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The open your Bibles with me this morning will be in the Book of Numbers. We come to the last stretch of numbers starting this morning.

Have you noticed that people don't always agree on how things should be divided, equitably? Everybody's got their own idea, whether it's kids arguing over, who gets the biggest piece of pie or there's adults looking for what they want in the 19th century. One of the richest men in America was Andrew Carnegie by today's standards. He be worth over three hundred thirty billion dollars one day, a socialist came to see Carnegie and soon was railing against the Injustice of Carnegie having so much money. While others did not in his view. Wealth was meant to be divided equally among all kind of you thought for a moment. Then ask the secretary for an assessment of everything he owned. And at the same time, you looked up figures and we'll population. He did some arithmetic on a pad and then said it was secretary. Please give this gentleman $0.16. That's his share my wealth.

Probably not the answer that visitor was looking for. They probably had something a little more generous than mine but that was Equitable this morning as we continue in the Book of Numbers, we come to the time when the children of Israel getting ready to divide up the land, will it be fair? Will be Equitable. There was a whole lot of ideas and how it happened. And so today and numbers were going to find out how it happened and how the Lord directed in that process at this morning, will be a number 26, but before we get started and numbers 26, let me get some background into this. Final section from chapter 26, to the end really presents a new generation and a new beginning and an old promise the promise was for the land. So let's take a side burner for a few minutes and set the stage where we're going to look at this morning. First of all, understand that God's promises to Israel for centuries revolved around the land. It was all about the gift of land that God was going to give them. And that's really the focus in numbers is getting to that land. And especially in this last part of the Book of Numbers, how that is going to be handled and managed. So let's begin with what I would call a brief. Geology of the land were literally dirt it all years ago, in college and took some soil and crop science classes. The props never liked his, call it dirt, but let's call dirty cuz that's what we all call it. Let me give you a brief about the children of Israel entering the promised land. Here's the first point, I want you to notice God made the Earth and it was good. God made the Earth and it was good. God spoke the world and Kurt including dirt or soil, into existence, Genesis chapter, 1 verse 10, God call the dry land Earth and the waters that were gathered together, he called seas, and God saw that. It was good. So I was created by God. That's a good thing without it. None of us would be here. It is a miracle, right? Literally under our feet without soil. As we have it, we would not have food. Without soil, as we have it, we would not have clean. Supply of water soil is not just endured. I read this week from a scientist to evaluation that soil in one teaspoon picture. That's one teaspoon of soil, has more microorganisms living in it than there are people living on Earth and then amazing one teaspoon of soil, has more life forms in it, then all the human population of the planet stunning that soil soil is that way that soil is inhabited by various earthworms fungi, microbes that maintain his productivity. It's all I care for complexed system designed by God. Men of the antibiotics. We depend on are derived from compounds, derived from the soil and some soil is an amazing complex creation. It's a living mantle over the face of the Earth and in fact without it we couldn't sustain life. Now, something we take for granted as simple his Kurt and pretty. Because it's part of God's creation. He made it and was good, so that was good but it didn't stay that way. Look at the next thing Earth became cursed by sin, as the Genesis story, and told Adam and Eve sinned. And the world is put under a curse, whereas, before the soil, the land produced abundantly, and effortlessly for the people, now, it would be by the sweat of your brow that you will toil day and night. In other words, now that land is going to fight you, it's going to have thorns is going to have pistols. It's not going to always respond in the way you would desire to respond. So it became more difficult than we live with that to this present day, the Earth and universe labor under the curse as New Testament says. And yet they're still beautiful desirable and glorifying the god. Think about that, if this world is so wonderful as it is in a fallen State, what must have been like in the original creation and what will it be like, again, when God creates a new Heaven and a new Earth? So there's became cursed by God gave the people land for security and rest. Listen to something, we call the abrahamic Covenant. God's covenant, with Abraham it's started. First of all in Genesis chapter 12, where the Lord said to Abraham get out of your country from your family and from your father's house to a land that I will show you, I will make you a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great, and you should be a blessing, the promise originally given to Abraham. Who is the father of all the great faiths or religions of the world. He's the father of the Jewish people, the father of our Christian faith, even Islam claims Abraham. As there is their ancestor, Abraham's this man who God made a promise to and one of those key