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Sermon 42 Joshua 10 verses 12 thru 14 Living Godly means calling upon the power of the Lord

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Bible Text: Joshua 10:12-14

Subject: Power

Title: Living Godly Means Calling Upon The Power Of The Lord


Biblical Orientation:

The Bible has many miracles recorded in it. When God performs a miracle it is so out of the ordinary that a person realizes it could not happen unless God was opening the windows of heaven and pouring out His blessings

There are probably times in each life represented here today that a miracle has been asked for and even needed. At such times, there is no possibility of help except from the Lord. The wonderfulness is that God wants to help and He is keenly interested in accomplishing His will in your life

Sermon Orientation:

Today’s text reveals a time when Joshua needed and received God’s power. The power of God means that what is done was not in our own strength or in our own abilities. When God does it, it is done right and it is done perfectly

The godly know that they cannot survive in their own power but solely in the power of God. Learn from Joshua how to receive God’s power and how to have God’s power in your own life



A. The Kings Of Central Canaan

1. These are the kings of the Amorites, coincidently (I think not) they worshipped the sun and moon

2. They were angry with the Gibeonites because they had made peace with the Jews

B. Their Fear

1. The Jews would conquer them like Jericho and Ai

2. The Gibeonites would then also turn against them

a. The city of Gibeon was greater than Ai

b. Their men were mightier v 2

C. Their Plan

1. Provoke the Jews by attacking Gibeon

2. This would allow them time to defeat some of the Gibeonites before warring with the Jews


A. The League Established In Chapter 9

1. To be friends

2. To not attack one another

3. To defend one another

B. The League Pays Off

1. The men of Gibeon summon Joshua to their aid

2. Come quickly and save us

3. Verse 9 says Joshua came suddenly


A. Do Not Fear Them

B. The Battle Is Won And They Are Delivered

C. None Of Them Shall Stand

1. God is going to take care of the whole thing

2. Do the Jews have to go and battle, yes, they had the responsibility to do as God commanded

3. There is nothing to worry about, none of them shall be left to bother you


A. God Fought More Of The Battle Than They Did

1. Verse 11 shows that the hailstones from heaven killed more than the Jews killed

2. Believe it, God is involved in our battles

a. Sometimes God cannot aggressively help us because we are in the way of His work

b. We put ourselves in harm’s way

c. Follow God’s lead in the battle, do not lead Him

B. The Jews Pursued The Enemies

1. The kings turned and ran

a. The battle was being lost

b. They could no longer hold ranks against the Jews

2. The Jews pursued and killed all that they caught

C. There Was Not Enough Daylight To Hunt Them All

1. God’s instructions told them to destroy the whole nation

a. This may seem harsh, but all these nations had the opportunity to serve God; instead, they chose to serve idols

b. Deuteronomy 7:2 …thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; … nor shew mercy unto them

c. God is always merciful, before He acts He gives a chance for repentance

d. They had chosen idolatry over God

2. Joshua realized that the task would require more daylight than they had

a. Therefore, he prayed to the Lord, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon

b. When he said “stand thou still” it was a command, he was not hoping he was telling


i. This is very important to understand
ii. Those who have the commandments of God to do a task must accomplish that task His power
iii. The power of the Lord is something that comes from asking


A. The Lord Gave Them The Required Time

1. Be sure we understand, Joshua did not cause the sun and moon to stand still

2. God made the sun and moon to stand still

a. There is great debate among those that do not want to take the Bible literally

b. They say, ‘it only slowed down and moved at half speed’

c. The Bible says it stood still, guess what it did?

d. Joshua believed in the power of the Lord

B. God Did The Miraculous

1. Knowing their need, God supplied; for approximately 12 hours, the sun and moon stood still!

ü It is okay, God made the laws of nature; if He wants to bend or break them there is no issue

2. God made sure that His will was accomplished

3. He was actively involved in causing the Jews to win the battle


A Day Unlike Any Other Day

What happened for Joshua and company was an incredible miracle

Very few people ever experience this type of display of God’s power

However, there is no moratorium on God’s power being displayed in this way

As a matter of fact, Jesus told us: Matthew 17:20 …If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you

Moving a mountain is about as miraculous as stopping the sun and moon
Nothing is impossible to us in the power of the Lord

God Harkened To The Voice Of A Man

The Bible does state that there has not been a day like it since; but it does not say there cannot be one

Joshua Was Claiming God’s Promise And Requiring That Which Was Necessary To Accomplish The Task

The power of the Lord is something that comes from asking

The man that has a request that follows God’s will, can expect God to get involved

It is not a hope, it is a surety

We do not battle alone

Living Godly Means Calling Upon The Power Of The Lord

Too much of the time we try to live in our own strength

The belief could be that we think God does not want to be involved in our life

The belief could be that we do not think that God wants to be involved in all things in our lives

However, nothing could be farther from the truth

God wants to reveal His power in all that you and I do

This means we must call upon His power

To receive we must ask and when we ask God will give

We must make sure we have placed ourselves in a position to see the power of God in our lives

God Has Promised His Power To Those Who Believe In Him

ü 2 Corinthians 13:4 For though he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you

The Bible teaches God is all powerful, there is nothing beyond His ability

It is not an unwieldy power, it is power under perfect control

With His power, God is able to bring His will to pass

Two Benefits To Having God’s Power In Your Life

The benefit of overcoming your enemy

Your enemy connives and plans for your defeat, he does it in the spiritual world which you cannot see

God’s power is able to thwart the attacks of the enemy

Seeking God’s power brings peace to your life

The benefit of living in the light

Living in the light represents living a godly life

When we live in the light, life is prosperous

When we live in the light, our ministries are successful

When we live in the light, our lives are filled with the goodness of God

When your life is characterized by good things happening that are beyond your own power; the power of God is in your life

How To Have God’s Power In Your Life

Be weak in the Lord

ü 2 Corinthians 13.4

Remove pride from your life

ü 1 Corinthians 4:19 But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, not the speech of them which are puffed up, but the power

Know God’s will, through His Word and through a personal relationship with Him; then, ask God to have His will done


Therefore, realize that in your own power, you can do nothing. In God’s power you can do all things. There is only one way to have God’s power: humble yourself and seek it

God will hearken to your voice and when you experience His power, it will be a day unlike any other day

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