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No Life Without Death

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1 Corinthians 15:35-47


The true purpose for the ressurection of Jesus was to give us the power to become the sons of God. It was to ensure us of the power to live the life of Christ in this world with a view towards the life that we will spend with him in glory. Therefore it is for us to see the true reason for the crucifixion and resurrection is that we might spend eternity with the Lord in the realms of glory.

Why Did He Come?

He came to undo what the enemy had accomplished through the fall of man in the Garden.

  • The first man placed us all in the category of the unworthy.
  • And you want to speak of a generational curse.
    • We were all under the curse of the first.
    • And we all have trouble getting out from under the curse of the first.
    • First experiences teach us how to deal with every other experience of our lives.
    • Be careful of the first.
  • And many of us are under the influence of the first experience.

He Was Sown As A Seed

The Bible says that he was sown in weakness according to 2 Corinthians 13:4, but that he was raised in power. And when you look at the tragedy of the Cross, it looks like defeat. But for a seed to be actualized, it has to die and be buried.

  • And it is in the Lord's power what form the fruit will be.

*According to Paul, you don't plant the body that will be, but the seed.

    • Verse 43 says that it was sown in dishonour.
    • And Jesus died a horrible death, looking like a lesser power than he was.
  • The Bible says that natural body was raised spiritual.

But The Second Man.....

The second man is Jesus.

  • He came to undo the curse of the first.
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