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Church Administration ideas list

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Church Administration

Ideas list

Mr. Dan Mawson

(CM 522)

3 Semester hours of credit

  1. Create as system for ensuring that people get thank you notes.
  2. Study church constitutions and ask questions. Almost everything will have a reason behind it.
  3. Good ideas come from all over so keep your eyes open
  4. Our bodies are organized and administered properly, Why not the church?
  5. The Lord can cut more timber with a sharp saw than with a dull one, But God chooses the dull saw that is willing to be yielded to him.
  6. If the administration of my personal life were applied to a church what would happen?
  7. Shouldn’t God’s house be as rigorous as the business world?
  8. Administration must be developed for effective leadership.
  9. How will church Administration change for different cultures.
  10. Is the church you are managing yours or God’s.
  11. If you say you’re a servant what is the problem with being treated like one.
  12. The four major resources of the church are Spiritual, Human, Physically, and financial.
  13. Leading is Guiding the Church and accompanied with equipping the Church.
  14. Think about how to submit to a pastor as an assistant pastor.
  15. Meditate upon God’s calling and keep it in your vision.
  16. As an assistant what are the pastors Goals for you? What is he expecting of you?
  17. There is no perfect Church, if the church was perfect why does it need you? Churches are to function as a body. Although parts of the body are week why should we quit.
  18. Find and reevaluate personal values.
  19. What are ways that I can get more effective with managing my time.
  20. Think about ministry Goals. What would be hindrances to achieving that goal?
  21. List out personal time wasters and determine how the time they take can be diminished.
  22. How can the building assist in creating a preaching atmosphere?
  23. What are ways to exalt preaching?
  24. How can I practically start a music program that will be expandable?
  25. Develop a written statement of what the purpose of music is.
  26. Write what you believe down.
    1. It forces you to think It through and properly formulate it.
    2. It allows someone from the outside to see where you are quickly.
  27. Make sure the people understand the importance to sing with understanding.
    1. It is blasphemy to sing the songs of God in vain.
  28. What is your biblical basis for your music program?
  29. The leader of the singing is often the first person people see as they come into a church service.
  30. To build a music program that starts with the Children.
  31. What is you Philosophy (purpose – what are you shooting at)? Everything that is done must be done to aim toward you Goal.
  32. What will be expected of your workers? (Who can teach were?)
  33. Don’t take it lightly to take on a worker. (if a worker is approached in the hallway it is not a big deal. If there is a meeting and then a time for prayer it makes it more important and gives them time to see what God’s will is for them.)
  34. Don’t wait to the last minute to do and plan things.
  35. Determine a philosophy behind delegating duties?
    1. Why are you delegating?
    2. What are you delegating?
    3. How will this grow the person?
  36. Any person involved in ministry under me cannot be insecure.
  37. Before you come under another man’s ministry make sure you know what direction the pastor is going.
  38. People who want to own you will be the first to dump you.
  39. Fellowship is crucial, Socializing is distracting. – Fellowship meets needs – Socializing is seeking to get your needs met.
  40. How does the community view your Building?
  41. Think about who and how will the people take care of the church building?
  42. Transition people from evangelical Bible study by bring another person from the church to the Bible study to meet them and make the connection.
  43. Get deacons to do the membership interviews.
  44. Remember God’s promises & Stand on them? Do what it takes to remember God’s promises.
  45. When the pastor and the rest of the leadership are convinced on something the people will follow.
  46. There is more talent in people than you realize! (Tap the talent timely)
  47. Missionaries must be powerful preachers.
  48. Keep missions in front of your people!
  49. It is always better to over communicate than to under communicate!
  50. Money is only a tool to do the will of God!
  51. Save Flyers, enrolment cards, mission’s booklets and file them. Learn from them.

­Books read to complete the outside reading for the class.

·         Article given: Read

·         Theology of Church Leadership  by Lawrence O. Richards – 150 Pages

·         Fellowlabors  by Pastor Scott Vanderhart – 15 Pages

·         Church Administration: The doctrine and administration of the church – Paul Jackson – 125 Pages

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