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Hope in the Desert

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Hope in the Desert

Isaiah 35:4-7



A.      The Oppression of Babylon (Isaiah 1-34)

1.      Captivity

2.      Wilderness/Desert upon return

B.      The Oppression of the Soul

I.        REASSURANCE (Isaiah 35:4)

A.      Be strong; fear not

B.      Your God will come!

II.    RESTORATION (Isaiah 35:5-6a)

A.      The Deformed

1.      Deformed by birth

2.      Deformed by accident

3.      Deformed by time

B.      The Deliverance

1.      Blind see

2.      Deaf hear

3.      Lame leap

4.      Dumb sing

III.REFRESHMENT (Isaiah 35:6b-7)

A.      Streams, pools and springs

B.      Reeds and rushes


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