promise elements was the land. You're going to have a land real estate clods of dirt places Field of Screams land, God promised Abraham, and indirectly, all people the blessings and the promise of land. In ancient near East cultures, a standing in society was not based on your nobility or your bloodline but on how much land you owned. In other words, the land made you. What you were in the bible promises of land, work intended to give security as the people were wandering restlessly throughout the desert. Got promised them security, you'll have possessions of your own, it'll be your land, the promised land. Remember, back to the first time that Terry and I bought a House member two distinct. Feeling someone is drill at owning our property. The other is hair A Towing, that much money you, perhaps. You've had the same experience. You feel like you're signing your life away or perhaps and buying a house with a mortgage is not really the same equivalent. Perhaps it's more like when you tear up the mortgage, and it's totally yours, Lock, Stock & Barrel. That seems to be the idea, land get security, but it also gives rest often the people were restless. Imagine being in a tent for 40 Years War, From site to site to site, never quite getting there for forty years, I think they were ready for some rest. Some permanent stuff, unpacked their shaving kit and suitcase and not pack it up. Again, the next morning, they were ready for some rest and that's what the land would give to them. Rest would be especially value by people who didn't slaves in Egypt, and then wandered, as Nomads for 40 years, to get to the land was a stewardship in. Leviticus, the word said, this, the land is mine and you are strangers and sojourners. In other words, God gave the people, the land, it was his to give, and if they misused, it didn't take care of it, then protect or preserve it. He could take it back and, you know, he did that that very thing. After centuries two people persisted in their idolatry and finally brought in the syrians in the Babylonians and took them all the way. And Exile, in fact, at one point, the prophets talk about it being a seventh of your Exile, 70 years y70 will Empire Because the people were supposed to give a Sabbath year to the soil, they hadn't done that. So God collected on that said, we're going to catch up 70 years, you'll be out of the land. The land was a stewardship that just a trust that God gave them for their needs. Now. Personally, I believe the Lord will one day, restore a faithful Israel to the land, Jeremiah chapter 31, the Lord says, unless the sun moon and stars depart from their ordained ordinances, he will not break his Covenant with them. So stay tuned for more to follow on that story. But what about us? We're not Jewish people. If we're not the Hebrews, what about us? Well, let me say God also promised to us some real estate. Did, you know, he's promised you and me some real estate some property real property where nobody can mess with it. It's protected, it's ours. Jesus said this and Matthew Chapter 5, the meek shall inherit the earth that makes you inherit the earth. God has a kingdom. He's preparing for all those who love him and John, chapter 14. Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you. Real estate. Property Revelation, 21 gives us a bra do you? It says, there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth where Believers will live and the writer of Hebrews. Invites the readers, the Hebrew Christians do understand that they need to seek that rest. That place that God is offered that city of God. If you will not Hebrews chapter 4, talks about the people wandering in the wilderness and a deposit to Christians reading it much later, and it says there remains a rest for the people of God, let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest. We live in a very restless world, don't we? It seems like, it, never settles down, and it's one active troubling new cycle. After another seems like every day, presents, new things to worry about, doesn't it? But let me say that in a Restless world, we have a rest promised to enter that rest. The rest that the Lord Jesus offers. He offers us rest here. And now, I remember what Jesus said, take my yoke upon you and learn from me for. I am gentle and lowly in heart and you'll find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Jesus understands this Restless troubled, anxious world. He stepped into it as the principes. He stretched out his arms to lay down his life on the cross and died for our sins. He rose from the dead to prove that he has triumphed over death and all the other things that this phone world can throw at us, he is the Victor. He is the triumphant one, and invites us to come to him to find rest for your souls, turn to him, turn to him, and trust him for forgiveness of sins and for new life. That's what he offers rest for the Restless soap, in the book of numbers as well. As much of the Bible did all comes down to the land. As we begin this last section of numbers last few weeks together numbers, the people are getting ready to invade and it starts with a census. Take a head count. Let's look at that in chapter 26, verse 1. And it came to pass after the plague. We read about that last week that the Lord spoke to Moses and Elias are the son of Aaron the precinct. Take a census of all the congregation of the children of Israel from 20 years old and above, by their fathers houses all, who are able to go to war in Israel. And now the rest of this long chapter give that must a report of all the men aged 20 and over who are able and fit for military duty. How many people would like to read the whole chapter together?

