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Make Disciples, Part 2   |   Matthew 28:19-20   |   Shaun LePage   |   April 27, 2008


Make Disciples, Part 2   |   Matthew 28:19   |   Shaun LePage   |   April 27, 2008

I.  Introduction

A.    HS Bball; zone defense—doubled teamed; trouble scoring; broke through down lane easily lay-up; bus driver/big fan yelled, “Do that every time!” I yelled, “It’s not that easy!”

B.    Evangelism—we know we should, but we read “Go…” and say “It’s not that easy!”

C.    3 weeks ago began discussing GC Mt 28:19-20; as promised I want to return

D.    Most Christians don’t do well with “go” and feel guilty when it is preached; on your side, not your back; but we need to find a way to put the “go” back in evangelism.

II.     Body—Matthew 28:19-20—think I3

A.    “Going” begins with initiative.

1.Primary command “make disciples”; “Go…and make disciples” means “making disciples” must begin with evangelism; not “come” (that’s later) but “go”

2.Greek word (πορευθέντες) participle, could be “as you are going”; But stronger—imperative force. Mt 28:7 good example: “Go” same word (feminine); aorist passive participle, but “as you are going” wouldn’t make sense; clearly imperative sense; Point: Yes, share Christ “as we are going” through life, going to work, school, mailbox, going, going, going. But we must also be intentional; not just hoping we’ll get the chance—must go with purpose; pray for opportunities and initiate with the people around us.

3.Taking the initiative requires boldness—how do we get it? Larry Moyer, You Can Tell It! and Free And Clear, makes these great observations in 1 Thess 2:1-10

a)     Develop confidence in God’s message (2-3); good news not error/deceit

b)     Develop conviction you are God’s messenger (4); we are also “approved by God”

c)     Develop concern for people (5-9); 8X used word “you”; “mother…dear to us”

d)     Develop consistency in your life (10); not perfect, but consistency builds boldness

e)     1 more; 1 word: Pray. Eph 6:18-20

4.Will I initiate? Fundamental question! “Are you willing to be willing?”

B.    “Going” requires investment.

1.“Going” logically requires investment of some kind (true of baptizing and teaching also): usually time, energy, money, risk; vast majority trust Christ through relatives/friends—can’t marry them, but can befriend—this requires time/patience/other investments; therefore, “going” means “serving” (2nd Greatest Commandment)

2.In one sense, evangelism is a process; Postmodern world requires investment in a process of pre-evangelism (i.e., apologetics, defending the faith, dispelling false ideas); Paul Copan, True For You, But Not For Me, list of ways to be more effective (ch.24):

a)     Living a life of love and holiness—witness of changed lives is powerful

b)     Thinking Christianly about all of life—gain hearing for Gospel thru reasonable answers to real-life issues

c)     Listening to Christianity’s critics—listen/understand the real questions/issues

d)     Understanding every day people—misconceptions/questions about Christianity

e)     Speaking with clarity—use language people can understand (e.g., reconciliation)

f)  Seeing evangelism as a process—not always, but usually missionaries must earn trust, lay foundation (e.g., Creator, origin of sin, etc.); establish need

g)     Offering crucial answers—apologetics; prepare discussion of thought-provoking issues and invite non-believers to participate (e.g., small groups)

h)     Think of helping people get “one step closer” [ Read p.163 ]

3.Write: Will I invest?

C.    “Going” demands an invitation.

1.Though evangelism is—in one sense—a process. It is also an event. Evangelism technically has not taken place until we “invite” a person to believe. Everything leading up to that point is pre-evangelism.

2.Many times before: Make the issue trusting Christ! The Bible never asks a non-Christian to “give his heart and life to Jesus (it’s about Him giving us His life, not us giving ours); Bible doesn’t ask a non-believer to “accept Jesus” or “pray to receive Christ”—repeatedly “believe in” (meaning “trust”) Christ alone

3.Those who trust Christ are then “invited” to follow—to be disciples; to grow up in Him; the sequence is all-important

4.Write: Will I invite? Don’t make someone thirsty, then forget to hand them the canteen. Invite people to trust Christ and grow up in Him! (Do you need to trust Him today?)

III.   Closing—I3

A.    “Go!” “But it’s not that easy” is it? We must remember two things: 1) Yes, Evangelism is hard work! (Mark McCloskey, Tell It Often, Tell It Well [ read pgs.135-7 ]); 2) But, Evangelism is great work! Don’t forget what great news we have!

B.    Video (Ee-Taow); Mark & Gloria Zuck Pennsylvania farmers, wanted to be missionaries “initiated” by applying to sending organizations, but told they were too old; not qualified; finally accepted by New Tribes Mission and sent by home church to West New Guinea—Mok people; “invested” a lot of time in learning the culture and language, then translating several portions of the Bible; more than 3 months teaching through entire Bible (Mok had no previous exposure to the Bible) through skits/pictures/teaching they “invited” Mok to trust Jesus Christ to save them from their sins; whole video some day but few minutes now to remind you that our gospel is great news and that God wants to do great things through ordinary people like you and me who are willing to initiate, invest and invite. [ Watch ]

C.    3 Questions—I3

1.Will you boldly initiate with at least 1 person (why not 12?) this week? Not responsible for saving, but for contact!

2.Will you generously invest what is required—prayer, getting trained, reading, buying lunch—learning the culture, language of the people around here?

3.Will you clearly invite when you have opportunity? Maybe invite to home, read Bible with you, CG, church?

D.    Acts 13:1-3; Pray right now! Next Sunday morning—9 a.m. begin praying and asking the Holy Spirit to lead us—show us how we can do better, how we can really start “going”; will you pray all this week, then come and dream with us? “Are you willing to be willing?”

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