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end time war against the spirit Jezebel for monday part 2

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I ask for a spirit of impartation a spirit of revelation; I ask for strengthen in the inner man right now as we receive your word.

We ask for the flashes of fire from your eyes to strengthen our spirit in Jesus name amen.

We are talking about the end time war in the body of Christ against the spirit of Jezebel. It’s the war against the spirit of Jezebel.

two different women called Jezebel. two totally different people separated by roughly 800 plus years. Last week we gave a history lesson on the OT Jezebel where she came from who her father was and so fourth. (sidon hunting/ethbaal with baal her name baal exults

And then we looked at the Nt jezebel. Rev 2:20 this is Jesus speaking to a 1st century church but it has its application throughout church history and it has it’s full application in the generation that the Lord returns.

Rev. 2:20‘But I have this against you, Now if you remember this is a church in it’s context that has the most impressive descriptions of any church in the NT. The verse before in 19 Jesus told them how he saw there works and there love and there perseverance under persecution called patience he goes I see your patience he says I even see that the works that your doing now are even more than the ones your used to another words they were growing spiritually. And yet to this strong and growing church he says “I have some things against you”.

that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

She calls herself a prophetess and you can be sure that if Jesus points it out at this level that her reputation was well known and established.

Keep in mind Jesus didn’t call her a prophetess, the point being is that she had a reputation of having accurate and powerful revelations. In other words she was a powerful woman with a very influential teaching ministry in the church. He says here’s the essence of what she does; it’s different from what the OT jezebel did but the combination of the two gives us the picture of the war in the end- time.

Here’s what she seduced the bond servants of the lord to do two things; to be involved in immorality and to be involved in idolatry;

But idolatry is not just an empty or a  ritualistic religion. It’s a religion filled with demonic power.

Paul says about idol worshipers. In 1st Corth 10:20,21 He says (read) are actually worshiping demons there interacting with real demon spirits. It’s not just an empty ritualistic kind of ceremony there’s really an encounter of power.

immorality and idolatry spiritual encounters one touches’ the body one touches the spirit.

So when you put the two pictures together the OT Jezebel with the NT Jezebel, we get the picture of the end time conflict with the Jezebel that the Lord is preparing the Church for, even in this hour.

 Even though the end time increase of immorality doesn’t apparently seem to be connected to occultism or Satanism but that’s where it’s going in satins strategy. Its not just an end in it’s self. To get a bunch of people interacting with a spirit of immorality.

its goal is to open them up to deaden there conscious, to defile there spirit so they’ll move to the next diminution of satins plan and that is to be fully involved in the occult.

People with a dull deaden conscious will move in the occult arena far quicker than somebody who doesn’t.  There’s nothing that deaden the conscious like immorality it dulls the spirit. Not only does it provide the context for people to move to the next diminution of satins agenda, which is spiritual encounters with daemons. It also shuts down the prophetic spirit.

Incorporate the prophetic progression see note book. Eldad Medad.

Again there’s nothing that will deaden the conscious like immorality, it dulls the spirit.  Immorality, the defilement of it and the guilt that follows it, produces or the net result is: it shuts people down in the power of God.

So it ends up being a two fold victory of satin,

1st  he dulls the spirit of the Church so they don’t even reach to move in the power of God and 2ndly he prepares them to move to the next level and that is to be involved in satanic activity and that’s not an end unto itself either.

The 3rd diminution of satins strategy is to get them to be involved with murder. (I’ll explan later) And if there not involved in it directly, they will draw back and allow murder to happen in society.

We also discussed this Ahab, Jezebel dynamics of the political power mixed with sorcery, that’s the picture we get and that’s where it’s going, Where sorcery will be officially involved at the state level, I have no doubt that it’s already operating across the earth where its influencing state decisions.  But this will be a well known public policy that the occult and politics will come together.

she used the power of state on a grand scale in the kings court in Jezreel she financed 850 full time prophets (when it says they ate at her table its implying they were on the payroll 1st kings 18:19).

Now the anti Christ in revelation 13 the antichrist is a spirit that’s been operating through out history but the anti Christ is a real person that emerges in the generation that the Lord returns. He will also join the church and the state sort of speaking, it won’t be the church I’m talking about religion and the state and he will finance anti-christ worship across the earth. Which will be a fullness of what Ahab and Jezebel are doing in part in 1st kings.