A lot of names, there's some value their it's part of scripture but we want to take the time to read it all together this morning. But you understand what's going on the Lord called for a sensitive. Now, this is not the first time this has happened. If you recall back in the first year, they had a census. Now, almost 40 years later, it's time to reset and do that again. Why did God call for a census there? Really two reasons who's the first, the number one to prepare for war. They were about to go to war against the midianites who'd tricked and trouble their people and put that stumbling block. As we read about chapter 25, and then beyond that is going to be one campaign after another as they possessed the promised land. So, they're preparing for war, they're mustering all the people there. They're checking them in and check in, and out making sure they know who their troops are going to be getting them organized. So that's one purpose. But there's a second and more important purpose to look at the end of the chapter, look at chapter 26 and verse 51. After all, the list of many My name's, here's the summary of the matter chapter 26, verse 51. These are those who wear number to the children of Israel 601730. That's the men, the military eligibility, then the Lord spoke Bish, Brew 52 to Moses saying, to these the land should be divided as an inheritance according to the number of names to a large tribe. You should get a larger inheritance into a small tribe. You should give a smaller inheritance inheritance according to those who are numbered of them, but the land shall be / lot. They shall inherit according to the names of the tribes of their fathers. According to the lot there, inheritance should be divided between the larger and the smaller. So purpose, number one in the muster was to prepare for work. His purpose number to and this is the bigger purpose. It seems In this passage that the guy the allotment of the land. You see how there's a proportionate standard applied, they want to know how many people are in each one, how many households, And therefore, that will be translated into how much acreage is given each of the tribes. So it's going to be Equitable and stare proportionate distribution of the land before they can figure out who went where they needed to know how many people they had. That's how much space each tribe required for two years later, by the way, if your statistical person if you look at the purse census and the second census there within 1800 names of each other and that amazing after this whole generation, everybody age, 20 and older at Kadesh barnea perished. By this point, the last We Believe died in the plague of chapter 25. So hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million people died, we don't know for sure, but huge numbers died and yet the people are virtually the same and strength as before God abundantly provided for them and multiply them even in the midst of all that wandering and difficulty. So the second census was mostly about inheriting the land, giving equal shares of inheritance based on size to each of the tribes. Now in learning about God's care and giving the land, let me just point out to do things that we learn about God. We're not going to really delve deep into the statistics here, but just look at the broad, do the 30 thousand foot view? If you will from this. I think we find up two very important things about God to assurances, that The God Who dealt with them because of his character. In that way, then is the same character. The same kind of God that deals with us today. So let's again turn to this passage chapter 26 and listen to vs 63 As we get a summary of where his reels at, these are those who are numbered by Moses and Elias are the priests, remember the children of Israel in the plains of Moab by the Jordan across from Jericho, but among these there was not a man of those who are numbered by Moses and Aaron the priest. When they, number the children of Israel in the wilderness of Sinai, in other words during the first census, not one live, except Joshua Caleb and much. Not much longer. The man Moses, first, sport, 65 for the Lord said to them. They shall surely die in the wilderness. So there was not a left, a man of them except Caleb, the son of jephunneh and Joshua, the son of nun. The two spies who were faithful when sending to Israel. So what do we learn in the broad picture from this distribution plan? Here's the first Assurance. You, and I can have need to count on this. Understand the Lord keeps his word. That's what this last paragraph is designed to remind us. The Lord keeps his word. Why did all these people died? This older generation die because the Lord said, so that's simple went for. It says, take it to the bank. It's going to happen. You can count on it, it won't change word ed8 when the Lord says something will happen. Believe it. He keeps his word, think about the promises that the Lord kept. He said, first of all, that, that first