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Marriage Sermon Series

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Marriage Sermon Series

Heb 13:4

Three Kinds of Love:

1          Redeemed Love:         The love of Jesus Christ Jn 3:16

2.               Realistic Love:                       As Is love (I am going to love you even as I get to know you)

3.               Romantic Love:          Turns black and white love (realistic love) into panoramic color

Seven Points of the Little Foxes:

Song of Solomon 2:15            Catch the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyard, for our vineyard is in blossom.

Foxes are nocturnal

Foxes are the only ones that burrow holes into the ground. In tunneling they destroy the roots from underground.

Foxes are very cunning Herod is a fox.

Foxes are carnivorous and eat flesh the blossoms of the vine that should have been fruit.

Seven Foxes

1.               Skewed love. Distorted love. Love that is bent and misunderstood.

2.               Sin.  Anything that is outside the will of God. Isa 59:2

3.               Selfishness: AMe First!@

4.               Secular Attitudes and Values (These are Lions not Foxes, kill & destroy)(Slithering snakes)

5.               Sexual Projection

6.               Self-Image (My view of me that distorts my gift to you)

7.               Secret Feelings and Fears (Not expressed and resolved)

Fears of Pregnancy, Privacy, Pain.

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