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GOING BACK TO EDEN (Isa. 35.1-10) [Matt. 19.28]

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Sermon in a Sentence: We must be saved so that we live one day in a world like the garden of Eden.

Ilus.- Crimeless Newspaper

Illus.- Picture of Eden


Acts 3.19-21 Entrance into the Kingdom- Jn. 3.3,5

Isa. 35.1-10 [1 Tim. 1.15;Rom. 8.21]

I. We Will Live in a World of Harmony (v. 6)

"Peace" sumarizes the Milennium

! A. Harmony Between God and Man (Psa. 110.1,2)

! B. Harmony Between Man and Man (Isa. 2.4)

! C. Harmony Between Man and Nature (Isa. 11.6-9)

Illus.- Sign on UN Wall

II. We Will Live in a World of Health (v. 5,6;Isa. 33.24)

III. We Will Live in a World of Happiness (v. 10)

Illus. - Look at Faces Outside Bars and Churches

A. Because of Physical Prosperity (v. 1,2,6;Amos 9.13)

Illus Israel Bus Trip/Ukambani Garden Spot

B. Because of Spiritual Prosperity (Jer. 31.31-34);

IV. We Will Live in a World of Holiness (v. 8;Isa. 11.9;Zech. 14.16-21)


Cincinnata Post's Crimeless Front Page

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