generation would die in Exile. And they did, they did down to every last person except for Joshua and Caleb in Moses who very shortly will pass as well. Everyone, that was aged 20 year older at Kadesh barnea when the people refuse to obey land and going to the end of the land refuse to obey the Lord in the land. Every one of them perished in the wilderness, the exit is wandering for a trail of graves, all across the peninsula of Sinai. And the southern desert, a trailer grave because they did not believe. If the Lord. The last member that first generation evidently died in the plague in the last chapter and God's word was fulfilled. In fact, in my Bible, I underlined inverse 65, the first phrase for the Lord had said, the Lord said, see the Lord keeps his word, he keeps his word, you can count on him to keep his promises. Here's another promise kept Joshua and Caleb survived because the Lord said they would imagine the blessings. How would you handle it? If you were told by the Lord you're going to live for at least 40 more years. Imagine it's not kind of freeing, you don't have to worry about a lot of things cuz you know, you're going to be alive for at least forty years imagined that the blessing of knowing that you have a guarantee. On the other hand, imagine the burden. You know, she can be at least 40 years before you get out of the desert and didn't fit the outfits and you got to put up with all the complainers for almost forty years. So I'm not sure if the blessings that way the birds on that proposition. Imagine Joshua and Caleb waiting for all their peers to die so they can finally get into what God called them to do. I'm not sure which is the better deal and that's I'd imagine the adjustments to be successful, Joshua and Caleb would have to learn to work with a new and younger generation. People who had little to no memory of Egypt, people who grew up in the wilderness in the desert. A generation that grew up in a totally different world. By the way, can we get Joshua and Caleb, some credit for adapting and adjusting to Younger generation that probably didn't think and act quite like they did. I think it's pretty remarkable that, these, two older guys, by the time of the invasion of the land, we're still effective. I think they had to learn to work with that younger generation. I think there's a value in a lesson to be learned there. Imagine the adjustments that they had to go through, by the way. Do you think it's good to have mixed Generations in a congregation? You think it's good to have next Generations in the congregation? I hope you're not in your head. Yes, I think that's the way it's supposed to be, we're family. Now can be difficult. We each have our own preferences. We like different kinds of music. We have different priorities, we like different programs, so I can be more complicated, but I think the, I think the juice is worth the squeeze, to be honest, it's worth working on that because we're richer together by the way regarding music. Tastes I remember talking to her campus missionaries and they say, even with a college do in demographic of about, four to six years. We still have trouble getting their Brady agree and what they like for music. So it's just human, hate your we all like different stuff, but we Are Better Together, Joshua and Caleb were faithful, and they became leaders of significance and impact because they learned to adjust and adapt and work in the younger needs, the older generation. When I was a young Pastor I needed older gray-haired folks to give me counsel and sometimes just to validate my intent Street help me if you're my crazy ideas but now that I'm an older Pastor, I need the young with their Zeal, enthusiasm and energy. We need each other, we're better together. And I see that models here in The Exodus just as I see it in real life in the church. Well, let's look at another promise kept the second generation inherited the land. They inherited the land back at Kadesh barnea that adults complain that their children or be killed or taking a face call babe. And went into the promised land, what God promised that their children who they were supposedly worried about would safely enter the land. While their parents would not because of the unbelief God kept his promise, he kept them through all those years in the wilderness and brought them safely to the promised land. Here's the point. God keeps his word, he keeps his Promises Market down, in fact, in the Old Testament, it's interesting, that one Solomon, prepare the temple and dedicated it. Here's one of the things that Solomon had to say, Solomon says this praise. The Lord has given rest to his people just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all his good promise. Now Solomon centuries, later centuries. Later could look back and say you know those promises that came through Moses all those hundreds of years ago, not one word has failed, not one word. God can be counted on that. Can be trusted this, not a message for