Now what about Ahab how does history and scripture describe him.

in 1st kings 21:25  it says 25Surely there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do evil in the sight of the Lord, because Jezebel his wife incited ( stirred him up) him.

Why was he called evil because his wife stirred him up

Why is that imortant to know because evil no matter what stage can be imparted, people can be stirred up by evil people to embrace evil.

Ahab became the most wicked king of his time and he was “stirred up by a occultist person.  

This is also importand to understand because this happens again in the Nt with JB in which I’ll explan later.

Turn to 1st kings 18:10 “hunt down” NKJV they were hunting for the prophets everywhere.  Jezebel not only hunted down the prophets she murdered them. Interesting side note Sidon the city in which Jezebel comes from means “hunting”. Who ever opposed her she would hunt down and murder (the agenda of satin)

So Elijah was encountering one of the prophets and he said “Ahab is hunting you down in every nation of the world”. And this man said we have a 100 prophets hidden in caves, that Jezebel doesn’t know about.

When Jezebel is fully operating, what happens when things are going bad the prophets go into caves they go into hiding.

What happens when people begin to be controlled or influence by the Jezebel spirit is they go into caves they go into hiding they shut down. Intimidation let alone immorality causes people to back off and cower and pull back and go into caves. spiritually they shut down in their spirit.   

They don’t reach for the high things of God even though they might hang out with people who do, they might even maintain the language they used to have when they were reaching and going for the deeper things in God.

I mean after all Ahab and Jezebel are naming their kids after the God of Israel.  You can keep the language going and still be hiding in a cave in a spiritual way is my point.

But here in the text in a physical way they were hiding because there was so much fear amongst the prophets of God of loosing their lives. And it’s real, the end-time saints some of them the number will be large but the percentage will be small, meaning I believe God for a billion souls in the great harvest and even if a 100 million die it’s a Hugh number, buts it’s 10 percent it’s a small percent. Most of the church will not be martyred. It may be a couple of hundred million who knows, but it will still be in my opinion less then the majority the percentage will be smaller instead of larger.

But what’s going to happen is the spirit of Jezebel will seemingly succeed. We need to be ready, not to cower before it (there will be supernatural protection as well but there will be those who will loose there lives just like in the days of jezebel.

John the Baptist lost his life at the hands of the spirit of Jezebel. Herod and Herodus his wife and the seductive daughter who did the dance and asked for the head of JB, it was clearly a spirit of immorality that was operating in Herod that made him open to kill JB (look at Mark 6:20 this is what a spirit of immorality can do this is what an evil spirit can do in stirring up a person to embrace evil even murder just like with Ahab.

Lets look at 1st kings 18: 17when Ahab finally stood before Elijah because Elijah came out of hiding and he asked for a meeting with Ahab and he got it. It’s interesting that Ahab in  calls Elijah the “troubler of Israel” This was a serious charge this is not a small thing. But in verse 18 Elijah turns it back on him and he says “you’re the troubler of Israel” because of your disobedience your bringing the judgment of God upon the land”.

Now the reason he’s calling Elijah the troubler of Israel is because of the three and a half year drought that Elijah called forth in prayer and declaration.

It’s that Moses anointing before God, where the end-time prophets will pray and release the judgments and they will pray and stop the judgments.

The prayers to release it and the prayers to stop it will be in the hands of the prayer movement.  So because of the drought he called him the troubler of Israel.  Elijah is so saying “no the drought is because of you, yes I prayed and released them and I prophesized them yes, but the judgment that’s coming form heaven is because of the sin that’s in the land. You can brake the drought if the people will repent.

And that’s exactly what happened at the end of 1st kings 18 the people repented because of the great show down at Mount Carmel and then the rain came. The rain came the land was healed (it’s the 2nd cron 7 we all know so well “if my people….) that’s exactly what happened in 1st Kings 18 and 19.

The point I want to make here is that the king who was well respected and very influential, (we look at Ahab now and he’s a guy we have no respect for) but in his day he was highly respected and very influential. This is a public relations war that’s going on. And it’s going to happen again to. That the heads of state will say to the church “you’re the ones causing the problems” and many will believe it.

So this is not an insignificant reality this is part of a war of Jezebel against the end time church. But Elijah held is ground he didn’t back down he goes “no you’re the problem, if the people repent (in which they did) then the rains will come (in which it did).

