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Main Entry:    am·ne·sia

Pronunciation:            am-'nE-zh&

Function:        noun

Etymology:     New Latin, from Greek amnEsia forgetfulness, alteration of amnEstia

Date:   1786

1: loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness

2: a gap in one's memory

3: the selective overlooking or ignoring of those events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one's purpose or position

- am·ne·si·ac  /-zhE-"ak, -zE-/ or am·ne·sic  /-zik, -sik/ adjective or noun


Main Entry:    emo·tion

Pronunciation:            i-'mO-sh&n

Function:        noun

Etymology:     Middle French, from emouvoir to stir up, from Old French esmovoir, from Latin emovEre to remove, displace, from e- + movEre to move

Date:   1579


2 a: the affective aspect of consciousness : FEELING b: a state of feeling c : a psychic and physical reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling and physiologically involving changes that prepare the body for immediate vigorous action

synonym see FEELING


Function:        adjective Date:           1904

: showing symptoms of emotional illness <disturbed children> <disturbed behavior>



Pronunciation:            "skit-s&-'frE-nE-&

Function:        noun

Etymology:     New Latin

Date:   1912

1: a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as in hallucinations and delusions), and conduct -- called also dementia praecox

2: contradictory or antagonistic qualities or attitudes <both parties... have exhibited schizophrenia over the desired outcome -- Elizabeth Drew>

- schizo·phren·ic  /-'fre-nik/ adjective or noun

- schizo·phren·i·cal·ly  /-ni-k (&-)lE/ adverb




Emotional - Amnesia / (Dis·turbed) Schizo·phrenia

1: a psychic and physical reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling and physiologically involving changes that prepare the body for immediate vigorous action

2: loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness

3: showing symptoms of emotional illness <disturbed children> <disturbed behavior>

a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling and thoughts. Most severe cases involve hallucinations and delusions.

4: a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as in hallucinations and delusions), and conduct -- called also dementia praecox

Emotional Schizophrenia

For the last 20 years of intense research I have been trying to understand the reason(s) why an individual would feel like he/she was a prisoner within his or her own mind and/or body. Looking normal on the outside yet living a completely different life within their own mind. Much like John Nash whose story was used for the Academy award winning film, 'A beautiful Mind'. A genius in the math field and taught on a University level yet lived within his own world mentally. So much he at one time denounced his citizenship to the USA went overseas and actually tried to start his own country. The book of course goes into more detail then the movie. His wife chose to stay with him through his adventures, separating for a while with their child but was able to support him when he was institutionalized until they found the right medication for him. With her support and the support of his friends and collogues, Mr. Nash was eventually allowed to once again teach math on the university level. His case was instrumental in the education and treatment of an individual with the mental disorder of Schizophrenia.

One of the most powerful emotional medications was that of understanding and support. As a problem solver in his career, he set out to solve this mental illness. The solution did not come without its pain. Physically he needed to remain on the medication in order to function as a 'normal' person in a 'real' world. The medication caused him not to be able to perform sexually. When he went off of his medication in order to have a family life, his symptoms returned. Emotionally this caused marital difficulties. Guilt, shame, and sense of a failure in his sexual relations with his wife vs. staying on his medication to remain functional as a 'real normal' human being. The decisions to live a healthy life came with an emotional price tag.

One of the notable aspects of a person with Schizophrenia is a genius talent or ability, like in the movie 'Sunshine"? a symphonic piano player, then there was the man on 20/20 who was a jazz trumpet player who as long as he was playing music he was top of his field, but struggling in the interview with him, he said when he stopped playing the voices in his head would start up again.


The voices of disorder or over active imaginations seem to quite down when engaged in their talent but restart when not engaged within their specialty. With the correct medication people like John Nash have become functional Schizophrenics. Without medication their minds never seem to shut down which leads to insomniacs, sleep apnea, clinical manic depression, Bipolar, borderline personality and a host of other mental disorder related areas. Some may go 2-3 days without sleep or survive on 2 to 4 twenty to thirty minute power naps during the day. 3-4 hours of sleep becomes the norm for them.

They sometimes get ambitious with an idea and with it comes the desire to accomplish and become compulsive in doing so until the task is completed. It's like they can see a project from start to finish but lack the patience while in the process of producing. They want to know NOW without having to take the time to learn. They can't understand why others can't see (in their minds eye) the same things as they. Once the project is complete they collapse in a state of exhaustion and or do fall into a time of depression while waiting on the next idea or project to develop. Much like a drug addict or alcoholic during and after a fix. Going from one end of the emotional pendulum to the other.

