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Sermon 3 ac 20 17 thru 21 and isa 6 8 thru 12 We have this ministry it grows from our burden

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Bible Text: Acts 20:17-21, Isaiah 6:8-12

Subject: Burden

Title: We Have This Ministry, It Grows From Our Burden


Biblical Orientation:

Some of the greatest men and women of the Bible revealed to us a great care for those God brought into their lives. These lives are characterized by selflessness. Instead of seeking to first help and please themselves, they chose to help others and place them first. This is truly the spirit of Philippians 2:3 that says, “but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves”

When we study the life of Christ, we see that He came in the flesh with the purpose of redeeming mankind who had rejected His Father. He sought to bridge the gap that was created by sin. The only way to bridge the gap was to become our sacrifice for sin; that meant taking the punishment for our sins. Christ cared for man in a way that no one else has ever done

What drives people to act like this? What could possible possess them to do such things? Why do they see it necessary to give of themselves so that others may prosper? There is a word to describe the driving force behind their actions is “burden.” We say that we have a burden for others

Webster, in his 1828 dictionary says a burden is that which is borne or carried; a load. To carry the load of another is done because a person sees that the person who has been carrying the load cannot continue to do so without damaging self or that carrying the load will not produce the desired results

In the case of mankind, we are born with a burden, the burden of sin. We carry this burden and unless it is dealt with by God, it will bury us; it will literally take us to the grave

How do we get a burden? Our burden grows out of our compassion; the compassion that is a compound of love and sorrow; compassion that is because of the need of man. Compassion that moves God’s children to do something that will make a difference in the lives of men. Their need becomes a weight in our lives that we carry

The burden of God’s saints is to be for those who do not know Christ. This happens because we have the ministry of compassion, seeing them as Christ saw them; “they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.” Psalm 126:6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. The weeping is because of the burden for the soul of that man, the rejoicing is a result of God transforming a life!

Sermon Orientation:

Today we will look at two passages that reveal how we have this ministry and that the ministry we have grows from our burden which is based upon our ministry of compassion given by Christ

We are taught two things in these passages about a burden. A burden will cause us to give all we have and it will cause us to serve the Lord until He is done



ü Acts 20:17-21

A. Passage Background

1. Paul knew he would never see these people again on earth v 38

2. His desire is not just to say farewell but to impart truth and to teach

a. Until the day he died, Paul felt a burden for the churches that he helped to plant

b. He wanted to see them prosper

c. Every opportunity he had with them was precious

i. Each time we meet is precious
ii. We meet about six hours per week, we do not want to waste the time God gives us

B. A Burden For God’s Ministry Causes Us To Serve In A Manner Of Humility V 17-19

1. Paul reminds the elders of the manner in which he came unto them

a. This speaks of the mannerisms and how he behaved

b. Our manner will determine our reception

2. When Paul came to Ephesus, his manner was one of service, having a burden for their souls

ü  Paul first came to Ephesus three years back, Acts 18

3. A burden is revealed by a humble mind

a. The haughtiness that our world teaches is not going to win people to Christ

b. When we come to them, knowing their burden, we must do so in the humility of one who does not give salvation but received salvation

4. A burden is reveled by tears

a. Because of the condition of the lost world

b. Because God has done so much for us

5. A burden is often accompanied by trials

a. A burden will keep you going when the enemy attacks (and he will attack)

b. A burden goes to your soul, it causes you to serve even if you suffer physically, as Paul did

C. A Burden For God’s Ministry Causes Us To Completely Give Ourselves To Service V 20-21

1. Paul held nothing back

a. Not his love

b. Not his care

c. Not his body

2. There is no way that a person can have success in the ministry as long as they are not willing to give themselves totally to the Lord

3. Paul shows us how much a burden will cause you to do

a. A burden will cause you to go out publicly

b. A burden will cause you to go house to house

c. A burden will cause you to go to everyone you can find

4. The burden will give you one message: repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ


ü Isaiah 6:8-12

A. A Burden For Others From The Lord Will Cause You To Be Willing To Go V 8-10

1. Isaiah uttered some of the most famous words of the Bible in this passage: Here am I; send me

a. Notice that it was because Isaiah was made right with the Lord that he felt this way

b. To have a burden for others you must have your heart right with God

2. As Isaiah received his burden for others, he learned how hard it can be

a. The people he would tell would not listen, see or perceive what he said

b. It is true that more do not hear than do hear the Word of the Lord

i. That should not keep us from serving
ii. Our true burden is because God loves those that will not hear

3. Praise the Lord, those that will listen will: understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed!

B. A Burden For Others From The Lord Will Keep You Going Until The Work Is Done V 11-12

1. This thought reminds me of taking a trip in a car with children

a. They always want to know, “how much longer?”

b. Since they have no real concept of time, it does not matter what you say

c. The only words they wish to hear are “we have arrived”

2. The burden that we are to have for the Lord is not something that goes away

a. In fact, it needs to get stronger all the time

b. The closer you get to the Lord, the more that burden presses your life to serve

3. Isaiah asked, Lord how long, God responded by telling him that this was not a short jaunt but a long journey

4. The burden of the Lord is not something that should come and go, it should stay and grow

5. How long does this church serve? Until Christ removes it from the earth!


Paul’s Burden

ü TT Romans 9:1-3

Paul’s burden pictures the depth of the burden we should have

It is impossible for us to give our salvation away for another to be saved

However, it is possible to have such a burning care in our hearts that we cannot sleep, eat, drink, or even live a moment without caring about the souls of men

Paul did not spend that much time in his later years with the Jews, but he never quit having a burden for them

We are to grow in our relationship with Christ until we are burdened: for Golden, Arvada, Lakewood, Westminster, Denver, and all who live here in Colorado

Have A Burden

As we learned this morning, God wants us to know His will, to understand His will, and execute His will

Ask God for a burden for a person, a city, a group of people and He will give it to you: it is His will that you have a burden

As you see people for who they are, like Christ sees them, then you will have a burden

If there is no burden for anyone in your life, be afraid

Those who are close to the Lord always have a burden

They cannot but help God giving them a burden

The lack of a burden directly translates to a shallow relationship with God

Grow In Your Burden, Thereby, Grow In The Ministry We Have

Since we have this ministry and it grows out of our compassion from Christ and a burden for others, make sure that your burden is growing

The time of Christ’s return is hastening

Time grows short

The possibility of salvation is lessening as men get harder

Our reaction is to grow in our burden, serve God, and keep at it until the return of the Lord


Therefore, a burden from the Lord for others will cause you to give all that you have to serve Him and it will cause you to serve until the task is done

Could you look God in the eye and say, “I have a deep burden,” “I have given all that I have,” and “I am committed to continue serving until God says stop”?

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