, the opposite is also true.  When you don’t think you look good – your hair wants to do the opposite of what you want it to do – your face decides to rearrange itself -  it’s easy to think that you aren’t any good.


As is our looks – our outward appearance – has anything to do with our value!  Where would you get such a crazy idea?

You are told this on a regular basis.  Our society

Guess what?  Very few of even the best looking people feel that they measure up.  When folks begin to focus on their wardrobe or body, there is always something that they want to change.

God doesn’t determine how He feels about us because of the way we look – whether it is something we can help or not.

God’s acceptance of us isn’t affected by what we have or haven’t done.

Adam – immediately tried to change his looks after he had done wrong.  They knew they needed to do something!

I Samuel 17:31- man looks on outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.

This scripture was God’s explanation to the prophet Samuel of how God could pick a little kid over impressive looking warriors.  In this case, God had chosen a young man who didn’t look like they measured up or were even qualified for the job.

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