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Glory to God in the Highest

Luke 2:1-18   |   Shaun LePage   |   December 24, 2006—morning service

I.      Introduction

A.    Invite children to the front; ask How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?

B.    People celebrate Christmas in almost every country in the world. Portugal (shoes instead of stockings); Latvia (presents for 12 days starting on Christmas Eve); Hungary (stuffed cabbage for Christmas lunch). My favorite tradition: reading the Christmas story.

C.    Read Luke 2:1-18. [Invite children to be Caesar, Mary, shepherds, etc.;  then ask What can we learn from this story? Then ask, What can we learn from the shepherds?]

II.     Body—Luke 2:1-18

A.    Go and see! What did the shepherds do after the angels left? vs. 15-16—shepherds went and saw Jesus.

1.     Obedience: “A sign” was given for a purpose—so they would go and see. They found out for themselves it was true. Will you find out for yourself what is true about Jesus?

2.     How can we “go and see” today? We can “go and see” also (not in the manger):

a)     Never believed?

(1)  “Go” to God’s Word and “see” for yourself what is true about Jesus. The Bible (full of “signs”) was given for a purpose—for us to “go and see.”

(2)  Matt 5:8: “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” “Pure in heart” are those who agree with God about sin / need for Christ, then believe.

b)     Believed? “Go” meet with Him daily and “see” His face through Word and prayer.

B.    Spread the Word! What did the shepherds do first after they saw Jesus? vs. 17-19—shepherds “made known” what the angels told them

1.     Just like the angels, they told others the “good news of great joy.”

2.     Didn’t know a lot about the Bible, but they told people what they knew.

3.     How can we “spread the word”? We need to spread the Word also: Angels went to “nobodies” and “nobodies” told everybody.” Will you tell others what is true about Jesus?

C.    Glorify God! What did the shepherds do second after they saw Jesus? vs. 20—shepherds were “glorifying and praising God”

1.     The angels did this too! v.14—what an exciting night!

2.     God deserved glory for giving us such a special gift. Will you glorify God for what is true about Jesus?

3.     How can we “glorify and praise God” (especially at Christmas time)? Many ways:

a)     Mouths: singing, praising, spreading the word, etc.

b)     Lives: Living like those who have “gone and seen” God; love, joy, peace, etc.

c)     Hearts: not proud (like Caesar), but humble (like Jesus); not selfish, but unselfish (like Jesus); not stingy, but generous (like Jesus), etc.

III.   Closing: All around the world—in nearly every country—people will celebrate Christmas tonight and tomorrow. But so many people will never give one thought to Jesus. Let’s remember the first Christmas, and the example of the shepherds (review points above).

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