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2006-10-21_Praying Together_Acts Survey_FBC Session 4_SL

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 Session 4Saturday Evening Praying Together Shaun LePagePastor 
 Me, Myself and I or We, Us and ThemDown to one player—no matter how good—a team is best.Prayer an individual matter (“pray in secret”)? Let’s rethink. Lessons on corporate prayer in the 1st  Century§ Can you think of any examples of corporate prayer in the NT? Let’s look at a few.§ Acts 1:12-14. What do you think they were praying about? Acts 1:4-5. Still afraid? § Acts 2:42. Was this just individual prayer? Probably not. The other “devotions” were corporate.§ Acts 12:1-5. When was the last time you prayed “fervently”? That word literally means to “stretch out the hand.” They intensely pleaded with God for Peter—corporately.§ Acts 13:1-3. “Serving” here—no doubt—included prayer. They were praying and “fasting” corporately. Why? Obviously, they were pleading with God to use them to spread the gospel. They also needed His help to know who to send. Notice—God answered and then they prayed some more—corporately—for the missionaries.§ Re-read your NT and re-consider all those commands to pray. Ask the question, “Individual or corporate”? § Romans 12:10-13. Context? “Be devoted to one another”§ Ephesians 6:18-19. Individuals can “pray at all times” by living in an attitude of prayer, but isn’t “pray at all times” actually, literally possible for the church? “Pray” is plural! Lessons on corporate prayer in the 21st Century §  Why emphasize this—why is corporate prayer so important?§  1. It is under-emphasized. Personal/individual prayer is not.§  2. It teaches us. John 11:41-42. John Hannah classes. Paul often told his readers how he was praying for them and why. §  3. It is so encouraging. [Story of church praying for me.] Heb 10:19-25.§  4. It bonds us together. Look at all those examples of people praying together in the NT. In every situation—if they prayed, they had intimate fellowship. If they didn’t have fellowship, the apostles were telling them pray. Body Life and Prayer Walks§  Page 12: “CBC Prayer-Walk Guide” (Let’s pray! Groups of 4)§  Worship team will call you back


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