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End time spirit of Jezebel Monday night version 10 08

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End time spirit of Jezebel Monday night version 10 08

I ask for a spirit of impartation a spirit of revelation; I ask for strengthen in the inner man right now as we receive your word.

We ask for the flashes of fire from your eyes to strengthen our spirit in Jesus name amen.

I want to talk about the end time war in the body of Christ against the spirit of Jezebel. It’s the war against the spirit of Jezebel.

In the bible there are two different women called Jezebel. There’s one who is commonly refered as the OT Jezebel that’s the one who opposed Elijah (approx. 850 BC; 1 Kg. 16-21; 2 Kgs. 9) and then there’s the NT Jezebel, two totally different people separated by roughly 800 plus years. And she’s the Jezebel at the church of Thyatira (Rev. 2:18-29). 

It’s this NT jezebel that really draws our attention to the significance of the spirit of Jezebel warring against the church throughout history but particularly in the end times. Rev 2:20 this is Jesus speaking to a 1st century church but it has its application throughout church history and it has it’s full application in the generation that the Lord returns.

Rev. 2:20‘But I have this against you, Now if you remember this is a church in it’s context that has the most impressive descriptions of any church in the NT. The verse before in 19 Jesus told them how he saw there works and there love and there perseverance under persecution called patience, he goes I see your patience he says I even see that the works that your doing now are even more than the ones your used to. Another words they were growing spiritually. And yet to this strong and growing church he says “I have some things against you”.

that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

Not that the whole church followed her teaching but they allowed it to be tolerated in the context to the body of Christ. Jezebel was a recognized teacher in the context of that congregation. She calls herself a prophetess and you can be sure that if Jesus points it out at this level that her reputation was well known and established. Keep in mind Jesus didn’t call her a prophetess,

The point being is that she had a reputation of having accurate and powerful revelations. In other words she was a powerful woman with a very influential teaching ministry in the church. He says here’s the essence of what she does; it’s different from what the OT jezebel did but the combination of the two gives us the picture of the war in the end- time.

Here’s what she seduced the bond servants of the lord to do two things; to be involved in immorality and to be involved in idolatry; now immorality is a reference to physical pleasure outside the will of God.  Obviously I’m talking about the sexual arena not just all physical pleasure. (Immorality is the counterfeit to intimacy.)    

But idolatry is not just an empty or a  ritualistic religion. It’s a religion filled with demonic power. Now as westerners we look at idolatry and it just looks foolish that somebody would kneel before a stone or a statue and take it serious.

But if you peer into the testimony of people throughout history that have done this many of them testify of very powerful encounters they believe to be with the true God but we know it to be demonic.

Turn to 1st Corth 10:20,21 and look at what Paul says about idol worshipers. He says (read) are actually worshiping demons there interacting with real demon spirits. It’s not just an empty ritualistic kind of ceremony there’s really an encounter of power.

If I were asked to identify the two most dominant features of our society today, I would say (1) unbridled sexual self-indulgence and (2) greed. That is idolitry so what the apostle paul has to say in Colossians 3:5 is relevant for this hour.

In this passage Paul gives us the first of two lists of five sins that we are to slay (v. 5a) and strip away (v. 8; it is here that we find the second list).

5 Therefore consider the members of your earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, which amounts to idolatry. 6 For it is because of these things that the wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience,  7 and in them you also once walked, when you were living in them.  8 But now you also, put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth.

 9 Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,  10 and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him—

OK Well the NT Jezebel she was seducing the people she was inspiring them to move forward in this arena of the immorality and into idolatry.

immorality and idolatry: one touches’ the body one touches the spirit. But they both have a serious affect on the spirit.

Now the Jezebel in the OT she did that for sure. But the thing that’s highlighted is her fierce persecution her murderous rage against the true prophets of God. The OT certainly makes it very clear she was involved in idolatry and fornication but the highlight, but the thing that’s emphasized is the persecution, the murderous spirit.

And in the New testament we only see the introduction to the idolatry and immorality, but I tell you in the end times it’s clear in the book of Revelation particularly in Rev 13  that the murderous diminution will completely come to the forefront in due time.

So you put the two pictures together the OT Jezebel with the NT Jezebel, we get the picture of the end time conflict with the Jezebel that the Lord is preparing the Church for, even in this hour. We study both different jezebels and we discern the principles that are necessary to prepare us to have victory. 

