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Sermon 5 Acts 2 verses 41 thru 47 and others We have this ministry it has the power to change lives

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Bible Text: Acts 2:41-47, 3:12, 4:16, 5:28, 6:7

Subject: Change

Title: We Have This Ministry, It Has The Power To Change Lives


Biblical Orientation:

He lived in a state of constant paranoia and fear. He could not think, he could not function in normal society. No one wanted him around; he was forced to live on the outskirts of town. People would pass by the area in fear of meeting him. In today’s world, we would give him Prozac and years of useless therapy where he would learn to blame his parents for his personal failures. No one would ever tell him that he was responsible for his life

However, on that day, the madman of Gadara did not meet a social worker but met Christ. He was helped by the living gospel and was put into his right mind according to Luke 8:35. That is what the Word of God and the gospel does for mankind: it changes them. No other thing in this world has the ability to change a life like Jesus Christ

The incredible thing, we have this ministry. The ministry of being involved in seeing lives changed. Yes, we can see the madman changed. Yes, we can see the drunk sobered. Yes, we can see the marriage saved. All that and more, the ministry of Table Mountain Baptist Church has the ability to impact the lives of men and women

Sermon Orientation:

How great can the impact be? From the very large to the single individual, it matters not. The point, we are able to be involved in seeing people’s lives changed through the gospel. You can be a part of the greatest ministry on earth: the local church

Tonight we look at how this ministry can change the lives of thousands, the one, the religious, and a city. Truly, being involved in the ministry of Table Mountain Baptist Church makes you an ambassador of Christ



A. Story

1. This is the day of Pentecost, when the church broke out into the general public

2. This day centered on the preaching of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ v 22-24

3. About 3,000 were saved and baptized

4. Over the next weeks and months they lived in one accord

5. The Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved v 47

B. Point

1. They got out into the streets, the highways, and the hedges telling people about Christ

2. As they did, people got saved

3. They started with about 100 people, but only a dozen or so were preaching at first

4. Do not think that our ministry is too small to impact thousands, God is able to do anything


A. Story

1. Peter and John went to the temple to pray

2. A lame man at the gate called Beautiful asked them for alms

a. They did not have money

b. What they had was not what would take care of his need for food but would save his soul

3. Peter called upon the name of Jesus Christ and asked for the man’s healing

4. Rejoicing in his healing, spiritual and physical, the man went walking, and leaping, and praising God

5. If one person’s life is change, we have made an impact

a. God’s will is then being done

b. The church is fulfilling its commission

6. It is worth the time, money, and effort when people meet Christ

B. Point

1. Peter and John were the pastors of thousands

2. Everywhere they preached many were saved

3. Yet they never forgot the value of one soul

4. While it would be wonderful to see the lives of thousands changed; God is in the business of changing lives one at a time


A. Story

1. This is the sad story of the bunch, the religious could have been changed but were only some were

2. Instead of rejoicing because the lame man walked, the religious condemned Peter and John for their actions

3. They brought in the apostles and challenged the work of God

4. The impact, they knew that what had happened was a miracle and were afraid of the people

B. Point

1. Many in religion are afraid of what others may think

a. Instead of allowing God to guide their life, they only do what is politically correct

b. They let the desires of man dictate their decisions

c. Dead religions are holding millions in bondage

2. Sometimes it takes some patience to reach these type of people

a. We must let the Word of God dwell and take root in them

b. Then it begins to do its work, which we cannot do

c. The religious will find they desire God’s grace instead of men’s laws

d. This is what changed the life of Martin Luther, he found out about God’s grace

3. There are many who claim they know God but are following a man or a church

a. Study the Scriptures to show yourself approved

b. Be a workman that rightly divides the word of truth

c. Draw them in love

d. Be patient

4. Paul was a Pharisee, but truth changed his life


A. Story

1. The religious were losing control of the city

2. It was filled with the doctrines of the apostles

3. The Word of God increased

4. People were saved everyday

5. The good news, some of those priests were changed and were obedient to the faith 6:7

B. Point

1. We have this ministry, for the most part it is a local ministry

a. The church is a local church

b. The body of this church is not scattered all over the world

c. We are located in Golden etc.

2. Our primary duty is to change things right here

3. We are gaining an opportunity at a small community

a. Westwoods

b. Colorado School of Mines or maybe it is minds or maybe it is mimes

4. In order to be faithful to the ministry of compassion, a burden, and a commission; we have to reach those right here

a. God will open doors

b. We will go to doors

c. We will continue to find new ways into lives and homes


So What?

Maybe you wonder okay, but what does this have to do with me

I know preachers get worked up about this stuff but why should I get worked up about it?

I am saved, I am comfortable as I am

When you got saved, did God change you?

Were your sins paid for by the blood of Christ?

Were you translated from death to life?

Were you promised and will inherit eternal life?

Will you go to heaven someday?

How did that change come about?

Did you miraculously figure out all about Christ and accept Him because of personal knowledge

Or, did someone tell you about Christ

Did they preach the gospel to you
Did they sit at your table or in your living room and tell you

That person that told you about Jesus Christ, was an instrument of change in your life

Their willingness is what has to do with you

Had they not cared, you may have never heard

God changes lives for the better

He uses human instruments to deliver His message

We have been chosen to be those instruments

Now, we are to be the instruments of change

 Now What?

Okay, but I do not know what to do

You can be involved in the ministry of changing lives

Maybe thousands, maybe one, maybe a religious but lost person, or even a city

The number does not matter

Most of us think, those with the most talent win; however, that is not true

In God’s work, it is often the willing that God uses

ü 2 Corinthians 8:12 For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not
Paul points out the willing are accepted to be used by God
God does not look at what he does not have, but what he does have
What they have is the willingness to be used!

Here is what you can do

Minister wisely: in use of time and in effectiveness

Time- get to the point
Do not beat around the bush- our unpreparedness
Effectiveness- God’s Word changes lives
ü 1 Corinthians 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God


Therefore, here is what God is asking out of you tonight

Since we have this ministry and it has the power to change lives, will you get involved in every way you can

God certainly deserves our best, He has given His best

It is not do I have the talent, it is am I willing?

Will you decide, God, I am going to find ways to serve and help see lives changed

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