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New Testament books in Date order

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Book Author Theme To Whom Date Written Written From
James James brother of Jesus Faith Demonstrated by Works Christian Jews scattered abroad AD 45 Jerusalem
Galatians Paul Christian Liberty Churches in Galatia AD 48-52 Antioch of Syria
I Thessalonians Paul Return of Christ The Church at Thessalonica AD 50-51 Corinth
II Thessalonians Paul Day of the Lord The Church at Thessalonica AD 51 Corinth
I Corinthians Paul Practical Christian Living The church of Corinth AD 55 Ephesus
II Corinthians Paul Christian Ministry The Church of Corinth AD 55 Macedonia
Romans Paul God’s Plan of Salvation The church of Rome AD 55-56 Corinth
Luke Luke Christ: the Perfect Man Greeks AD 56-58 Caesarea of Rome
Matthew Matthew Christ: the Messiah Jews AD 58 Palestine
Ephesians Paul The Church in Christ Church of Ephesus AD 59-61 Rome
Colossians Paul Sufficiency in Christ The Church at Colossi AD 60 Rome
Philemon Paul Reconciliation of Brethren Philemon AD 60 Rome
Acts Luke The Work of Christ Through the Church Theophilus AD 60-64 Rome
Philippians Paul The Joy of the Lord The Church at Philippi AD 61 Rome
Titus Paul Good Works Titus AD 62 Nicopolis
I Timothy Paul Order in the House of God Timothy AD 62-64 Macedonia
I Peter Peter Victorious Suffering Strangers in Asia AD 63-65 Babylon
II Peter Peter The Last Days Strangers in Asia Minor AD 64-67 Rome
Jude Jude brother of Jesus Contending for the Faith The Church AD 66-80 ?
II Timothy Paul Faithful Proclamation Timothy AD 67 Rome
Mark John Mark Christ: the Servant Romans AD 67-68 Rome
Hebrews ? A Better Covenant Hebrews scattered abroad AD 67-69 Rome
I John John Assurance of Salvation Believers in Asia AD 85-90 Ephesus
II John John Walking in Truth Elect lady and children AD 85-95 Ephesus
III John John Christian Hospitality Gaius AD 85-95 Ephesus
John John Christ: the Son of God The World AD 90-95 Ephesus
Revelation John Consummation of All things Churches in Asia AD 95 Isle of Patmos

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