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St. Matthew 22:15-22


The truth in this hour is that there is a need in this hour for the people of God to stand up and be counted. One thing that we cannot afford to do as the people of God is check out of society. St. Luke 19:13 says that we are to occupy until he comes. Which means that we are to involve ourselves in the things that directly affect us.

In The World But Not Of The World

The truth is that we are a part of this world whether we like it or not.

So What If You Don't Agree With Some Things

I don't agree with taxes, but I have to pay them.

  • So there are things that we don't agree with, but still have to do them because of duty.

Since We Are Christians, Should We Involve Ourselves With Caesar's Responsibility?

Jesus looks at them as they questioned him about the responsibilities of government, and he tells them that there should be given to Caesar the things that are Caesars.

  • Which means that there are things that we must do as citizens of this world.
  • It is up to us to make this world a better place to the best of our ability.

Democrats Or Republicans?

The truth is that both parties have good and bad members.

What Are We Voting For?

We are voting because we have a vested interest in who sits in power.

  • We are not voting for the Pastor of the United States.
  • Nor are we voting for the Minister in Chief.
  • We are voting for the President.
    • Whether he is saved or not, we will have to deal with his decisions for the rest of his term.
    • And we must vote knowing that we the decisions for you life are in the hands of those in power.
    • What sense does it make not to vote?
    • Because whether you do or not, when you wake up in the morning on Wednesday, you will have the same President as the rest of the country.

No Guarantees That The Person You Like Will Ever Get Elected

I've voted for plenty of people who didn't win.

  • You can not vote based on one issue.
  • You cannot legislate morality.
  • People were having abortions in the closets,
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