Sorting through these thought processes can be like peeling an onion, a lot of crying and taking it one layer at a time. Easily misdiagnosed and most frustrating to the individual who is able to function as what looks like a normal individual life in a normal dysfunctional society. A tendency that lends to labeling and misplacing them in society. However their extraordinary talents and extreme intelligence provides them with the ability to cope for a short time period as if they were "normal". Some are able to cope like this for around 6-9 months at a time. One of the biggest challenges is trying to cope with the simple vs. the complexity of the everyday coping skills. This makes it difficult (not impossible with the correct balance of medication) to retain employment outside of their own business for any length of duration.

THE NEED to conquer the challenge sets the achievement bar extremely high. What seems complex to the normal functioning adult, are the simple of problem solving skills to him/her. On the flip side, to some mental disorders what seems simple to the normal functioning adult confuses this individual. The obvious of the simplicity becomes the "trick question" -"What's the real hidden meaning behind the problem"-"the reading between the lines syndrome" when in reality the answer is simple and most obvious.

Mental Disorders and similarities to Schizophrenia

This has led me to believe that the symptoms of the Schizophrenic are similar to, (if not a degree of the same disorder) that the medical society has diagnosed as a mental illness in the DSM IV. GID or know as:

Gender Identity Disorder. Transgendered. Transsexuallity. A woman who feels like she is a man trapped in a female body and a male who feels thinks and has the emotional constitution of an XX brain of a female but the XY (chromosomes) body of a male.

The driving force for one to redesign their body to fit their mind is a real compulsive perception on the individuals part. So much so that it consumes the individuals mind blocking out the daily needs of a normal 'real' lifestyle. This most often leads to rejection of their family, fired from their jobs and asked to no longer participate in their church community. Yet this overwhelming desire takes precedence over, sometimes, life itself.

Confusion on both the individual and families of the transsexual becomes the norm. By the testimonies of pre and post surgical transsexuals is that they are still the same person in all aspects of life, except for outward appearances. Families, employers and society think that this individual completely changes mentally and emotionally becoming mentally unstable when choosing a different gender in which they were born. Contrary to beliefs they do not. The transsexuals are basically the very same individuals they have always felt they were when feeling trapped in the wrong body. They have just adapted the body to fit the mind.

What then is the proper medical and societal opinion of one who chooses to return to live in their birth gender after the sex reassignment surgery?

Having a body that is contrary to the perceptual mind? Would they still not be considered a transsexual? As per example: There are men who were convinced they were born with the brain of a woman so much so they did indeed have a sex reassignment surgery to obtain a female body. Only years later having lived the female life, including marriage to a man, going through a divorce and then decides to live in their original birth gender of a man, but now having a female body. Confusing isn't it? We should walk in their shoes.

The lack of knowledge of this disorder in the medical, local and the Christian community contributes to their already paranoia rejection complex. Could this lack of knowledge lead these individuals to desiring a sex reassignment surgery if for no other reason, to feel like they at least legally FIT into society at some level.

Today's societal acceptance of the transsexual is becoming more adaptable in circles of employment and athletic competition after a time of post surgical procedure vs. trying to understand the emotional wounded spirits of these individuals. In the month of March in the year 2004 the International Olympic committee ruled that a transsexual CAN compete in the Olympics after a two year time frame from hormone treatments and SRS.

The Austrailian Professional Womens Tour ruled in favor of male to female transsexuals to compete in their tournaments. 

 However small the acceptance, (especially in the USA) the medical and society community ignores those who have regrets of such surgical procedures. The red flags seem to be flown quickly and quietly overhead as if not even spoken. The confusion still remains. Birth defect? Mental choice? Learned behavior?

From the Male to Female transition to the female to male reversal, so which is most confusing? Born a Male but thinking like they are a Female thus have surgery to adapt the body to fit the mind, only to return to living in the birth gender of Male. Thus when finally having a body to fit the mind, they now reverse thinking to a Male pattern thought process. Either way they are still considered transsexual. It's a no win situation.

When asked of one such individual what made him/her choose to return to live in their birth gender, they responded that they felt that is what God wanted them to do. So apart from the healing grace of God is there any other answer for this disorder?

