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#15 Understanding Scripture - Gospels Era (Teens)

Understanding Scripture (Teens)  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  29:33
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Understanding Scripture Gospels Era “The Story of God on Earth" Key Characters: Jesus; The Twelve Disciples Key Location Israel Key Verses: Matthew 1; Mark 10:43-45; Luke 19:10; 24:47; John 1:1-14 Key Concept: Jesus comes to earth to ful ll the OT promises of Messiah (from the lineage of Abraham and of David) to offer the Kingdom of God to Israel and to save His people from their sins. Accepted by a few and rejected by many, Jesus was cruci ed and buried, but He rose from the grave three days later as He had predicted. Four Perspectives of Jesus’ Life & Ministry 1. Matthew The Gospel of Matthew was written in the years following Jesus’ ascension by Matthew, the tax-collector (Mt 9:9), one of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples, likely in collaboration with the other disciples. Matthew emphasizes Jesus as the promised Messiah and King of Israel. 2. Mark The Gospel of Mark was written by Mark (John Mark, Acts 12:12) in close collaboration with Peter, an Apostolic eyewitness. Mark emphasizes Jesus as the Servant whose Kingdom highlighted greatness through service. 3. Luke The Gospel of Luke (as well as Acts) was written by Luke the doctor (Col 4:14) who traveled with Paul. The Gospel of Luke emphasizes Jesus as the Savior of the World. fi fi 1 Understanding Scripture 4. John The Gospel of John was written by the beloved disciple (Jn 21:20), the Apostle John, late in the rst century AD. The Gospel of John emphasizes Jesus as the Son of God. Four Periods of Jesus’ Life & Ministry 1. Early Years: Birth & Childhood until Baptism 2. Initial Ministry: Widespread Acceptance 3. Later Ministry: Growing Rejection 4. Passion Week & Resurrection: Cruci ed, Risen, and Coming Again fi fi 2
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