Now just to go back a little bit a give just a brief overview of what’s going on in this 1st kings 18 19-40 I’m not going to read it all I just wanted to give it to you so you can study it on your own. But what’s happing everybody gathers at Mt. caramel which incidentally is right next to the valley or the area of Armageddon. From Mt Caramel you can look down and see the valley of Jezreel or the area of Armageddon. So that great conflict is going to raise up again. 

So they gather together the 850 false prophets (not a small thing). Read verse 21 (for us will you obey God or will you obey the anti christ)

So in verse 22 Elijah said this is what we’ll do we’re going to have a prayer meeting were going to offer up sacrifice to God. You 850 prophets, you offer up your sacrifice to baal and have your prayer meeting call on him cry out in your prayer and worship do what you want to do and then I’ll do it”.

(Read verse 24) the God who answers by fire is the real God

We all know what happens in verse 38 Elijah prays and the fire falls. Verse 39 all the people fall on there faces and repented the repentance didn’t end up going very deep but it was sufficient enough to where God sent the rain.

The lord is so kind I mean this repentance was not very deep but God allowed Elijah through prayer to release the rain.

When you look at it in it’s bigger context you say Lord surely this wasn’t Elijah that turned the nation back to God and the Lord says “yes he did in a measure in portion.

When you look at the historical perspective John the Baptist we know in Luke 1:17 when the angel Gabriel appeared to Johns father in Luke 1:17 the famous passage Gabriel said this child that is going to be born this son of yours the spirit of Elijah will rest upon him”.

What that means is the power and purpose of Elijah, another words the purpose is to call the nation back to God that’s the purpose. And the “power” would be Gods power resting on his life.

The angel Gabriel appears and says this. It’s like wow, I mean what was is Zachariah Johns father supposed to think. “ wow the power of Elijah that’s cool, the purpose of Elijah turn a nation back to God”

Well Zachariah read the text it’s real clear because though the nation turned back it wasn’t a deep turning it wasn’t even a long lasting turning but the Lord counted it. and the Lords good came out of it in terms of his larger purposes.

Now look at John the Baptist, did John the Baptist turn Israel back to God?

Or did Gabriel give a false prophesy? Well we know that Gabriel didn’t give a false prophesy but the nation rose up and rejected JB at the end. In Matt 11:17-18 Jesus said (talking to the people) you say that John has a demon. They rejoiced in his light for a while but they turned on him. And the nation rose up and killed Jesus.

But you know what the fruit of it all was?  it was a 120 people in an upper room. That seed in the upper room caused the new covenant to bloom to this day and will continue to the 2nd coming of Christ.

So from the Lords perspective the Lord could say 120 fervent believers stayed steady yes the seed is in the ground Elijah turned a nation back to god. Now we would of thought thousands of thousands it ends up being 120 who were steady.

We look at that at think surely it would have been more than 120 but the seed took and it’s 2000 yrs later and the end time worship movement is going to call Jesus back to the earth and it all came out of that seed in the upper room, That John the Baptist was the one that touched the apostles and prepared just a small number of them for Jesus to take them to the next diminution. Talk about small beginnings, but john loved it he was called the greatest man born of a women.

You know one of the things that bothers me about the upper room, it says that Jesus appeared to 500 people it says that in (Corthinans 15 :6) but only 120 people made it to the prayer meeting 380 people who saw the resurrected Christ didn’t make it to the prayer room. They got busy, “hey maybe later”

Wait he’s God and he’s man and he’s standing before you and you got to busy to be involved in the prayer room. UHHH if I get to meet those 380 and going to ask them what were you thinking? “Well you know, it was kind of complex people were mad and I was going to loose this,I was going to get there”.

OK I degrease but at least I got it off my chest. That always bugged me.

Back to 1st kings 18: 38 (read) the fire fell then the people fell. 1st the fire then the people fall before the Lord and again it leads to the releasing of the rain the healing of the land and look what happens; Elijah seizes all 850 prophets he said “ don’t let one of them escape”, he kills them all. Jezebel is so mad! All 850 of her full time staff prophets are now dead in one day.


My point in this is that there will be great reversals of evil in one day!