Numerous books on shelves in the self help section deal with how men think and how women think. More web sites and books are coming out dealing with how the transsexuals think. Advantage? They can adapt to and understand both genders. It is more important to this writer to be concerned more with how God thinks

Over the last 30 years this has been one of the highest areas of suicide victims in the USA. This is most evident of what is diagnosed as a true transsexual (not homosexual or a fetish erotic behavior life styles). The compulsive desire to change the physical body to match the emotional mind is not so much a desire to change genders as it is to just BECOME ONE GENDER. Most desire just to be a male or female the half-and-half syndrome is the dilemma.

Easier to Change the Body?

The medical society as well as the secular society has come to the conclusion that it is less difficult to change the body vs. the emotional make up of the mind.

 There is evidence of a study conducted at the brain research center in the Netherlands that substantiates that the transgendered brain is a result of a birth defect. By way of autopsies of tranagendered individuals has shown that the BSTc of a male to female brain was physically the same or smaller then a 'normal' genetic female. On the average the male brain is physically 40% larger than that of a female. The female to male transsexuals BSTc is that of a 'normal' male. The hypothesis of the study was to substantiate the effects of hormone treatments on the physical size of the brain. A study that the faith based community chooses to dismiss as a tainted study. Even without investigation or proving the results negative. Yet the medical society refuses to ignore the lives of those who have after sex reassignment surgery did indeed according to Romans 12:2 (in the Bible) Renewed the mind, and returned to living in their birth gender.

Mis-Understood and labeled

The transsexual is not to be confused with a Cross-Dresser or Transvestite. As with any sect of our society you will find a certain percentage who identify themselves as such. Drag Queens are more defined in the homosexual community, a fetish like the Cross-Dresser or Transvestite that delivers the attention needed for the self-sexual gratification desired.

However the transgendered actually believe the gender confusion to be a birth defect and do not engage in their behavior for sexual gratification. A great deal of the transgendered is or chooses to remain single and sexually inactive during their transition and/or after SRS. Yet there are more and more finding a normal male/female relationship to be a completion of their journey. Some marry and live what seems to be a normal life; they adopt children and raise a family like any other genetic male/female couple. They are successful lawyers, teachers, university professors, and in all fields of the professional community. The more studies in this area are finding a large number of transgendered individuals to be of a high spiritual nature. There are even Christian transgendered web sites and support groups forming nation wide. These are support groups that ARE NOT involved with or ever been a part of a homosexual lifestyle. They for all outward appearing purposes are normal human beings with a mental disorder. Unless an individual is informed of the situation they may never know that the person they are friends with is a victim of this disorder.

Self Preservation VS…

So why wouldn't a transgendered individual withhold this information from those they encounter when knowing that the discrimination towards them is not only unconstitutional but legalized discrimination? There are not at the time of this writing ANY laws protecting the human or civil rights of a transsexual. Animals have more government protection then the transgendered individuals.

Considered deception and sinful by the Church community, friends and employers, in reality to the transgendered it is self-preservation and protection, especially in the Mid-Western USA. What other choice do they have?

Knowing from testimony, when trying to be up-front and "honest" with individuals, friends, ministers, and employers, has been without incident, turned away as if they had leprosy. Rejected as though less of a human being. Even been betrayed the confidence of  'Christian Ministers' who vowed and promised to keep their disorder to themselves. They couldn't wait to be 'The Hero' by telling others, you know the myth….Pray for them When all these individuals want and need is the very love they are being denied, the love of God. Perhaps the only source to learn about a personal relationship with Jesus, yet is the most rejected of all. In the book by Joseph Nicolasi, "How to prevent you son from becoming a homosexual" letter after letter of healed homosexuals state that they were, 'LOVED' out of homosexuality, by the church and family members. Should we not extend the same consideration to the transgendered?

 However when with holding this information from the church congregation, employers etc. until after they get to know the 'REAL' individual and or allowing them to approach them has been less discriminating resulting in fewer rejections. More so in the secular world then the 'Church" community. It's as though there is NO ROOM in the Inn (church) for the transgendered.

Negative Side

Some transgendered individuals cannot afford the SRSurgery and choose to live in the gender of choice undetected by society. This choice also leans towards a more paranoia lifestyle. The syndrome of "when will the next shoe drop" constantly living with the fear of "being found out" which usually adds to an already inferior low self esteem, ridicule and added rejection if so discovered.