us. Today, I be assured that God keeps his where he keeps his promises now, to be honest, from our view, sometimes, our prayers seem to go unanswered. If you had prayers that never seem to get answered. You pray for years? It seems like the heavens of turn the brass, nothing quite penetrates, let me assure you that while bad things happen, while I hopes and dreams seem to wither, There's more going on than we are aware of. There's more happening than we can see from Heaven. I believe with all my heart, this that one day like Solomon will look back and say you know looking at it from this perspective, not one word of Osgood, promise failed here. And now sometimes I have my doubts to be honest because sometimes it doesn't look good. But from Heaven's point when I have all the information, then I will look back and I think I will agree and I think you will as well not one word, I've always get promises pale. So here's the point brothers, sisters, keep trusting the Lord today, he can be trusted, he is reliable. Even if you're carrying a huge burden, trust the Lord today he can be trusted. He keeps his word not one word will fail. Let's look at a second insurance. We read a ready and chapter 26. Verse 52. 256 that the land was divided in proportion to the size of the tribe. This suggests to me a second assurance that we can have about God and His dealings with us. We can count on the Lord, not only to keep his word. But to do the right thing to do. The right thing, they were two factors used in dividing. All the land, the land would eventually be portioned out to the 12 tribes of Israel will find out a little bit more about that in the coming days. It was a calculation based on the size of the tribe. They also use the second technique casting lots. Why did they do lots of buffing that was done in the Old Testament, special earlier Old Testament and it was done as they would pray and seek God's counsel and that removed any human bias. So that was just an attempt to leave it in God's hands, not human influence, her manipulation. So they divided the land now, this is all well and good, until a problem came up, please join me a chapter 27, chapter 27. We're going to look at two problems that came up with this plan to flies in the ointment, if you will. There's one Then came the daughters of zelophehad, the son of kefir, the son of Gilead, the side of neck, her that son of Manasseh from the families of Manasseh, the son of Joseph. And these were the names of his daughters now. Expecting parents, you might want to know these names in case you want to pick one Mala, Noah agua, milka and tears off. And they stood before Moses before, Elliott's are the priests and before the leaders of all the congregation by the door with the Tabernacle, a meeting saying, our father died in the wilderness, but he was not in the company of those who gathered together against the Lord and Company would core up, but he died in his own sin and he had no Sons. There's four. Why should the name of our father be removed from among his family? Because he had no sun give us a possession among our fathers Brothers. Do you know anything about the ancient world? It was not a female friendly Society, the culture was very, very patriarchal, very male-oriented in dominated. So, this is an unusual situation what this presents problem. Number one with the plan as it was, all was well and good until problem. Number one, the daughters of can we call him mr. Z, the daughters of Mr. Z Five Daughters, there was no sun. And so their inheritance would be lost an ancient near East, including his room, The Inheritance went to the sun's, the oldest son would get half of the property and the other son's would divided up. Equally the second half of the property, if there was no Sun than the nearest male relative would take possession. Daughters received a generous Dowry when they married, then they were considered considered after that, part of the husband's family from that point forward. So they had a practical concern. Where does our inheritance go? Do we just flew I doubt we have no land and they had a spiritual concern. Their father's name and Heritage would be forgotten. The name would not live on even though he was a good man, not notice what they don't do, what they don't do about, their problem is start a revolt and try to politic against the select Elders. They don't slander Moses and the leaders, they don't go look for another tribe where they might be more comfortable. They make an appeal, and that's the solution to this problem. They make an appeal, they appealed, they go to the door of the tent, that's where business was done. That's where about formal appeals. Could be heard and and adjudicated. So they go there, they did do the right thing, they go through the right protocol, follow the right channels, they try to make things, right? They follow what I think is a great example of the biblical appeal. They respect those in Authority, they State their case at the right time