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Steps to Freedom in Christ

Text: 2 Cor 10:4‑5 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty

through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 5 Casting down imaginations, and every high

thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought

to the obedience of Christ;

Introduction: The Christian life is not a playground. It is a battleground. And our enemy

is a crafty adversary. One of his greatest tools is to convince Christians that he is not a threat.

He minimizes sin and its effect until even believers are so tangled in it that they find themselves in

spiritual bondage. We have all heard it said that a Christian cannot be demon possessed, and in

fact that is true. But Satan is the father of lies and even though he is ultimately a defeated foe, if

he can convince us to believe his lies, we will live in spiritual defeat. When Christians sin and do

not properly deal with that sin, they develop patterns in their lives that are unpleasing to God.

These patterns are called spiritual strongholds. Neil Anderson defines a stronghold as a mindset

impregnated with hopelessness that causes one to accept as unchangeable something known to

be contrary to the will of God. But God has provided a way of escape from every temptation.

This lesson will deal with the Steps to freedom from spiritual bondage.

I. Repent ‑ II Cor. 7:9,10

     A. Repentance means that you will turn from your sin to God.

          1. This involves agreeing with God that our sins are abominable.

          2. Confession means that we agree with God about our sin.

          3. I John 1:9 is true, although we rarely see it fully practiced and believed.

     B. One of the devil=s most viscous lies is that your sin won=t hurt you.

          1. Recognize the truth about your actions.

          2. Humble yourself before God.

          3. Truly repent ‑ a heart change that results in outward change.

     C. Acknowledge God=s view of your sin.

     D. Ask and receive His forgiveness.

     E. Determine if open confession or restitution is applicable.

          1. Confession of sin should be only as public as the sin.

          2. Repentance without restitution is incomplete.

II. Renounce Satan=s Strongholds in Your Life ‑ Romans


     A. First you must recognize the Authority that is available to you.

     B. You have no personal power over Satan.

     C. You do, however, have Christ living within you and He has power over


     D. How is Satan overcome?

          1. Through the blood of Jesus Christ.

          2. Through the authority that is in His name.

     E. We must claim the authority of the name and the power of the blood of

     Jesus Christ and renounce Satan=s right to any place in our soul and life.

          1. He can only occupy that which we surrender to his influence.

          2. Once renounced, he has no legal grounds to return.

III. Reclaim The Ground That You Have Surrendered

     A. Many areas of our lives are occupied territories.

     B. Satan has no right to them.

     C. Pray and ask Christ to reclaim the ground that you had surrendered in

     your life.

          1. The ground of moral purity.

          2. The ground of Spirit control over temper.

          3. The ground of effective prayer and witness.

IV. Refill ‑ Ask The Holy Spirit to Take Control of the

Areas of Your Life That You Had Yielded To Sin. Romans


     A. Surrender your will to the Holy Spirit as fully as you had surrendered it

     to your sin.

     B. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the way of escape. I Cor. 10:13

     C. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Gal.5:16

          1. So often we think that we can do it backwards. If I can just avoid these sins that

          are always getting in my way, then maybe I can be more spiritual.

          2. Like everything else having to do with our relationship to Christ, He asks us to

          simply to surrender to His leadership and guidance, and he will lead us in the way

          that avoids much of the temptation we find ourselves in.

V. Rejoice ‑ Accept By Faith The Victory Christ Brings I

John 4:4

     A. Understand that the Word of God is true.

     B. Acknowledge that Satan has no more power over you.

     C. Apply the truth that you now understand.

     D. Exhibit the joy that is the fruit of the Spirit.

Conclusion: These steps should be followed with each area of your life where you

believe that Satan has a stronghold. It is best to find a spiritual brother to help you through the

process. After this process is completed you need to keep your eyes open for Satan=s attempts

to entrap you again. Whenever a temptation comes across your path, your best response is I

rebuke you Satan in the authority of Jesus= name and by the power of His blood. Go back to

Hell where you belong and take your lies with you. Jesus said, Ye shall know the truth, and the

truth will make you free.

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