Another side is that if they choose to live in the gender of choice a large percentage are ostracized from their families forced into a life of loneliness until they can reestablish a circle of acceptance, if they ever do.

Depression becomes forced upon them as they are dismissed and/or refused employment with the same company that previously granted them an excellent job reviews. They are asked by a church that previously accepted them even to the point of entrusting them with group responsibilities to leave their church community. They are ignored where before knowledge of this disorder were warmly and overwhelmingly accepted.

So the question is who is really the most mentally disorientated, the transgendered or the 'Normal' society who rejects them? The saying becomes the norm, 'That which a person is ignorant of they fear, that which they fear they run from".  We all know it is much easier to chase away or run from that which we do not know or understand vs. embracing and dealing with the, 'unnormal'? Must be, or the occupation of therapist, psychologist and psychiatry wouldn't be so lucrative.

Support? Or Survival?

 There are more support groups today than there were 30 years ago. Although increasing, few of them support the Christian morals and beliefs of a growing percentage of the transgendered. The rejection of the Christian community towards the transgendered forces them to seek the love and acceptance from other sources for support. Those who struggle with the rejection of family, friends and faith based community usually end up depressed suicidal and on disability unable to function in society. Some choose the gay lifestyle just to feel some sort of love and acceptance. Although when found out, the homosexual public does not desire to associate with the transsexual anymore then the church community, they have no use for a non-homosexual individual.

Positive Side

Those who have successfully been accepted into the work force of society have proven to be some of the best employees with a lower absentee record than the 'normal' genetic genders. They prove to be intelligent, creative problem solvers in the work force. They have also shown to be very good leaders in their own circle of society. Overcomers, survivalist, if allowed to perform in their choice of gender. They are some of the most spiritually educated both from the Bible and life. They truly understand the scriptures that relate to the same rejection Jesus faced and talked about in the scriptures. Transgendered individuals are also some of the best instructors and teachers in the school system as well as the church classroom.


The majority temperament of this disorder seems to be in the melancholic area, or at least with a blend of such. The Melancholic temperament is up or down with very little in between if any at all. When functioning in the positive mode they are tops in their field, perfectionist, creative, artistic, musical, writers, teachers, engineers, actors, actresses (sometimes both). However on the negative side they are the most suicidal, depressed of all temperaments. The so-called, melancholic blues syndrome. The rarity is if there is a blend of Phlegmatic somewhere in the mix of the one of or any of the three areas of the melancholic temperament. The phlegmatic temperament adds to the coping, calming effects of the downside of the Melancholic traits.

Faith Based Beliefs

It seems that the faith based community avoids the severity of the issue by simplifying the issue of just needing more prayer, bible reading and the renewing of their mind as found in the book of Romans the 12th chapter 2nd verse. Yet the very connotation of the verse denotes a mental illness. "Renewing of the mind". Church leaders go about judging forgetting the scripture that states, "It is the kindness of the Lord that brings about repentance". Not to denote that having a mental disorder such as gender identity is a sin.

Emotional Amnesia or uneducated?

How one chooses to fix or remedy the matter is one of conflict. Bible based or Medical? Personally and professionally I see a need for both. I have found throughout my research many clinics, doctors and treatment plans that will help the individual to adjust the body to fit the mind. Male to Female and Female to Male. The SRS or Sex Reassignment Surgery is now a medical remedy for this disorder.

More and more medical research (fact to the medical society) substantiates this as an androgen birth disorder.

            The need for the church community to recognize this as more than just a wayward, sexual sin is a gross understatement.

Faith or a Christian Mental Disorder?

            All through the gospels you see Jesus meeting the physical needs of those he cured before he addressed the spiritual. Today's church seems to have that backwards or at best out of balance. They think if you get your spiritual life right then your body will heal itself. Not saying that there isn't merit in that thinking and that God can't work that way, I just don't see that as the example that God (Jesus) set for us here on earth.

In all fairness there are examples of individuals whose faith was evident before their healing. It had to be thus the statement Jesus would make when he said, "Go, your faith has made you whole". It was more than just an action of hope before pressing through a crowd to just touch the hem of Jesus. It was a knowing that "IF" I can just touch His hem it WILL be done. A point of contact for the faith believers. Then again, how shall they know if they do not hear? How will they hear if we do not tell? How can we tell if we chase them away?