Even though the end time increase of immorality doesn’t apparently seem to be connected to occultism or Satanism but that’s where it’s going in satins strategy. Its not just an end in it’s self. To get a bunch of people interacting with a spirit of immorality. its goal is to open them up to deaden there conscious, to defile there spirit so they’ll move to the next diminution of satins plan and that is to be fully involved in the occult.

People with a dull deaden conscious will move in the occult arena far quicker than somebody who doesn’t.  There’s nothing that deadens the conscious like immorality, it dulls the spirit. Not only does it provide the context for people to move to the next diminution of satins agenda, which is spiritual encounters with daemons. It also shuts down the prophetic spirit.

Immorality, the defilement of it and the guilt that follows it, produces or the net result is: it shuts people down in the power of God. There spirit is dull they don’t even reach to move in the spirit number one. And then the guilt that many people have; (even though they know the truth they still linger in guilt) makes them feel disqualified.

So they feel disconnected and they feel hopeless, “like what’s the use anyway”. So it ends up being a two fold victory of satin, he dulls the spirit of the Church so they don’t even reach to move in the power of God and he prepares them to move to the next level of satins agenda in the end-times in a particular way and that is to be involved in satanic activity and that’s not an end unto itself either.

Ultimately he wants the people after they get involved with immorality and demons in the occult with a mind altering substance with alcohol as well as many types of drugs. The other diminution of satins strategy is to get them to be involved with murder.

And if there not involved in it directly, they will draw back and allow murder to happen in society.  This thing begins by a global explosion of sexual immorality. That’s what’s on satin agenda that’s what we’re aiming at tonight, to expose that.  OK     

Now we’re first introduced to the OT Jezebel  (her name means Baal exults) as the queen of Israel that’s what she is by her position, but her passion was she was an occultist, she was a witch, her passion was for power in the spirit realm (she enjoyed power in the natural realm they both feed one another) but power in the spirit realm is what she was focused on.

she was raised  in Sidon which was the region just north of Israel, she was a foreign princess and her father the king of Sidon (Ethbaal= with baal) gave her in marriage to King Ahab to create a political alliance (1st kings 16). And then when she moved down from the north to the city Jezreel in Israel which was the capital and the palace of King Ahab’s palace.

So she moves to Jezreel and she immediately she established her religion that she grew up with back home. She established it in the northern part of Israel because at this particular time, Israel is divided,  there in a civil war the north and the south. The southern kingdom was called Judah and the northern kingdom was called Israel.

So for a couple of hundred yrs Israel was divide into 2 parts so those of you that are new to OT history when you read or heard of Judah and Israel and it seemed confusing and you said “what is it” they had a civil war for about a 200 yr period there was the north and the south.

So Ahab was the king in the north called the king of Israel and the king of the south was a totally different empire.

what happens is Jezebel comes with this new religion and  she brings idol worship to the north and then she has her daughter marry the king from the south , so down in Judah she had her evil influences in the kingdom of Judah, the southern part of the kingdom of Israel. (2 kings 8:18)

Now Ahab and his new wife Jezebel, they had three children, and what very interesting is that they name all three children names that reflect the God of Israel. And Ahab even consulted the prophets of Israel.  He valued them and took their word serious, he didn’t fear God but he valued them.

My point is this, the Ahab Jezebel dynamics of the political power mixed with sorcery, that’s the picture we get of where this thing is going, Where sorcery will be officially involved at the state level, I have no doubt that it’s already operating across the earth where its influencing state decisions.  But this will be a well known public policy that the occult and politics will come together.

the cry of the separation of religion and state, which certainly is a biblical concept, which has been perverted in our nation, the state and religion, will be joined in many nations on the earth but with the occult. And of course when the Lord comes he will reverse it and the church and state will be joined again through Jesus’ leadership the theocracy that his establishment is coming  (government or community by a god or by priests).               

But what we have with Ahab and Jezebel is  a perverted theocracy, with Ahab and Jezebel we have a joining of the church and state of sorts.

But they have this religious respectability even though they don’t have a genuine faith in the God of Israel, but they have a respectable embrace of religion, (they name their kids after the God of Israel) and she’s an occultist.  And he is fully encaged with her and what she’s doing. They even seek the advice of prophets of course she put a stop to that after a while.

Because the prophets wouldn’t come at Ahab’s invitation because they thought that they would be killed and they would. 

