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The Righteous, The Wicked & The Consequences of Sin

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Genesis 18-19

Intro:      A People of Faith/ Review DEF/ Take challenge? (memor,medit,practice)

                θ’s growing me: seen in communication, prayer, preaching today’s message

1.  The INTERCESSION of the righteous has incredible IMPACT.

(Gen 18:16-33; 19:29)

Who=“righteous”? How become? A: Faith (Gen15:16) not deeds, b/c Heb11:6

When righteous ®! See in Gen18… (v16-21) Amazing: θ let’s us in on plans!

We can also influence those plans (v22-33) Abe draws near, appeals 2 Lord There’s respect, humility, fearfulness, reverence >Is that way approach θ?

“I don’t see any impact! Nothing changes thru prayer!” Need 2 change approach?

Stop telling & ask, assuming arrogant posture & lower, buddy vs. Shaddai

TRY IT! Watch what happens: ®, θ’s plans R affected, changed: Amazing!

Not only privilege, but wants us! Sad 2 hear: “I don’t ask? deserve? bother”

TomWeber, business/ Maybe struggle: giving up? Look at Abe’s persistence

Believed enough 2 keep asking! Faith is essential! Ur prayers can move θ!  ®

2.  The Lord will DESTROY the wicked & RESCUE the righteous.

(Gen 19:1-29)

v1-3 come 2 city, stay w/ Lot, v4-11 Remember why here: v20-21, see re: sin

Notice extent of societal wickedness, marks (measure U.S., see how good,bad):

1full acceptance/participation (v4) 2sexual sin: rape (Judg19), homosexuality (not loveless: “men” 11x, 2Pet2, Lev18:22), Do U see importance of legislation vs.?

3pride, reject authority (v6-9, 2Pet2:10) How common? submission, don’t tell me

4prosperous yet selfishly hoard not caring 4 poor (Ez16:49) Dems better here

What does wickedness lead 2? A: destruction, but righteous rescued, v12-29

v26 Lot’s wife “looked back” joke, maybe b/c so convicting: How many x’s?

Lord, forgive us/ Why did all this happen? A: 2Pet2:6 “example” re: ungodly

θ will punish, destroy! Long 4 justice? Wonder why wicked go free? It’s coming!

For those living there, don’t harden ♥ >turn!/ How, what’s turning look like?

A: faith, spared from G’s wrath, judgment/ Choose faith b/c ®!

3.  The sin that is CONCEIVED always gives birth to HARDSHIP.

(Gen 19:30-38)

Righteous daughters consumed w/ sight, leads 2 fear, by which sin conceived

May B thinking: Where’s hardship? A: Moabites, Ammonites= enemies of Israel

®, Saddest day in ministry: testify in court, divorce (Glenn, Zipporah Nelson)

Don’t point self-righteous finger >we’ll reap! (not eternal but conseq) Avoid! ®

Close:     2 ways: faith (impact, rescue), sin (destruction, hardship)/ Choose faith

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