and manner, they give the leaders time to consult and pray. And then finally, they accept the decision as it's given. Let's continue on first five. So Moses brought their case before the Lord and the Lord spoke to Moses sang. The daughters of xalapa. Speak. What is right to do? So surely, give them a possession of inheritance among the father's brothers and cause the inheritance of their father to pass on and you should speak to the children of Israel saying, if a man dies and has no son than usual, cause his inheritance, the past his daughter. What is this? All saying these woman's case was judged and given in their favor but it became not only their case, it became the law of the land became a statute. The point is, this you can count on the Lord to do the right thing. Noticed that the Lord's judgment is what the daughters. But Mr. Z say is right there, right? They have a just cause that needs to be changed in a dressed. And so Moses follows through the Lord does the right thing, these women are not being treated, right? Nor is their fathers Legacy being handled, right? So new law is issued, because these women had faith and discernment. And by the way, they're not even in the land, yet they're still camped out across from the land. They are by faith looking forward. And spank, we believe it's going to happen and we foresee an issue. Can we address that now, you can, before we enter the land, these were Women of Faith, Women of Faith and discernment. They understood the issues, they believed God, and they appealed to him, and his servant to get Justice in their case, Let me ask you a question. We all have times where we need to make an appeal. Whether you're a child trying to appeal to your parents who seem unreasonable or whether you're appealing to somebody at work or peeling is somebody in government will have to make up heels. What if the person you're peeling to is not a Godly person, what's the person you're appealing to really is, is not God's person, not looking at it from Good Counsel, good, spiritual guidance. It doesn't matter. That's the answer Proverbs 16:1, set the preparations of the Heart Belongs to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. Again, Proverbs 21 once the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord like rivers of water. He turns it wherever he wishes. You know, that's true of Godly leaders and ungodly leaders. Did you know that your prayers can make more different than anything else? We talked about praying for a nation your prayers in mine, make a difference, it doesn't matter who's sitting in the Oval Office, doesn't matter whose Congress doesn't matter who's at the state house, it doesn't matter. God controls, all things that's Prevail upon him in prayer with our concerns such as they are. And ask him to do. What is right. In the Old Testament, we see many examples of this Daniel and his friend successfully appealed to eat only clean Foods as young apprentices in the Babylonian Kingdom Esther successfully appealed the cause to the Jewish people to her King. You see example, after example and situation after situation where people need to make Godly appeals and we see one more here. If you are facing an unfair situation at home at work at school on post, learn to make a Godly appeal, learn to make a Godly appeal, trusting the Lord, for the outcome. Well, join me in chapter 36. We're going to fast forward. There's a second problem that came out of this distribution plan. We find that over and chapter 36. In fact, it's the last chapter in this book, problem number to, which is related to problem. Number one, we think it's all fixed in chapter 26, right? We got a new ordinance. It's on the books. Now, we got a plan will not so fast chapter 36 verse 1. Now the chief fathers of the families of the children of Gilead, the son of Macker, the son of Manasseh of the family, to the son of Joseph came near and spoke before. Moses in before the leaders, Tucci fathers of the children of Israel. And they said the Lord commanded my Lord Moses, to give the land has an inheritance by lot to the children of Israel and my Lord was commanded by the Lord, to get the inheritance of our brothers. Olaf ahead to his daughter. Now if they're married to any of the sons of the other tribes of the children of Israel, then their inheritance will be taken away from the inheritance of our fathers, and be added to the inheritance of the tribe into which they married. So I'll be taking From the lot of our inheritance, let me explain what's happening. These guys that are Elders of Manasseh are saying, wait a minute time out. If these people from other tribes, then that land will go with them. And we'll have not our whole tribal and it'll be a patchwork, some belongs to this one, some to that one, this isn't good. And so they make an appeal, much as two daughters had done proof or so, the provision for the daughters of Mr. Z was good but the solution created a new problem in time. The tribe could lose their