Now it says that Elijah did it by the sword we won’t do it by a physical sword we will do it by loosing the word along with the end time judgments like Moses when he raised his rod in prayer when he stood before pharaoh judgments fell and many died in the wake of the judgments. We will be praying) I’m talking about the prophetic church in the generation that the Lord returns.

Releasing the judgments that’s causing fire to fall from heaven to remove obstacles like the prophets of Baal. It’s not you touching them with a physical sword, but the sword of the Lord will in relationship to the end time prayer movement. But my point is this: even in there fierceness in confronting jezebel there will be great sudden victories like the one at Mt. Carmel.  (Stop)

The story’s not over, the dramas not finished, here in 1st kings 18 but elijah has tremendous revereal and we will have many victories before the Lord returns. So it’s not like elijahs coming meaning jezebels raising up and were gonna go hid in caves untill jesus comes, were not!

were going to be on the front lines believeing God. OK

Now it’s interseing in veres 38 were the fire falls: actually look at veres 24 (read) now heres the problem in revelation 13:13 (read) the false prophet will call fire down from heaven. The bad guys will call fire down but in Revelation 11:5 the two witness will call fire down to, they’ll release fire as well. So fire won’t be the highest level it was in 1st kings 18 on Mt. Caramel. But it’s going to another level, it’s going to be the sun and moon and stars being affected dinamicly by the prophets on the earth, it’s going to go beyond the manifestation of fire, I just wanted to through that in there.

Elijah was only at the introductory stages of this historic drama that’s going to escalate in the generation the Lord returns.

Paragraph I- elijah kills the 850 revelotory demonic men revletory meaning these guys had real information that Jezebel and Ahab counted on. Deamon can and do oppoerate in terms of giving information, munipulating things, thay can’t fortell the future but they can give information and then munipulate things and it looks like there telling the future but they can’t. But to a darken minded king it looks like they are.

Ok turn to 1st Kings 19 heres what happens. Ahab tells Jezebel all that elijah had done. Now why wasn’t Jezebel whos a preety intense gal why wasn’t see at the show down. That’s something that I’ve never understood, she’s back at home I would of thought she would have been there in the forfront with her new outfit and with her sword out with her sorcery charm braclets on leading the way.

Anyway it says in verse 1 of chapter 19 that ahab told Jezebel all that elijah had done. And how he excuted all 850 staff prophets with the sword.  Again we will not use the physical sword but the sword of the Lord in the prayer movement. Ok

(read) verse 2 so she makes a vow to demons (read agin). Verse 3 (read)

When he hears this story he runs for his life. Now how can a guy satnd before the nation and call fire down kill 850 prophets of deamon worship and then several hours later sort of speak a day or two later what ever but he runs for his life (from a person who didn’t have enough courage to be at the big rally) how does that work?

 Because James gives us the key in James chapter 5:17 (turn) that’s the answer, the reason he ran is because he’s just like you and me. We have this idea that the OT heroes of faith that there often called sometimes. They operate at another level, it’s not true, there guys there gals. (give example when we meet them.)

But that’s why elijah runs because he’s like one of our guys. The point of that story is that his prayer called fire down and his prayer released the rain and he’s like one of our guys he’s like one of us (are you getting this?) that’s the power of that story.

Paragraph J- I want to move to a different scen in Jezebels life it’s in 1st kings 21: I’m just going to give a little over view because of time sake. But what happens is her husband Ahab wants to buy a field right next to his palace and the guy says “no” So jezebel kills him (there the murder spirit again operating) she stole the land from him by mudering him. and she says to Ahab “here’s the land”. So not only is she a muderer she mudered in order to steal. That’s a very important point, that we’ll look at in just a moment.

Jezebel lives 14 yrs after Ahab and the point I’m making here is that she influanced Israel in the north and Judah in the south but from Gods point of view it’s all one people. She influence both these kingdoms for 14 yrs after her husband dies she still pulling the strings in creating the evil influence even through her daughter who married the king in the south she still is influencing Judah for evil. I just wanted you to see this.

But the point I want to make here is her children are killed by the judgment of God. The reason I want to point that out is because were all familiar with what Jesus said in Revelation 2:22-23 (read).

This is exactly what happened with the OT Jezebel and this is what Jesus was warning the NT Jezebel is what will happen in the end-time Jezebel the same dynamics will take place is the point I’m making.

