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Entering In

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Entering In

Deuteronomy 6:23



     A.  Many Christian Experiences

          1.  Nothing more than getting saved

2.  God’s plan is much more – He brought you out, so that He could bring you in!!!

     B.  The Israelites’ Journey

          1.  Egypt – not enough; life under sin

2.  Wilderness – just enough; the process of renewing the mind – dumping out the old and getting a vision for the new.

3.  Canaan – more than enough; life more abundantly; but, remember you have to deal with the giants in the land.

     C.  How do we enter in to the abundant lifestyle?


     A.  Understanding the Significance of Behavior

1.  Our behavior comes out of our “soulish” arena.  We are a spirit; we have a soul; and, we live in a body.

2.  Your behavior will never rise above the ceiling of your identity.  And, your identity will never get beyond the ceiling of what your origin is.  If you take anything out of its origin, it will die!

- Take a fish out of water and it will … DIE!

- Take a plant out of soil and it will … DIE!

- Take man out of God and he will … DIE!

          3.  We do what we do because of who we are!

     B.  Understanding the Significance of the Body

          1.  We have always thought that our body is who we are!

               a.  Your body is not who you are!

               b.  Where you live is not who you are!

               c.  What was done to you is not who you are!

d.  God is tired of you being a picture of what happened to you!

2.  Your identity comes out of what you understand or misunderstand your origin to be!

3.  Our biggest problem is that we have always thought that we were a human going through a spiritual experience!  But, that’s not so!  We are a spirit going through a human experience!

     C.  Understanding the Significance of Being

1.  You will always be remembered by whether or not you entered into God’s plan for your life.

2.  Do you recognize any of these people?

     Shammua, Shaphat, Igal, Palti, Gaddiel,

     Gaddi, Ammiel, Sethur, Nahbi, Geuel? (10 spies)

     Joshua and Caleb entered in because they had a different spirit!

3.  Remember, your behavior comes out of your identity, and your identity come out of what you understand your origin to be.  You have an identity, and it is greater than where your body showed up!


          “Ye must be born again.”

     A.  The First Birth - humanity

1.  Hebrews 12:9 refers to God as the “Father of spirits.”  He is not the Father of bodies – that is your parents!

2.  Your body is only your license to be here on earth!  It is illegal to be here without one!

3.  John 1:14

     The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us….” 

     It had to be done this way because it would be illegal for Him to live here without flesh!

4.  2 Corinthians 5:8

     We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

     a.  Once you lose your body, it is illegal to live among men. 

b.  Jesus said that when you confront an evil spirit, you use My name and cast him out – he’s here illegally!

c.  The next time the devil gets on your case, pull out your birth certificate and ask where his is – he’s here illegally!

d.  If you have a body, then you have a license to live here, but that’s just the beginning!!!

     B.  The Second Birth – “from above”

          1.  Note 3:3, the word “again.”  It actually means, “from above.” 

2.  Jesus is saying that “you identity is going to have to be reconciled to your heavenly origin.”

3.  There is an origin in the heavenlies to which we must be reconciled.  The only hope for your lie is to be reconciled to where you came from.

4.  Remember, if you take man out of God, he will … DIE.

5.  Where did Adam come from?

a.  Some say from the dust of the earth.  But, that is not so.  That is where God gave him his license to live here.

b.  God formed a lump of clay, and it became Adam when God breathed life into it!

c.  He now had God’s DNA in him!  (Note the animals came and were named by Adam).

d.  Adam was created to have fellowship with God.

6.  We must be born from above in order to enjoy that fellowship!

7.  2 Corinthians 5:17-21 speaks to us about what is to take place in our lives after we are saved.  We, then, have the ministry of reconciliation.  How can one be reconciled, if there was not an original relationship?

8.  Jeremiah 1:5, God said that he knew Jeremiah before he was formed in his mother’s womb.  He if was known prior to that, then the form in his mother’s womb must not be who he was!

9.  The second birth is so one can be saved, and so that one can “see the kingdom of God.”  Jesus told us to pray for God’s kingdom to come.  Therefore, we must be able to see it here and now, but only if we have been born from above!!!


     A.  Your Career

B.  Your Calling (1:18, “that ye may know what is the hope of his calling.”)

1.  God is calling some things out of you that have not yet been revealed!

2.  Proverbs 22:6, KJV

     Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is

     old, he shall not depart from it.

     The Amplified Bible

     Train up a child in the way he should go and in keeping with his individual gift or bent, and when he is old he shall not depart from it.

3.  You should know something about your child and make every decision based upon his/her destiny!

4.  Consider Moses

a.  He struggled early in life because there was something in him that pushed him toward being the deliverer of Israel.

b.  The aches and pains that he experienced were his destiny trying to get out!

c.  When he killed the Egyptian, where did he learn that from?  The school of the Egyptians!

d.  Even though he had been well-schooled in Egypt, he discovered that you cannot achieve your heavenly destiny through the works and ways of man.  You must be connected to God!!!

5.  You cannot birth your heavenly calling with the mentality of this world!


     Recognize your original nature!

     Be Reconciled to your original nature!

     Reach for your original purpose!

     God brought you out so that he might bring you in!  Don’t wander    in-between!!!  You can experience the abundant life!!!!

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