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God Speaks

Hebrews 1:1-3   |   Shaun LePage   |   August 5, 2007

I.       Introduction

A.    Special service: BBS Report/Celebration

1.     Ede Eakin: How did you become director; tell us what happened; hopes for future (thanks!!)

2.     Since many of you didn’t get to join us, we want you to experience a little BBS

a)     Beth and Lisa Masson and kids come up, sing songs; adults sing along (great classics)

b)     Thanks to Elizabeth and Nathan Masson (puppets)

c)     Chela Ingram and Amanda Schultz—Scripture memory (group; individuals; all)

d)     Thanks to Cathy, Betsy and Megan (crafts)—have a craft for everyone to make?

e)     Thanks to Kim Bennett (snacks)—have a snack for everyone?

f)      Thanks to Jody Rees and Megan Jones (games)—got a game for us?

g)     Thanks to John Masson, Steve Eakin and George Berg (stories)—costumes ready?

h)     Thanks to several others who helped set up and clean up and filled in

i)      Thanks to the kids—we enjoyed you so much!

B.    Theme for Backyard Bible School—one of the most amazing and important facts of history: God speaks. Most people think of God as silent. But since the beginning of time, God has spoken.

C.    Genesis 1:3: “Then God said…”; The very last paragraph of last chapter (Rev 22) “testifies”

II.     Body—Hebrews 1:1-3

A.    He spoke in the Old Testament

1.     “To the fathers in the prophets”=OT (Can you think of someone God spoke to in the Old Testament? Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Isaiah, Elijah, Daniel, etc.

2.     “Many ways” Can you think of some ways God spoke to people in the Old Testament?

a)     Story #1: Assyrians threatened Hezekiah—2 Ch 32:16-17; God spoke through Isaiah

b)     Story #2: Pro Elijah—no rain, then God spoke through fire on Mt. Carmel (1 K 18:37-39)

c)     “Prophets” like Isaiah and Elijah, Daniel, Micah, others—said God sending Messiah

B.    He spoke in Jesus

1.     “In these last days He has spoken to us in His Son”

a)     “made the world…exact representation”—Jesus was God Himself; best way God spoke

b)     Word—John 1:1-3; 12

2.     Story #3: Roman soldier telling of how Jesus died and rose again

C.    He spoke in the New Testament

1.     1 Pet 1:22-25—“word of God”

2.     Story #4: Mean Saul became Apostle Paul—God sent him to Gentiles to “tell” us about Jesus

3.     Pictures to help us understand how important the Bible is:

a)     Mirror—James 1:23-25; Why a mirror? Helps us see our true selves (sinful)—God spoke and told us about our sin / greatest need is to be rescued (saved)

b)     Water—Ephesians 5:25-27; Why water? “preached word” that Christ “gave Himself up” for us (i.e., the cross)—cleanses us of our sin

c)     Milk (Solid Food)—1 Pt 2:2 (Heb 5:12-14); Why food? We need it to grow

d)     Lamp—Psalm 119:105; Why light? Life is like narrow path and we need to know what God said so we can keep going in the right direction.

e)     Gold and Honey—Psalm 19:10; why gold and honey? Gold is very valuable. The Bible is like a treasure because it helps us know God—nothing is more valuable. Honey is very sweet. The more you know God, the sweeter your life will be.

III.   Conclusion: Psalm 145:1-4—God wants my generation to tell your generation about Him and what He has done. That’s why we have BBS, Family devotions, Sunday School, this morning’s service. God is real. God is great. God is good. God loves you. God wants to wash you clean of your sin by trusting in what Jesus did for you. God wants you to follow Him—obey, worship—Him all your life so you can have real life. God wants to give you heaven someday. How do I know all this? God speaks. God has spoken.

IV.  [ VIDEO ]

V.    Closing prayer and song

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