Turn if you will to (read 1st Kings 21:25) 25Surely there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do evil in the sight of the Lord, STOP ask the question why  because Jezebel his wife incited ( stirred him up) him.

My point is this, evil at its advanced stages can be imparted, people can be stirred up by evil people to embrace evil. (see apostolic prayer about not are all of the faith). Of course that’s what the false prophet will do, he’s the ultimate Jezebel and the anti- Christ joining together church and state. It’s the Ahab Jezebel combination in Revelation chapter 13.

But my point is Ahab became the most wicked king of his time and he was “stirred up by a occultist person.

she used the power of state on a grand scale in the kings court in Jezreel (again Jezreel is the capital in the northern region, Jerusalem the capital in the southern kingdom obviously). And she financed 850 full time prophets when it says they ate at her table its implying they were on the payroll 1st (kings 18:19).

Can you imagine having 850 occult prophets IE Satanist prophets in the king’s court. There was nothing like this before Jezebel married Ahab and this is what she insisted on.

Now the anti Christ in revelation 13 the antichrist is a spirit that’s been operating through out history but the anti Christ is a real person that emerges in the generation that the Lord returns. In Rev 13 it’s talking about a real person. He will also join the church and the state sort of speak, it won’t be the church I’m talking about religion and the state and he will finance anti- christ worship across the earth. Which will be a fullness of what Ahab and Jezebel are doing in part in 1st kings. (they are the 1st expression of it).

When Jezebel is fully operating, what happens when things are going bad the prophets go into caves they go into hiding, in the spiritual since.

it’s what happens in the introduction of the spirit of Jezebel, again immorality is merely the introduction of the spirit of Jezebel, it’s a very powerful introduction but it’s not the full plan of Satins agenda.

What happens when people begin to be controlled or influence by the Jezebel spirit is they go into caves they go into hiding. Intimidation let alone immorality causes people to back off and cower and pull back and go into caves spiritually they shut down in their spirit.

They don’t reach for the high things of God even though they might hang out with people who do, they might even maintain the language they used to have when they were reaching and going for the deeper things in God. I mean after all Ahab and Jezebel are naming their kids after the God of Israel.  You can keep the language going and still be hiding in a cave in a spiritual way is my point.

But here in the text in a physical way they were hiding because there was so much fear amongst the prophets of God of loosing their lives. And it’s real, the end-time saints some of them the number will be large but the percentage will be small, meaning I believe God for a billion souls in the great harvest and even if a 100 million die it’s a Hugh number buts it’s 10 percent it’s a small percent. Most of the church will not be martyred. It may be a couple of hundred million who knows, but it will still be in my opinion less then the majority the percentage will be smaller instead of larger.

But what’s going to happen is the spirit of Jezebel will seemingly succeed. We need to be ready not to cower before it (there will be supernatural protection as well but there will be those who will loose there lives just like in the days of jezebel. JB lost his life at the hands of the spirit of Jezebel. Herod and Herodus his wife and the seductive daughter who did the dance and asked for the head of JB, it was clearly a spirit of immorality that was operating in Herod that caused him to be open to kill JB (look at Mark 6:20 this is what a spirit of immorality can do).

when Ahab finally stood before Elijah because Elijah came out of hiding and he asked for a meeting with Ahab and he got it. It’s interesting that Ahab in 1st kings 18: 17 calls Elijah the “troubler of Israel” This was a serious charge this is not a small thing. But in verse 18 Elijah turns it back on him and he says “you’re the troubler of Israel” because of your disobedience your bringing the judgment of God upon the land”.

Now the reason he’s calling Elijah the troubler of Israel is because of the three and a half year drought that Elijah called forth in prayer and declaration.

It’s that Moses anointing before God, where the end-time prophets will pray and release the judgments and they will pray and stop the judgments. The prayers to release it and the prayers to stop it will be in the hands of the prayer movement. 

Jezebel not only hunted down the prophets she murdered them. Interesting side note Sidon the city in which Jezebel comes from means “hunting”. Who ever opposed her she would hunt down and murder (Clinton administration???).

Now we we’ll see this happen again, but I want to emphases the word in 1st kings 18:10 “hunt down” NKJV they were hunting for the prophets everywhere.  Elijah was encountering one of the prophets and he said “Ahab is hunting you down in every nation of the world”. And this man said we have a 100 prophets hidden in caves, that Jezebel doesn’t know about.

Phrase: body’s a temple not an amusement park.

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