Paragraph L- In 2nd Kings 9 in one day Jehu killed Jezebels sons and then killed her in one day. Jehu was operating from a prophetic word from the Lord. He was operating under the anointing of the Lord. So it was the direct affect of the anointing of God is what killed them and that’s what Jesus was warning the church of Thyatira in Rev 2. he said I will kill Jezebel and I will kill her children I will do it.  This is what happens to Jezebels children.

Lets turn to 2nd kings 9:22 (read)

Notice Jehu said about Jezebel her harlotry and witchcraft. Just like the description in Rev 2:22-23

Joram Jezebel’s son see’s Jehu he said is it peace they don’t know that Jehu is going to kill them. He’s the king of Israel because his dad Ahab has died and he’s taken over as king of the northern tribes so he sees Jehu and says do you come in peace and Jehu responds and says “how can I be in peace as long as your mothers harlotry and witchcraft are abounding in the land how can I be at peace?”

That’s a great subject for you to develop:  how can we be in peace when harlotry and witchcraft is abounding in the land. How can we live as business as usual when these things are abounding in the land. There’s the twins immorality and sorcery. Ok lets go down to verse 33.

She’s thrown out a window and Jehu tramples her with his horse. Now the reason I used the phrase trampling is because in Rev 2:18 when Jesus describes him self as the one with feet like fine brass he’s saying I’m coming to trample Jezebel it’s a direct reference to this passage.

The point is this; not just we might not be trampled (that’s one point if we engage ourselves in the sins of Jezebel) but theirs another point that I’m making; the enemies that are with standing us, as we are standing with God  will trample them, the Jesus with feet like fine brass is listing to our prayers and even like the 850 prophets of Baal were killed in one day that was the brass feet of Jesus trampling the enemy.

And now here in 2 kings 9:33 it happens in a direct way, the horse tramples Jezebel. The end-time prayer movement we will say “Jesus eyes of fire, Jesus feet like fine brass brake in with your eyes of fire brake in come and awaking our hearts in passion. And with your feet like brass come in judge against that which is rising up and filling the land with harlotry and witchcraft.”

And the Lord says that’s the God that I am and I want you to relate to me according to the bases of this revelation (Look at Isaiah 63:1-3).

Paragraph M- the summary is that Jezebel promoted immorality, harlotry you can call that sorcery or witchcraft, idolatry, she murdered and she stole property. The reason why it’s important to mention that she stole property is because the 4 primary spiritual strongholds, there’s 4 main categories of sins (there will be many others manifesting but these are the 4 main sins) there will be 4 main strongholds that will fill the nations of the earth they will be operating in the end times.

And these are the four sins that Jezebel was involved with (OT jezebel) and NT jezebel highlights 2 of them but the end time Jezebel will have all four of these will come to fullness liken to what Daniel 8 declares that sin with come to fullness.

The four again are murder, immorality sorcery and theft.

Note the progression, Immorality: numbs the spirit, and cause the conscious to be seared. And it opens the door to sorcery, IE witchcraft and people who are involved with witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry I’m using those as all synonymous meaning the same thing, the demonic realm in a direct way it emboldens them for murder, and theft.

We laid this out in last weeks teaching the progression of satins agenda.

And this is what’s going to be operating in the end-times. A anti-Christ army will rise up with millions embolden with theses 4 strongholds operating.

Again keep in mind the 1st line of appeal is not sorcery it’s immorality that’s what satins doing right now. This global explosion of pornography is setting up the nations for sorcery unto murder and theft of the people of God.

But Gods raising up a people as we found in Rev 2 he says “if you will rule your spirit in these issues you’ll be prepared to rule the nations with me, I will give you the government of the nations. If you will encounter me on a daily basis to where you rule your spirit I promise you”.  He told them in Rev 2 “I will give you authority to rule the nations when I return.” 

When the body of Christ is immersed in intimacy in purity with our bridegroom King and no longer entangled in immorality we will have spiritual authority over the nations.

 So not only does satin want us to go into sorcery and murder he wants to shut down the prophetic church in this age because you can’t flow in power with a defiled spirit. Not that God wouldn’t still use people who have a defiled spirit because he does but people with a defiled spirit more times than not they don’t have the reach in there spirit to move in the spirit. In there hearts they just draw back and hide in a cave.


Phrase: body’s a temple not an amusement park.

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