land in the nation become a patchwork. So they like the daughters appeal their case, Moses consulted. The Lord verse 5 and returns with the guidance Ben, Moses command of the children of Israel. According to the word of the Lord saying what the tribe of the sons of. Joseph speaks is right. There's the same word. Again use back in chapter 26. There's a moral correctness. It's proper to purpose, right? You're saying that situation number one, they were right? That's a just caused the situation to adjust cause. So how in the world do you offset those two if they're both, right? How do you deal with that? When there's a simple answer, it's called compromise, find a Godly compromise. And then the balance of this chapter, we see they do just that verse 6. This is what the Lord commands concerning the daughters of zelophehad. Saying, let them marry whom they think best girls. Aren't you glad to see that? Let them marry who they think Beth, you know, that's interesting, let them choose, let them be free to choose. Even though it's a very male-dominated culture. They're free to choose but they may marry only within the family. They're Brothers, try brother, father tried. So the inheritance of the children of Israel shall not change hands from tribe to tribe for every one of the children. Desert still keep the inheritance of the tribe of his father's. So compromised came, the girls can marry the person they choose and keep their inheritance only there. Limited to the boundaries of their own tribe, which would have been thousands and thousands of people. So it's not Slim Pickens. Bernard a compromise seems to become a lost heart. Have you noticed that it seems like politicians seem to have stopped doing compromise families in Conflict? Don't tend to be compromising the fact is we must not compromise, Scott, standards, but we must compromise our preferences. Can I say that again? There's some things, we cannot compromise, we don't compromise God's standards his truth. Those are held sacred and we respect and honor them. On the other hand, my preference is my way. That's a whole nother discussion that is not, not necessarily aligned with God and therefore, I must be 1/2 Flex on those things. And that's what we see model. Tear in the second problem. In this case, the solution was compromised. The fact is we do not compromise God's truth, but we must compromise our preferences, even are perceived rights MN. That's what God calls us to do. So, count on the Lord, he always does the right thing. He always does the right thing, and you can trust him safely. When Abraham was pleading for the, for the city of Sodom and Gomorrah in for his relatives, lot and others who were in those cities, he pleaded. And in Genesis 18, he makes a statement as he pleads with the Lord shall not. The judge of all the Earth, do what is right? And that lets God he does what's right? And when we're facing problems and in justices and mistreatment misunderstandings, we can trust the Lord to do what is right appeal. Take your matter to the highest court in the universe to God, because he will judge it to be right if it is, right? For this morning, we've understood that. If we have problems, we need guidance, we must trust the Lord. He does the right thing, and he keeps his word to assurances that we get from this passage in scripture from these chapters on the census and the distribution of the land, we can count on the Lord to keep his word. We can count on the Lord as well to do the right thing, whether you're facing a problem with your looking for, guidance this morning, whatever situation today finds you dealing with. Let me encourage you in these words that have promoted to so many of us trust in the Lord, with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct, or literally, make straight your paths. We pray with me, Father in heaven, we thank you for the scriptures which are written for our instruction for examples. There written to help us with all questions and matters of life. And Lord, today we live in a very restless confusing world. May we understand and follow your truth may. We most of all trust and honor. You Lord, thank you that you never change that. You were faithful today tomorrow and forever. Thank you that you keep your word. We don't have to question or second-guess with your promises will still be true tomorrow. Their true may we arrest fully and only in that. Father thank you that you do the right thing. Thank you. That we can trust you to be just to be righteous Lord. We live in a world that is full of Injustice and so it's hard for us to wrap our brains around that. But you are perfect. In all your judgments, you've never aired and made a mistake, you are perfect in all things. Thank you for being a just and righteous God that we can buy before and honor we do that today thank you Father for your word may we trust you and your promises we pray in Jesus name and all God's people said amen.

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