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Let the Love of God Flow

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Root out sin so the Love of God can flow



Sixth Sunday of Easter Year B May 9 2021
I was watching new clips from the Oscars (tell Oscar story this one has nothing to do with Jesus, and the other thanking Satan for his Oscar, mocking God Jesus and his followers). And indeed, God probably had little to with those Oscars, counting for nothing towards their eternal salvation before God, but only if these two would see the very breath with which they are saying these things comes from the love and mercy of God.
In the Gospel Jesus says “As the Father Loves me so I also Love you”. He commands: “Love one another as I love you.” Setting a very high standard. As baptized disciples of Jesus we may deeply desire to fulfill this commandment, but why is it so hard at times? Why does it seem easier to obey commands against sin and evil, yet hard to love? The reason is sin itself. God never stops loving, but sin numbs our senses keeping the love of God from flowing through us. All of God’s commandments set us free from the paralysis of sin. Thus, the Commandment to Love one another as Jesus loves us, is a high call to holiness to root out sin the obvious and subtle ones, so that the Love of God may freely flow through us.
St. John in our second reading says “Not that we loved God but God loved us and sent his son as expiation for our sins.” And St. Paul says I am nothing without Love. God is perfect love, and the ultimate victim of all sin. God through his Son Jesus Christ is the 1st to reach out offering his love and forgiveness to humanity, we ought to be quick to reach out to God for reconciliation and each other for, so the love of God may freely flow through us.
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