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WARNING!!!! Contents Under Pressure

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Psalms 34:17-19


Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle. —James Russell Lowell. We cannot for the life of us get away from the mishaps of life. They come without hesitation. And it is a truth that the outcome is often determined by the way in which we survey the situation. I can either be a victim, or I can use this to overcome. It is a determination of the will. How will I allow this trial to change me? Will it make me bitter, or will I move beyond the pain and adversity to become better because of my experience?

Life Has A Way Of Applying The Pressure

You cannot attribute everything that you go through to the devil; which is why again, I must reiterate, there is a real need for us to be balanced individuals. Not just strong spiritually, but also strong to the intent that our character has developed into something that can carry us without a hint of weakness nor.....

  • We are good at rebuking the devil, but we are not good at dealing with life.
    • And sometimes the enemy can take a breather, because people will fend off spiritual attacks fairly easily. But when the natural occurances of our lives are compounding, do we have the stickability to go all the way?
    • We can rebuke demons, but when we get fired for stuff that we did, it zaps us in our spirits, and now we can't smile anymore.
    • When was the last time you smiled at the burdens of life?
    • I know we feel good when we defeat the devil, but sometimes life can be as formidable of an opponent. Because everyday, LIFE HAPPENS!

I'm Warning You, Contents Are Under Pressure!

What makes manufacturers label cans, "WARNING, CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE!"? It is not necessarily the product in the can as much as it is the propellant that is used to get the product out of the can. You see after that good smelling air freshener is poured into the can, they must put a propellant in there as well, so that when you hit the nozzle, what's in the can shoots out.

  • And there are things in you that won't come out until you add a little pressure.
  • Gifts and abilities that will lay dormant until something acts upon you and causes you to flow at the right time.
  • Sometimes all you need to be more than you are is a little pressure.
  • But then there is also another warning that says "DO NOT INCENERATE!"
    • The reason for this is that these propellants are ofter flammable. If incinerated with some of this flammable propellant still in the can they would explode.
    • And don't you feel like there are times when if you get any closer to the heat, you are going to explode?
    • Times when you think that if one more thing happens before I get through this day, I am probably going to snap.
    • But before you blow up and do something you shouldn't do, let me tell you the best way to get that heavy burden lifted from your shoulders.
    • Learn how to praise the Lord.

I'm Moving From Pressure To Praise

Never let the pressure steal your praise.

  • Because when you praise Him, while He is getting the glory, you are saying to the pressure that it can't break your spirit.
  • When you praise the Lord, help comes down from the mountaintop.
  • I know it's enough pressure to cause you to explode, but before you explode and backslide, break out in a praise.
  • And yes the devil will get mad, because the pressure he applied was intended to cause your mind to snap in half.....but instead it resulted in a praise.
  • When you should have gone coo-coo, you praise.
  • Praise brought me out.
    • Yes there were times when I had to wait on the Lord, but while I was waiting, I didn't just sit there, I praised.
    • While I was waiting, I didn't complain, I praised.
    • While I was waiting, I didn't think about backsliding, I praised.
    • I had to wipe my tears away, and praise.
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