How about, If I can just find a church who will love and accept me the way I am allowing the Holy Spirit to do any changing needed?

            What if we could get the medical and the faith based societies to work together? What if they realized that when God made man he made him a tri-unity in their image and likeness of the Trinity. He made them body, mind and spirit. Although the 3 parts reside in the obvious outside physical appearance of the body, the mind and spirit are separate entities and need to be recognized and addressed as such

Some ministries denote that in the perfection of the Trinity are equal parts of understanding both the male and female genders. That makes the transgendered in reality more spiritually mature then those who judge them, thus having a better understanding of both genders.

There are many ministries today that are worldwide and successful at providing residential and out patient services to those individuals desiring to come out of the homosexual lifestyle. I have not found a residential program that specifically gives hope to a transgendered individual desiring to live according to the genetic chromosonal body of with which they were conceived.

There are few and far apart the ministries who even address the transgendered individual from a truly Christian point of view. A view that does not automatically pass judgement and demand change in order to fit into their personal beliefs or denominational thinking. Thank God for the few there are.

Sex or Gender?

Sex is described in the secular psychological society as the body in which you were born. Gender is associated as the emotional constitution of thought towards which sex a person thinks their self to be. There are some that do not see a difference between sex and gender. The assumption is made that if you have a male body then you must have a male brain, and the same for the female.

Transgender in Reality

I have visited and met some transgender individuals whom after living in their gender of choice, with the love of a spouse and a good support system from friends and families have overcome the desire to change their body to match their mind. Love and acceptance (not tolerance) is the strongest of all medications. Not everyone is so blessed to have that individual in his or her life. Therefore creating a necessity to try to find that balance of love, acceptance, support and medicine to complete and/or heal this individual.

I have personally spoken with one individual who indeed after being married as a man to a woman, divorced, had the SRSurgery, to become the female desired, lived married as a woman to a man, divorced and is now choosing to live as a man. This is going full circle after living as a female for 30 years. How do you classify this individual now that he became a she physically but now chooses to live as a he? Sounds like he/she is still a transgendered individual by society's standards.

Who do you date?

One of the most asked questions of the uneducated individual about a person going through a transition time from a male to female and vice versa is "Who do you want to date"? If you are a genetically born male but believe your mind to be female, are you attracted to men or woman? If a man then doesn't that make you homosexual? If women then mentally a lesbian? Seems you can't win on either account. It really confuses the "normal" individual when they hear that the transgendered individual doesn't want to date anyone, male or female. They just want to be, to feel like a normal functioning individual, accepted and allowed to function in today's society. Sadly to say the secular society is doing a better job of loving and accepting the transgendered then the church community.

Ignorance is not in of itself a sin; except as stated in the book of Romans chapter 1 verse 20 in reference to knowing Jesus, however the refusal to learn about this problem could be considered the real sin. "My people perish from lack of knowledge"  is also fitting towards the transgendered as you see a potentially great candidate to be a Christ Follower, perish before your eyes.

Unlike pornography, adultery and homosexuality, transsexuality is NOT about sexuality or sexual gratification. It IS about personal identity.

Reviewing the summary of the above definitions it seems that the mind of the transgendered have many of the symptoms of an:

Emotional amnesia schizophrenic.

In all mental illness and/or wounded spirits there is a crossover of similarities, yet there are enough differences to warrant issues directed more specifically to each individual disorder.

If you recall the definition of amnesia:

1: loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness

2: a gap in one's memory

3: the selective overlooking or ignoring of those events or acts that is not favorable or useful to one's purpose or position

Does this not sound familiar to the transgendered individual?

What would cause a 'normal' little boy who was raised as a boy, was allowed all the 'normal' activities of the 'normal' 3 child family (middle child in the birth order with a sister 13 months older and a brother 5 years younger) with mom and dad in the home, with NO indication of cross gender problems to the family, feel and think he was really a girl?

Joseph Nicolasi in his book, 'How to prevent homosexuality in your son" attributes this to the absences of the father. Although he was still in the home, he was not there emotionally. Such is one theory.

Yet this little boy only desired to be like his father as early as he could remember. He wanted to be just like daddy. , In the army, a great athlete and active in his community and church.

