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Marriage Sermon Series

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Marriage Sermon Series

Heb 13:4

Three Kinds of Love:

1          Redeemed Love:         The love of Jesus Christ Jn 3:16

2.               Realistic Love:                       AAsIs@ love (I am going to love you even as I get to know you)

3.               Romantic Love:          Turns black and white love (realistic love) into panoramic color

Seven Points of the Little Foxes:

Song of Solomon 2:15            A Catch the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyard, for our vineyard is in blossom.@

Foxes are nocturnal

Foxes are the only ones that burrow holes into the ground. In tunneling they destroy the roots from underground.

Foxes are very cunning AHerod is a fox.@

Foxes are carnivorous and eat flesh Athe blossoms of the vine that should have been fruit.@

Seven Foxes

1.               Skewed love. Distorted love. Love that is bent and misunderstood.

2.               Sin.  Anything that is outside the will of God. Isa 59:2

3.               Selfishness: AMe First!@

4.               Secular Attitudes and Values (These are Lions not Foxes, kill & destroy)(Slithering snakes)

5.               Sexual Projection

6.               Self-Image (My view of me that distorts my gift to you)

7.               Secret Feelings and Fears (Not expressed and resolved)

Fears of Pregnancy, Privacy, Pain.

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