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Practical Issues for Pat and Jessica Marriage

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Practical Issues for Couples Getting Married

Affection and sexuality.  What do these words mean to you individually and as a couple?


1.     Draw your family crest.

2.     Selecting symbols that represent what was important to you growing up.

3.     Write their values on them, red for nonnegotiable values, yellow for important but modifiable ones, and green for flexible ones. The values deal with such issues as types of occupation, whether and when to have children, and family life.

Religious faith.

Power and freedom.


• Nurture.

          Extended Family: What role do they play in your marriage?



02/15/05 Discussed “Coat of Arms” and their design. We discussed the issues of choosing a church to attend as their own church to attend. Rom. 12:2 discussed. Message version compared to KJV and NLB.

Next session we are going to discuss wedding vows and the marriage ceremony. They are going to write their own wedding vows and bring them for me to review. Also, Jessica is going to send me her wedding planner via e-mail.

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