By all outward appearances he played army, cops and robbers, cowboy and Indians and of course immolated the likes of Jim Thorpe a gold metal athlete, Tom Sawyer floating down the Mississippi and one of his favorites was Daniel Boone and other male adventure role model's. He did not play with dolls but was in the dirt with his toy tractors and farm machinery. Memories at age 6 of riding with daddy on a bulldozer in their new backyard. Yet in all of this 'normal' lifestyle he still had that nagging brain problem of feeling something was just not right, that something was still having the feelings that he was really a girl. A role he played when there was a gathering of both boys and girls at his home and they played house. He chose to be the mother instead of the father and was accepted by his peers as such. One such experiment of this role at age 5 was one of embarrassment. He had played the role of mother one-day with the group of kids complete with mom's make up. The ridicule came from the kids' mothers, not the kids. Although it seemed like a real life choice to him, it was excused as most at that age as experimenting in gender differences. Thus causing this symptom to be what seemed forever buried in his little brain learning early that it was NOT ok to play mom with a little boy's body. However the nightmare continued and would not go away. Not even at age 50.

Brain Injury?

Could it have been the traumatic pregnancy his mother had while carrying him. The rejection his mother's doctor created by the thoughts of a possible abortion, in 1952? A thought she never entertained. Perhaps it was when he was 2 weeks old and his mother just turned her back to get a diaper and he rolled off of the bed on to his head. Could as the definition states, suffered a brain injury early in the 1st trimester of fetal development? Then again it could have been the time he fell from an 8-10 foot ladder on a sliding board at the public park at age 5 and landed on the concrete below that was anchoring the slide. He landed on his head.

This same little boy excelled in athletics including at the college level in football. Perhaps it was one too many concussions suffered while engaging in the contact sport of football that caused him to have a 2: A gap in one's memory. Possibly the memory part of the brain that dictated how to be a man, then again maybe he never really learned. By all visual immolation's his first 5 years were 90% in the presence of his mother and sister. He most likely would have been labeled ADD had they created that disorder in the '50's. As he was as rough and tough little boy dong all the wrestling and play he was also interested in the dramatic and arts. He loved coloring, and performing. He would put together neighborhood plays and skits as early as age 5. He once hung an old blanket in a dirty old garage at age 5, developed and practiced a skit and then forced his mother and the next door baby sitter to come and watch his performance. This again he did after moving to a new neighborhood only this time included the neighborhood kids in his acting performance. The song 'The end of the world' was a popular one at that time. The words of the theme was, 'Don't say no it's the end of the world, it ended when you said good-bye' some song for a 7 year old to perform.

Where did the wiring for a 'normal' gender development get crossed? Why regardless of how hard he tried over the years to NOT act or feel like a female, the feelings never left? Even at the cost of losing the very loved and cherished 3 children of his own. 2 grandchildren, 2 marriages, jobs and family, Why was/is this drive for the female gender so overwhelmingly dominate? Even against his own desire to be female. Has the image of the female gender so ingrained as the 'norm' that there just isn't any other option? Or perhaps it was just a birth defect after all.

Then again it is thought by some professional counselors as number 3. The selective overlooking or ignoring of those events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one's purpose or position. In other words a label that has been described as 'escapism'. Choosing to ignore ones biological existence and expected lifestyle in order to gain a perceived need of love and acceptance. Seems like a hard way to get noticed.

            Emotional trauma? Did something happen somewhere in his young life that caused him to turn against his own gender and escape for survival reasons to the female side? Was it the continued perception of just about the time he reached for achieving success it eluded him? Perhaps at this age and stage of his life it would be easier to just live as the female he has always alluded to? After all he/she has been more accepted for the last 4 years as a female, even when trying to dress and look like a man. Why hasn't his selecting to be a man not feel as natural and been as successful as the perception of being female?

            All these are legitimate questions worthy of exploration. An onion in dire need of peeling, one layer at a time, but where is the in patient program that will do just that?

            For more detailed information on this case see the story, "The Wounded Spirit".


It's one thing to counsel and study this problem, it is yet another to having lived it. As with this writing unless you have or can produce hard experimental double blind evidence to base your belief or opinion, then it remains just that; your opinion.

Is it possible to get the medical and the faith-based communities to work together to find the answer?

"With God all things are possible".

Article by: Dr. C.R Lechner Renhcel 12-28-2003 revised 03-09-2004

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